Did the IDF Stage Their New “Flotilla Terrorists” Video?

*UPDATE*US CITIZEN KILLED DURING ISRAELI RAID – Israel has illegally attacked a U.S. flagged ship carrying humanitarian aid supplies, in international waters; illegally taken the ship and her cargo; illegally detained U.S. citizens and citizens from 35+ other free nations from all over the world; AND NOW WE LEARN THAT ISRAEL ALSO KILLED A U.S. CITIZEN DURING ALL THIS… and what is the reaction of the White House and the Congress and our media?  nothing but the promotion of flat-out LIES in order to protect the “special relationship” with Israel.  THIS… IS…. TREASON  


Its late and this is something I am still working on but I thought I would put this up for you guys to check out.  

The two images on the left come from the new, Wed. June 2nd, IDF video that can be found on their propaganda page on Youtube, here.  The new video from the IDF purports to show passengers preparing to attack IDF commandos.  

The two images on the right are from the security camera video  (found at the 3:54 mark of that video and also found on the Democracy NOW! segment) released the same day as the assault on the humanitarian aid flotilla, Mon. May 31st.  

The IDF and the Israeli propaganda machine would have the world believe (or at least the Americans) videos came from the same camera.  I suggest to you that they did not.  

The camera quality is better, the time-stamp is different, and the red smudge that appears to be on the lens of the actual security camera from the ship ( upper right corner) is missing in the new IDF footage of the passengers getting ready to attack the innocent Israeli commandos.   

There are various problems with the new video footage that makes it look completely staged to me. I am still working on it.  The actual footage link starts in that video at the 3:54 mark. 


(click on image to enlarge)  

Do these come from the same camera?

 OHA probably stands for the Turkish organization that put the videos together combined with the al Jazeera reporters footage taken from the ship during the raid. The other symbol must be from the agency that did the editing for the Israelis. But there are still major differences in the staging of the shots and the quality of the videos when they are supposedly taken from the same camera.  These videos cannot be from the same camera.

(click on image for a larger version) 

21 Responses

  1. Hard to tell….. does seem the black box at end of boat is longer in B than in A…. and the quality of film is very different. The boat in B appear longer and wider than in A…..
    so what do you think this means?

  2. The real story here is the American citizen killed. He was shot in the head 4 times! Meanwhile our gutless president says nothing. Where is shillary? No protesting an American citizen killed? Can you imagine if Iran had done this? We would already be at war! What are folks here suppose to do? Contacting your senators& reps will do no good, most of them are in israels’ back pocket. I am so angry, sad, frustrated by this! An American citizen brutally murdered in international water. I will comment again when I am calmer.

  3. The Israeli’s are, have been, and always will be liars… F*CK ISRAEL..!!

  4. Sept 11 2001 Mossad attacks got cover by photo shop also. Most Americans got fooled then and appears now.
    Fact–no airliners ever hit the WTC towers or the PantyGone. The only 911 plane attck videos were from 2 Quebec brothers and days after.
    Are Americans this stupid to believe all our Kosher Politicians and media and what does it take for them obtuse dimwits to wake-up?

  5. Hey jojoos, trying to cloud this issue with your make believe one? there are pictures and people who saw the planes and heard it fly over head.

    Why do I get this vision of you, an over weight woman, siting at a cubicle and starting dumbly at the list of sites you have been instructed to invade with rude and raciest remarks? I also get the feeling you hate your job. Sorry about that.

  6. hi joel 1715,
    it has been a depressing week.
    come on, I like your word inventions…… keep your chin up and shoulder back….
    oh well…. I couldn’t think of anything more inspiring to say to you…. a little depressed also. 😦

  7. Joel715

    I’m going to be on a street corner in Sioux Falls, SD, protesting this shit, this coming Saturday.

    I’ve been on that corner, with a handfull of others, many times before, protesting other shit–like our invasions and occupations of the past years. Didn’t do a hell of a lot of good, but it’s like it’s a way left for us to be seen, as well as heard–like getting a body out there behind the mouth.

    Maybe this time it’ll be different, though. Maybe those who drive by and honk, this time, will park their cars, get out, and lend a hand.

    Maybe this time there’ll be some real anger in the country–for a change.

    r ap

  8. Jan, thanks for the energy lift. Congresscritters is not my invention, comes from Mike Rivero @whatreallyhappened.com If you have never been there check out his site some time. I think israel has gone to far this time. Most people in the world that are aware of the story are upset and angry. No amount of spin will fix this. The zionist are so arrogent and viscious, I think they will even do something more stupid than this. Makes you wonder what else they have lied about over the years? USS LIBERTY? 911, what else?

  9. Have you seen the videos? The commandos sliding down a rope are being attacked before their feet are on the boat. One person is swinging a metal pole at the Isreal soldiers…another a chair.

    They are lucky that more of the trespassers didn’t get killed.

    I look at this as if someone was trespassing on my property or broke into my house and when I went to investigate they attacked me….damn right i’m going to protect myself and use deadly force to protect myself.

  10. The amount of spin coming from Israel and the neglect shown by the US government is sickening.

    I really hope that Turkey stands by it’s word and sends more aid to Gaza with naval escorts.

    I do not want war, but I do want Israel and American to understand that they are not the rulers of the world and that the people are not stupid, it may fool a few people who can’t think for themselves but by the reaction it’s clear that a lot of people do think for themselves.

    I won’t comment about America government taking any action as I know it will not, I think it would rather face civil unrest and complete lack of confidence by it’s own people than even suggest that Israel has done anything wrong.

  11. I think the whole event was a set up and at some levels staged to foment war.

  12. Hey Roy, hope Sat. is a big event for you all… with a lot of horn blowing and people talking… 🙂

    Your welcome, joel1715 !!! and yes, it does make a person wonder and angry…..
    you got a big house jay if it includes the public street about 5 blocks from your pretend house. Gaza does not belong to Israel. And the international waters of the ocean does not belong to Israel…. although they want you to think it does.
    And, according to the reports of the survivors, the soldiers fired on the ships before climbing down the rope.

  13. the problem with that idea Chris is that the activists chose when they would attempt to run the blockade. I think the North Korea thing is the new activity they want and this just happended to occure at the same time. they couldn’t allow someone to successfully run the blockade, but now they have the other two ships about to aquesque and go to the Israeli port to allow offloading, they have what they want…. an example of the “right way” to do it. its very sad.

  14. international waters is not trespassing …. attacking inocent people is an act of piracy if not war

  15. So is the ship currently heading towards Gaza going to an Israeli port, or is it going straight to Gaza?

    What do you guys and girls think will happen, do you think Israel will do the same thing (Raid the ship) or do you think they will let it past?

    I honestly cannot see them attacking again, if they have any common sense that is.

  16. Glenn Greenwald Destroys MSNBC’s Israeli lapdog Apologist

  17. Finkelstein: New evidence tomorrow hidden inside underware!

  18. Why do they say Iran wants to kill all Jews?
    Wish Finkelstein had also answered that on but I guess he didn’t have time. He blasted Israel good!

  19. Oh WillyO, how dare you post something like this “you ANTI SEMITE” *snicker*

    stop yer JEW BASHING, willy O’ *more snickering*

    Israel acted with restraint and moderate resolve *quoting Jacking Joe Bidet boy here, another apoloJIZZt for Israhell*

    *more snickering*

    so, how dare you EVER say anything this defamatory about those fine, totally above board, restrained and sweet IDF guys who were only putting holes in foreheads on those ships so they could install ROSES IN THE HOLES LATER~~

    you see my point. When a ‘rat’ is cornered, it’s capable of ANYTHING!


  20. […] Did the IDF Stage Their New “Flotilla Terrorists” Video? « American Everyman. June 3rd, 2010 | Category: Uncategorized | Comments are closed | […]

  21. Scott,
    We’re looking forward to the final analysis here.

    The videos posted above are very useful- good commenters here as well working with you.
    Your site is becoming an important voice or truth and reason in this world. keep up the good work.

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