German Made Torpedo Sunk South Korean Cheonan

by Scott Creighton

***UPDATE*** Photos and torpedo comparisons at the end of the article.

***UPDATE 2*** Please see the new article, The Sinking of the Cheonan: We Are Being Lied To

It was reported that an investigation in South Korea has determined the metal and explosive residues from the torpedo that sank their ship Cheonan, are consistent with that used by German manufacturers.

The metallic debris and chemical residue appear to be consistent with a type of torpedo made in Germany, indicating the North may have been trying to disguise its involvement by avoiding arms made by allies China and Russia, Yonhap quoted the official as saying. Reuters

Since Germany does not trade weapons with North Korea, it might be important to investigate who does.  Oh but wait… someone scribbled “number 1” in North Korean on one of the found parts.  Well, there you have it. Forget all that “science” stuff… after all, only a North Korean could have done that, right?     ಠ_ಠ

In November 2005, reports surfaced that that Germany would sell Israel 2 AIP-equipped SSK Dolphin Class submarines. In 2006, the deal was finalized at a total of $1.27 billion, with the German government picking up 1/3 of the cost. The new boats are built at the Howaldtswerke-Deutche Werft AG (HDW) shipyard, in the Baltic Sea coastal city of Kiel, with deliveries originally scheduled to begin in 2010.

… Germany had already donated two Dolphin submarines to the Israeli navy after the Gulf War in the early 1990s. The first-of-class INS (Israeli Naval Ship) Dolphin was commissioned in 1999, while INS Leviathan was commissioned in 2000.

… Dolphin submarines are versatile and heavily-armed, with a wet and dry compartment for deploying underwater swimmers, and no less than 10 bow torpedo tubes… The other 6×533mm tubes can launch STN Atlas Elektronik’s DM2A3 torpedoes.  Defense Industry Daily

Has there been any indication recently that Israel may want to see North Korea blamed for attacking a South Korean ship?

May 12 2010 – Israel’s foreign minister on Wednesday declared North Korea, Syria and Iran the new “axis of evil,” claiming that North Korean weapons seized in Bangkok in December were bound for Middle Eastern militant groups Hamas and Hezbollah.

… Lieberman, who heads an ultranationalist party that is a junior partner in Israel’s coaltion government, also claimed that “missile programs” in Iran and Syria were receiving crucial assistance from the North Korean side. He gave no evidence.  ABC News

What is clear is that North Korea has no motive for sinking a South Korean ship. Ever since Clinton went over and freed our spy who got caught, North Korea has been trying to be the “good little servant” nation to the U.S. Sinking a South Korean vessel at this time would be not only stupid but suicidal.

Since the Russians appear to be dragging their feet on Hilary Clinton’s child killing sanctions of Iran, perhaps the globalists are having to poke and prod at another victim, one that is less heavily defended and an easier mark at this time.

Or perhaps the Obama administration’s China Provocation Agenda is just kicking in to a higher gear. Remember that as recently as July 2009 China warned the US over aggressively searching North Korean vessels. China also warned the US this year about arms sales to Tawain and visiting the Dali Lama.

As recently as late November of 2009, China and North Korea have been stressing their continued alliance.

Chinese Defense Minister Liang Guanglie arrived in the North Korean capital on Sunday, broadcaster APTN reported from Pyongyang. He is the latest high-level Chinese official to visit North Korea as the two communist nations mark the 60th anniversary of their relationship.

China, which backed North Korea during the 1950-53 Korean War, is the country’s main source of economic aid and diplomatic support.

“No force on earth can break the unity of the armies and peoples of the two countries, and it will last forever,” Liang told a welcoming banquet Sunday, the official Korean Central News Agency reported in a dispatch monitored in SeoulUSA Today

From what is known at this point it would appear that someone is stirring up the pot and this wasn’t an accident.  My guess would be that North Korea has nothing to gain from doing that, but there are certainly other players who might.

The most important clue may be the over-reaction and immediate accusations coming from our vicious globalist war-monger, Hilary Clinton.  Before any investigation was completed, Hilary Clinton was already pointing fingers at the one country who stood to lose the most by all this; North Korea. Clinton’s instantaneous accusations were clearly designed to poison the well of public opinion long before any investigation was concluded. That in itself may give one an indication as to who actually committed this act of war. Which nation would Hilary Clinton be trying desperately to protect?

That question brings us finally to the most important question of all; what business is it of ours in the first place? Even if North Korea did attack South Korea, which is not very likely, who says Hilary Clinton has the right as Secretary of State to start wagging her sagging, wrinkled, bejeweled fingers at anyone?  Why does the main stream media report on her opinion as if she could declare war herself? Is she secretary of state or is she (like Cheney was) actually the secret president of the united states?

Regardless, the United States has no business sticking its nose in this matter, but it will. Under the Peace Prize President of constant war, we will use this “crisis” like we have all the others in our recent past; to enrich the war-profiteers and to spread our ‘special brand of democracy” to the people of North Korea.

Unless the Chinese have something to say about it.


After this report came out which detailed German metal and explosive residue found in the South Korean investigation, the big “evidence” they found was a recovered section of the torpedo that had some North Korean writing on it. One little piece had “Number 1” written on it in North Korean.

The official word is that the type of torpedo is a “perfect match” for torpedos made “in the North”.

Well since there is a metalurgical study and an explosives residue study completed that points to German origin of the weapon, I thought I would look and see if any of them looked like what was found. As it so happens, I think I have found one that looks just like what was found and it also just happens to have been equiped on the German made Israeli Dolphin Class submarine.

This is what they found

and this is what I found… the DM2 A4 Torpedo

The DM2 A-3 version is also used by the Norwegian Ula class (German Type 210 subs) with an option for a later upgrade).  The Italian Type 212 B submarines use the DM2 A-4 version. The Israeli Dolphin-class (German Type S-300) are also being equipped with the DM2 A-4 Torpedo.”

Look similar?

According to the report, what they found is a “perfect match” for a type of torpedo “from the Norht” (is Germany “north” of South Korea?).  I found an earlier report which listed all 4 of the North Korean torpedos which are classified as “heavy” torpedos that could have sunk the ship. I have been looking but I cannot find images of them to see if they could possibly match up with what was found. Listed below are the torpedos. If you find images, let me know.

EO-3G torpedo developed by China

Type EO-6 and ET-80A “Some experts downplayed the possibility of homing torpedoes, citing the low capability of North Korea’s Sang-O (Shark) class submarines.”

Russian Type 53-56

Russian Type 53-59

32 Responses

  1. Very Nice point. Something smell fishi.

    See this video on no hammer hand for the CIA:

  2. Excellent work, willy. I’ve reposted in ATS.

  3. Thanks John. I was trying to do some of the research for this article there because I like those forums in that they usually have really good well thought out information, but you know, I found an awful lot of what looked like troll propaganda on the site regarding this issue. It seems to me that is relatively new there. One article tried to say it was Iran that supplied the torpedo…

    But I’m glad you put this up there. I will be very interested in seeing what research their readers add to the discussion. hopefully they can find some images of those North Korean torpedos to see if they do in fact “perfectly match” the evidence that was found. thanks again.

  4. My Korean is a little rusty, but I recognized seeing this:

    Note that it’s the exact same casing as the rust spots line up exactly (the Rueters photos they keep showing are updside down, it’s “1 번”).

  5. couldn’t get a good translation on Babelfish either.

  6. Surely you are not asking whether the torpedo they found looks like the photo you have of the German torpedo. Look at the propeller. They couldn’t be more different.
    And you are suggesting that the “official” said that torpedo was a perfect match with the ones mad “in the north” because Germany is technically north of south korea and that was merely a “clever” use of words?? Do you think before you write this stuff?? I can’t believe a comment on an article used this madness as a reference!
    That prop looks majorly low tech. Check out the style of props on all modern subs and torpedoes.The North Koreans probably manufactured it themselves.

  7. Very interesting. The torp in the pic appears to be a DM2 A-4 with six bladed propeller at the rear.

    The wreck has a 5 bladed propeller at the rear.

    I agree with your analysis so far. I think the torp might be a DM2 A-3. There seems to be no pics of this weapon online.

    Someone needs to post a pic of this weapon and compare it to the wreckage.

    Great article ! Thanks !

  8. it is more than obvious to whoever got atleast some “operational” common sense left on his brains that no covert operation takes place with MARKED “instruments”, especially with PERMANENT indelible pen, that managed to survive a whole explosive blast and staying under saltwater curusion. incredible …according to usa media northkoreans should had taken over the whole of global markers-pen trade. Really loughable excuss-coverstory from behlaf of the usa media that depicts the mentality and IQ level of the usa “sheep” – audience. [ I have no indention to insult usa nationals in no way, lack of thought in the vast majority of usa citizens couses great sadness to me becouse is the main reason that the world is in that owfull situations….jews and their millions of grasseating allday sh**ting sheeps….sleep well….soooo sad for humanity.]
    Unbelievable a covert operation utilising a advertising banner 🙂 that a nice joke.
    unfortunately some “peoples'” job is to create tensions(as long as millions of violence victims, casulaties) in various places around the globe and make profit out of them by selling their weapons and achieving a huge variate of other couses political and economical.

    eg: do you scott suggest that if northkorean waned to sink that damn ship they would do it by offering their signature upon the torpedo???? in this case a dinstictive korean number???To many coinsidences…..either a whole country is too stupid , or western (ex j) leaders are too smart 🙂 or just think they are!!!! The funny thing is that most of the critical details for all international politics matters are USUALLY LOST (or significantly altered) IN THE PROCESS OF TRANLATION……hence if you want to hear the truth upon the matter learm korean…both north and south 🙂

  9. […] In a paper I wrote yesterday I questioned whether or not the German-made DM2-A3 looked more like what was found. […]

  10. People here misunderstand that the signature scribbed in the torpedo is ‘north korean’. Common, give me a break. It is korean which is used commonly in south korea as well. The fact there is korean character written in the torpedo proves nothing. You would find a lot of similar torpedo debris under the sea near the accident happens since it is miliatry area. The same date there was massive cooperative drill between Korea ans US navies when the ship was alledged hit by the torpedo.

  11. I’m from South Korea and I could say that the “number one” written on the torpedo is not actually a Korean which is used commonly in South Korea as well.

    It is a Korean which is ALWAYS used in South Korea to mean Number 1! ‘1번’ means number 1!! Me and 40 something million other South Koreans use that character All the time. That is a damning evidence to absolutely nothing.

    And if it were North Korean How the hell did a lousy two-lettered word seemingly written in magic marker survive the major heat and pressure released in the explosion? North Koreans must have really wanted the world to find out it was them who shot the torpedo? They must be suicidal. Of course that makes perfect sense doesn’t it?

    Koreans have a very strong feeling toward North Korean citizens, because Korea existed as a unified nation for thousands of years before being seperated. Thousands of families were torn apart and they are still seeking reunion of their family. That’s why South Koreans think North Korea is somehow linked with us, like a very distant cousin.

    Bringing an unnecessary war atmosphere here is the last thing any of us need.

  12. actually Yoon, Asia Times pointed something out about that and I am currently writing a new article which points that out. Thanks for bringing that up…

  13. […] raises a number of questions and implies that the torpedo is/was of German origin.  One of his readers, Yoon, who identifies himself as a South Korean wrote: I’m from South […]


  15. […] torpedo that hit the Cheonan really a German DM2 A4 torpedo? Easy AdSense by Unreal VN:F [1.9.1_1087]Rating: 0 (from 0 votes)SHARETHIS.addEntry({ […]

  16. Okay, clever boy – you copied the info from a Spanish text. But the schematics you found with it do NOT show a German torpedo at all. They show a French torpedo type F-17.

    Quite interesting though: the schematics of the French torpedo seem to match the picture above better than your photo.

    Also: we do know the DM2 A-3 (as the F-17) is a wire-guided weapons system. If we assume that these systems look similar: there should be a hole of the same size for the wire. Now this hole looks different.

    Also: check the wings – they also don’t match. At the German torpedo these are thinner. I guess it uses them as stabilizers only. But the photo show much thicker wings, looking as if there was something attached to them. BTW: matches perfectly the schematics of the French torpedo, but not the picture of the German weapon.

    So: If I’m right, then whatever it is: this is _not_ a German torpedo.

    @Gregg this means: Israel does not have these.
    So much for the conspiracy theory!

  17. Just a short note: It’s “Howaldtswerke-Deutsche Werft AG”, not “Howaldtswerke-Deutche Werft AG”.

  18. […] avoiding arms made by allies China and Russia.”. They identified the torpedo as German made. Further comparrison of this torpedo on display and German DM2 series torpedoes, show that the torp… The DM2 series is made in Germany for export to countries including, Norway, Israel, Portugal, […]

  19. […] avoiding arms made by allies China and Russia.”. They identified the torpedo as German made.Further comparrison of this torpedo on display and German DM2 series torpedoes, show that the torped… The DM2 series is made in Germany for export to countries including, Norway, Israel, Portugal, […]

  20. Damn, German propellers corrode fast! This thing has been in the water for how long? Like 2 weeks?

  21. […] avoiding arms made by allies China and Russia.”. They identified the torpedo as German made.Further comparrison of this torpedo on display and German DM2 series torpedoes, show that the torped… The DM2 series is made in Germany for export to countries including, Norway, Israel, Portugal, […]

  22. […] avoiding arms made by allies China and Russia.”. They identified the torpedo as German made. Further comparrison of this torpedo on display and German DM2 series torpedoes, show that the torped… The DM2 series is made in Germany for export to countries including, Norway, Israel, Portugal, […]

  23. South Korea received german torpedoes between 1989 and 1997: SST4 (Cold War, electric, anti ship torpedo derived from the DM1/DM2 for export, wire guided, passive homing, anti ship, impact fuze) and SUT (Modern, enhanced SST4 for ASW/ASuW with magnetic proximity or impact fuze and active/passive homing).

    South Korea is the first country that operates the new german export submarine class U-214 (since 2007: Son Won-il). It should be equipped with the DM2-A4 torpedo system.

    So I think, ‘Friendly Fire’ should be still an option. And keep in mind, that the torpedo parts collected from the sea bed need not necessarily belong to the torpedo that sunk the Cheonan.

  24. In regards to your two images at the end of the article, 5 wings per rotor on the ‘Cheonan’ torpedo, but 7 wings per rotor on the German torpedo. They don’t match.

  25. The point is, its a German metal and high explosive according to the tests run by the first South Korean investigation. What I have up there is just an example of a German made torpedo.

  26. On 2010-05-07 the officials say, metal fragments found in the wreckage (made of an aluminium / magnesium composite) point to a german made torpedo CASING (not warhead):

    And just a week later on 2010-05-15 parts of a north korean torpedo are collected from the sea bed by a fisher boat???

    How can this torpedo be german AND north korean at the same time?

    It was a patchwork torpedo or either the fragments or the collected torpedo parts were faked!

  27. Why are the torpedo’s blades nearly undamaged by this enormous explosion 3-4 m away?
    When the cause of the Aluminiumoxide is the explosion – why are the srews covered with Aluminiumoxide on [b]all[/b] sides and not only at the front side?
    Why are only the Aluminium parts covered with Aluminiumoxide, but not the steel parts?

  28. […] en montrant à la presse ce qui semblait bien être une vieille torpille.… us, voire allemande comme ont pu l’écrire certains… et en accusant la Corée du Nord. La farce a toujours le […]

  29. […] South Korean investigation later discovered that the torpedo used to sink the Cheonan was German made. Germany does not sell arms to North Korea – but it does sell to […]

  30. […] South Korean investigation later discovered that the torpedo used to sink the Cheonan was German made. Germany does not sell arms to North Korea – but it does sell to […]

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