Memorial Day Massacre: Israel Has Attacked Gaza Flotilla – Casualties and Fatalities Reported – BETWEEN 16 AND 20 DEAD, 30 TO 60 INJURED

It is being reported on German and Turkish News that between 10 and 19 are dead at this point… all members of Free Gaza

Obama is waiting for his Israeli Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel (son of an Irgun Terrorist) and his AIPAC aligned Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, to tell him what to do. 

Obama's Crack Team Prepares "Objective" Investigation


12:04 am Eastern – (I am taking a break. burned out) Russia has slammed what it calls Israel’s violation of international law


11:50 am Eastern – video clearly shows reporters talking during raid PRIOR to Israeli boarding of Turkish vessel. You can hear gunshots coming from the two Israeli boats. Reporter is talking about injured and shot activists PRIOR to Israel boarding from the helicopters. THEN Israeli commandos repel down to the deck of the ship…. and they are SURPRISED that they are met with physical resistance AFTER Israelis had shot and possibly killed activists?  

Israel, Fox News, MSNBC… all forget to mention the first part of all of this. They forget to mention that activists had been already shot by Israelis before they started repelling down to the boat. They only focus on what happened after that point. 


11:20 am Eastern – Turkish prime minister calls this an example of State Terrorism – briefing all NATO countries that the ship was located in international waters. Demands Israel returns Turkish dead and citizens immediately. 


11:18 am Eastern – Israeli spin now calling the aid convoy “The Armada of Hate and Violence”  –  once again, Israel standing reality on its head. 


11:05 am Eastern – Rumors that Turkey has informed Israel that they are sending further aid ships ESCORTED BY TURKISH WARSHIPS  –  “Two Turkish activists were reported to be among those killed in the flotilla. Ankara warned that further supply vessels will be sent to Gaza, escorted by the Turkish Navy, a development with unpredictable consequences.” 


9:46 am Eastern Time – There is a video coming out from an Israeli gunship that looks as if they opened fire on the deck of one of the other ships. I will have that video out as soon as I can find it. They are showing it on Press TV as well as a protest in the UK 


The earliest Israeli propaganda about the flotilla? “There is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza”… notice that the video Israel shows about Gaza having food supplies is actually from 4 years ago and prior to the blockade. 


8:18 am Eastern Time – the Daily Kos (huge Obama administration supporting website) is calling for President Obama to cancel his meeting with Israeli PM Netanyahu which is scheduled for tomorrow. 

France says “Nothing can justify this violence” 

White House says “They are trying to understand what happened during this “raid” 

Ex-U.S. Ambassador to Israel claims this is “Piracy at Sea” 


8:03 am Eastern time – Now that the flotilla is in Israeli control, there are few news reports coming out. Reports are that the activists are refusing to leave the ship in the Israeli port. reports are that there may be scuffles taking place in Israel. 


Israel has detained hundreds of activists from the first boat and will not allow them to speak to the press. Israel will hold them for a few days, till the news cycle grows old, so they can’t tell their story to the press. The third boat in the flotilla held the press group. They have yet to have docked. When they are brought to the docks, they will be arrested? 

check out WitnessGaza for a Google Map of where the attack took place. 

“In International Waters, the Israeli special forces repelled down from the helicopters and had opened fire before they even landed on the deck of the ships… we don’t have any information on the fate of the other 5 ships. We only know the fate of the Turkish ship…. Israel has threatened to kill the organizers in the past”  source from Greece 

watch live broadcast  al Jazeera 

watch live broadcast   Press TV 



UK Foreign Secretary William Hague said he “deplored” the loss of life on the flotilla and was seeking more information and urgent access to any UK nationals. 

In a statement, he said: “There can be no better response from the international community to this tragedy than to achieve urgently a durable resolution to the Gaza crisis. 

I call on the government of Israel to open the crossings to allow unfettered access for aid to Gaza, and address the serious concerns about the deterioration in the humanitarian and economic situation and about the effect on a generation of young Palestinians.” 


French President Nicolas Sarkozy accuses Israel of a “disproportionate use of force“. 


UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon says he is “shocked by reports of killings and injuries” on the flotilla and says it is vital that Israel carries out a full investigation.” BBC News 


Israel is lying about the orgaizers of the flotilla, calling them “terrorists”, and they are saying the flotilla had planned to attack Israeli soldiers with guns and other weapons. The Turkish government is saying that is a lie. Turkish officials had inspected the ships prior to them leaving port.   



reports say that the ships were 65 km off the Gaza coast, well outside the Israeli 20 km blockade

Turkey is holding massive protests. Recalled their officials 

Israel is blaming the victims AGAIN 

Israel at first stated that the Free Gaza activists had guns hidden and attacked the Israeli soldiers first… THEN the Israeli spokesman changed his story and now they are saying they attacked IDF soldiers with “knives and axes”.;…… 

“Turkey, Greece and Sweden demanded explanations from their Israeli ambassadors. Hundreds of people of various nationalities were aboard the ships.”  CNN 

“It is an ACT OF ISRAELI PIRACY”  al Jazeera English 

“Two dead, at least 30 wounded” as Israel opens fire at Gaza activists – They seem to have opened fire on the boats from the Israeli helicopters (I guess the ones we paid for) 1:00am EDT 

Report: Several casualties in clash between Gaza aid flotilla, Israel Navy – 

Picture of Blood on a Life Vest 

BBC is Confirming the Interception but no word on casualties yet – “Hamas says the interception took place in international waters, more than 150km (90 miles) off the coast of Gaza. Israel has made no comment” 

Live feed 

Update: Initial reports – at least two people killed, 30 injured in Israeli attack on freedom flotilla

15 Responses

  1. And this is what American taxpayers fund. Disgusting and immoral. And I’m sure the fools at CNN and Fox and Sky will just report that a bunch of knife-wielding Islamic jihadists assaulted Israeli commandos and had to be subdued with greatest effort on the part of the IDF to avoid civilian casualties.

  2. This is not what Ameican tax payers ‘fund’……. tax payers want single payer health care (like Israel has and I guess our government helps them pay for)
    Americans want industry and jobs.
    Americans want public schools and well paid teachers.
    Amercians want public housing to remand ‘public’ for those in need.
    Americans want to end the paying of other nation-armies and the end of costly made wars.
    Just some of the things Americans want but we no longer have any say in our run-a-way government.
    Americans want to stop assisting Israel.
    Israel is being controlled by insane murderers…. just like America is.

  3. Some Life shots Video:

  4. I know Jan, and I really hope you do have those things. I would love to see a happy, prosperous and JUST America with public healthcare, and housing and welfare.

    But at present, you don’t have those things. You don’t have those things because your crazy government is more interested in using YOUR money to help these crazed racists.

    Please, please, may all Americans take to the streets to protest your government’s unconditional support of this murderous regime.

  5. I’ve been in the streets,and I am all alone, all the good sheep in America have no balls and got religion stuck up their asses. The propaganda machine has total control of these idiots. I stand on my box and scream at these people, they have me arrested or physically removed,which I enjoy sometimes,but when this happens some people come to help,and at that point,I have them, and they listen.
    I have been doing this from 1976 when I got out of the navy.

    what are you doing


  6. “I have been doing this from 1976 when i got out of the Navy”

    Free, what motivated you to get involved in this? Was it anything you discovered, found out about, while serving in the Navy, or was it just the way it worked out?

    In 76, i was pretty much an Israeli supporter not having had any opportunity to know the truth, which is, and was back then actually supressed.t

    I kinda kick myself in the ass now for that ignorance.
    I was pretty mentally diverted by the continious trim hunt i was engadged in..

    What made you different? How is it that you were out there way far ahead of the rest of us brother?

  7. Wheels of Hope are really wobbling for this administration.

    Hoped they could get something ugly of their own started with Iran, North Korea, and others of the Axis of Evil. Hasn’t happened yet.

    Hoped nobody would notice their murderous drone strikes, or their lack of response to the disaster in the gulf, or the phonyness of their domestic agendas–like health care reform, and immigration. Everybody did.

    And now, this!–knifed in the back by their special friend, again.

    Massacre-ers of Hope, they’re going to be known as.

    r ap

  8. B waves will set you free, first I stay in a self induced state of beta if you get my drift and second my mother set my mind free when I was a child. she set me down with my first book. Moby Dick, from there on I was raised by a hippy American Indian. I was exposed to all of the hate that society could dish out,I fought back and I am still fighting . My mother had me read about how Socrates was made to drink poison and why for teaching his students to seek the truth.

    Welcome to America
    Welcome To The Homeland

    Welcome to Germany
    Welcome to the Hyper-White Techno-Evangelical Inquisition.

    800 billion additional dollars to the Lockheed-Halliburton-Raytheon War Machine

    Now up to over a trillion dollars for the Brown&Root- Dyncorp- Blackwater Killing Complex;

    In addition to the regular 500 million or so a minute for the
    Narcotics Trafficking- CIA- Military- Industrial- World’s Greatest Polluter- Criminal Think Tank Complex

    Small scale tactical nuclear weapons cocktails
    served up to brown skinned children
    with distended bellies
    by well-manicured barbarians in Citadels and Mansions
    by their servants in boardrooms
    with distended bellies

    With 725 military bases
    With 350 outposts
    In 132 countries
    In Every jungle
    In Every tree
    All baby-faced tamarinds run for cover, hiding in their mother’s breasts

    America- A fundamentally sick society
    America- A culture of conquest

    Get out of Iraq Get out of Viet Nam
    America get out of Colombia
    America get off the Rez
    America get out of Afghanistan
    America get out of etcetera

    America, a fundamentally sick society.

    Welcome to Plastic Racist Nation
    Welcome to McAmeriWal-Martika
    Germany- The Fatherland
    America- The Homeland
    Welcome to Soft Fascism

    General Reinhard Gehlen head of German military intelligence on the Eastern front and his network of spies and terrorists were brought over to the USA after World War 2 in the now well known Operation Paperclip. From these advisers and functionaries, Allen Dulles, copying many of the methods utilized by the likes of Herr Gehlen, shaped what we now know to be the CIA.

    Instruments of Statecraft
    Counterinsurgency Literature

    Strangle Them- Starve Them
    Hold an election
    Call it Democracy

    I pledge allegiance to the United Sports Utility Vehicle
    of Der Father- der Home Land of the Fee
    Home Land of Wage Slavery
    Land of Tidy White Bestiality
    A Land of Pre-Ordained Brutality
    A Land of Hyper-Tense Entreprenurial Mentality

    Overthrow Castro
    Overthrow Arbenz
    Overthrow Mossadegh
    Overthrow Chavez
    Overthrow National Sovereignty
    Overthrow Dignity

    It is time to stop living
    The Lie that is America- I Secede

    memorial day, those that build memorials to war will never know peace


  9. Truth



    alright. thank you

  10. Cheeee wiz…. we got some crazy stupid people in ths country.

  11. Well, back to the subject at hand….
    Israeli Zionists are not very well versed in their Hebrew Bible…… Moses brought down the ten commanments, one of them is “Thou shalt not kill.”
    Guess they don’t have good memories.. they been killing ever since. When they ‘took’ the promised land somewhere around 1240 BC, they murdered everyone of the inhabitants; then they got greedy and began taking surrounding lands.. until their neighbors got pissed and ran the murderers out ………
    anyway, looks like even though they made a deal with the British to gain back that blood drenched land, they are continuing to murder for more and more surrounding lands…..
    What happened to ‘thou shalt not kill’?

  12. I think you’re confusing thou shalt not kill with turn the other cheek. No part of the Torah says allow yourself to be killed.

  13. Bomb, I have listed the commanments as worded by the Torah… in case you can’t remember them.

    The Ten Commandments
    1. I am the Lord your God who brought you out of slavery in Egypt.
    2. You shall have no other gods but me.
    3. You shall not misuse the name of the Lord your God.
    4. You shall remember and keep the Sabbath day holy.
    5. Honor your father and mother.
    6. You shall not murder.
    7. You shall not commit adultery.
    8. You shall not steal.
    9. You shall not bear false witness against thy neighbor.
    10. You shall not covet
    Number ten seems to be a big one with the Zionists also………
    And when does raiding ships on international water seem Godly to you? And killing ……

  14. BTW Bomb, the zionists seem to have colored their god, green and yellow……. money and gold….

  15. Now a days, many were doing rebellious thing not realizing that they can affect many people and specially in our God Almighty.

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