Jeremy Scahill is a Douche Bag

by Scott Creighton

(H/T Kenny’s Side Show)

It’s not so much that Scahill denies there is any reason to believe elements of the previous Bush administration facilitated the attacks of 9/11… I wouldn’t expect anyone who makes a living doing interviews on Democracy NOW! and being published in magazines like The Nation to say anything else. Its how he said it that makes Jeremy Scahill such a douche bag.  How he said it and why.

There are so many question one could put to the arrogant prick, such as… how does he account for NIST’s Building 7 report that at one time said it was physically impossible for the building to have fallen at free-fall acceleration, then 3 weeks later, they admitted Building 7 fell at free-fall acceleration?

How does he account for the hundreds of eye-witness reports from the first responders who reported hearing explosions, seeing flashes all around the buildings as they came down?

How does he account for three steel and concrete skyscrapers collapsing at near free-fall acceleration, essentially due to office fires (according to NIST), for the first time in history and never again since?

How does he account for the most secure building in the world, the Pentagon, being hit nearly an hour after the first attack on the North Tower, without so much as an alarm sounding in the building?

How does he account for Rumsfeld announcing the missing 2.3 trillion dollars the day before 9/11, THEN the ONLY office that is hit on 9/11, just HAPPENS to be the office where they were doing the audit?

How does he account for the fact that the invasion plans for Afghanistan were finished and placed on George Bush’s desk on Sept. 9th, 2001?

How does he account for the fact that the UNICAL pipeline deal had effectively stalled prior to 9/11, but then were remarkably back on just after?

How does he account for the fact that it took 400+ days for the Bush administration to ok an investigation into 9/11 and then they tried to put Henry Kissinger in charge of it?

How does he account for the fact that the commission came to the conclusion that KSM planned 9/11 based almost entirely on the interrogation of the man, that they couldn’t watch, they couldn’t talk to him, they couldn’t talk to the interrogators, and they couldn’t even watch the videos of the interrogation?  In fact they burned those videos.

How does he account for massive amounts of iron-rich spheres in the Ground Zero that RJ Lee said HAD to have been created by immense heat (over 6,000 degs f.) when jet fuel burns at only 1,700 deg. f and open air office fires burn at around 650?

How does he account for the fact that no agency, not FEMA, not NIST, not the 9/11 Commission Report EVER tested for traces of high explosives in that dust… but each and every one of them suggested SOMEONE ELSE SHOULD?

How does he account for the fact that the single event that set this entire Global Free Market Wars campaign in motion just HAPPENED to be what Cheney, Wolfowitz, and Rumsfeld wrote about in 2000 when they called for a “New Pearl Harbor type event”?

How does he account for the fact that 1200 architects and engineers have signed a petition calling for a new investigation into what happened on 9/11?

He can’t. He can’t account for any of those issues or any number of the hundred other serious problems with the “official conspiracy theory” of 9/11.  But he does know this; the moment he comes out and even questions what happened in any way, no matter how timid, ALL of his TV APPEARENCES, go away… his BOOK SALES, go away… his Nation magazine CONTRACT, goes away.

Jeremy Scahill shouldn’t be condemned for making a statement that distances himself from this issue. After all, Jeremy has books to sell. And who am I to tell someone how much wealth they have to sacrifice to help get our country back.

Yes, he takes on Blackwater. But nothing changes when you take on Blackwater, except their name. They are still getting contracts, still cashing the checks. In fact, they are bigger and more powerful since Jeremy wrote his now famous book.

And so is Jeremy Scahill.  In a way, you can say… the longer the “War on terror” goes on, the longer Blackwater will be gaming the system, and THEREFORE… the longer Jeremy Scahill remains an employed literary hero.

But he should be condemned for his attitude and making the ridiculous claim that people like myself and Richard Gage and David Ray Griffin are “insulting” the families of the victims of 9/11.  This is the kind of straw-man attack that “debunkers” have been using for years now. The fact is, the victims on 9/11 died horribly. Some first responders are STILL dying horribly because the Bush administration LIED about the air quality and now the Obama administration STILL won’t help them get the medical attention they need.

But in the end, I don’t know how it is supposed to hurt someone less if they think an “angry Muslim” terrorist killed their loved one, as opposed to a “greedy fascist” terrorist.  It’s still a terrorist act and whether or not it was brought about by Muslims in a cave or neocons who wrote in 2000,  “The process of transformation.” The plan said, “is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event- like a new Pearl Harbor.”

Perhaps the families of the victims of 9/11 are somehow different from those of the victims of the anthrax attacks. We all know that the story of Dr. Ivins as the “mad doctor” is bullshit. I think even Jeremy Scahill has to admit that. 

So what is the difference?  The difference is, the Nation magazine won’t tear up your contract if you write about Dr. Ivins being framed.  That’s the difference.

So yeah, Jeremy Scahill gets a little mad at the people who ask him about 9/11. He gets mad because he feels like we should be polite enough to recognize that he can’t admit the story is bullshit because if he does it will cost him money.  I guess he feels like the questions he gets asked are an imposition… but I guess that is somehow different from when  he is trying to get the truth out about Eric Prince and Blackwater. Some how that is all different I suppose but forgive me if I can’t really see it.

Here’s the real difference… going after Blackwater or some congressman and his greed is one thing. It doesn’t end anything.

But you go after 9/11… well that’s different.

The Global war on Terror is over.. the militarization of the nation is over… the occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq are both over… the Drone industry dries up… the investigations start… the plea bargains start… the snitching starts… the BIPARTISAN NEOLIBERALIZATION OF AMERICA ENDS… and one more curious thing…

Once the truth comes out, people are going to eventually start asking why all our “serious” investigative journalists like… Jeremy Scahill… missed something so goddamned obvious.

Not only did they miss it, they made up shit to attack people who were actually trying to investigate it; trying to tell people. 

So one day, when this does all come out, after all the confessions and the accusations and the trials, one day the attention of the angry population will eventually turn to our “serious” investigative journalists like Goodman, like Taibbi, like … Scahill…

… and they will be asked to account for how they chose their careers and their “respectability” over the Truth.  A truth I know they feel in their hearts.

Knowing a day of atonement like that is coming, is bound to piss anyone off. Even Jeremy Scahill.

So I am not angry, fellow advocates, I feel sorry for him. Like all the other douche bags.

36 Responses

  1. Exactly, he has money to make so being honest about 9/11 is not something he is capable of. The fucking coward and/or moron is knowingly or not helping the very profiteers he “exposes”. THE lie(9/11) goes on and the wars go on. As you say, Xe still exists, Prince is not in jail and the wars go on.

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  3. more elequently put…

    “Whatever we might think is “the perfect,” it is not with us here. We live in the imperfect; we struggle with the chaotic. We usually think of our rational faculties as providing us with the ability to deal with the chaos of truth, to provide the order we need to live in a complex world. Conversely, our emotions are seen as a source of even greater chaos, an aspect of ourselves that is generally out of control. I want to argue just the opposite: The chaos of truth is a product of the rational, and whatever clarity of truth we can achieve is produced not in our minds but in our hearts.” from Dr. Jensen’s “All my Bones Shake”

  4. He get pay for not to see it.

    Shame on him!

  5. i understand the frustration. yet, scahill, like amy goodman and her brother david, and those on free speech tv are……. scared…. for good reason. they know that the 9/11 issue is ‘ pandoras box ‘ of all of the issues….. the ‘ OZ ‘ behind the curtain of lies.
    read ‘ JFK AND THE UNSPEAKABLE and see how powerful these elites really are. you know it, i know it…. scahill and goodman etc know it.
    it is not so easy for us to just curse these folks out. we need to let them know that TRUTH IS…… TRUTH…. ALL ELSE IS NOT!

  6. ha ha – this is ridiculous. “who makes a living doing interviews on Democracy NOW! and being published in magazines like The Nation.” You know his book sold a million copies right? What have you done? And Blackwater is still in business but they have lost a lot of contracts and its made it plausible that they could lose more.

    He’s reported for a long time on important issues that nobody else is covering. I know you want him to just drop everything and report on 9-11 truth instead but he has a beat and he does it well.

  7. Apparently your reading comprehension skills are a little lacking, Thomas…

    I said it’s not “what” he said but “how” he said it that is the problem… “how” he said it and “why”.

    And if we are talking about accomplishments as the sole indicator of worth here, let’s consider for a second that Eric Price has turned his little million dollar private mercinary army into a multi billion dollar conglomerate… IN SPITE OF the millions of dollars Jeremy has pocketed selling his book (psst… his appearances on Democracy NOW and MSNBC are to promote his book… see how that works?).

    So really, if that is all you respect, then you should be like any other neoliberal/neocon and worship at the feet of Blackwater instead.

    Personally, I use a different set of criteria.

  8. Hi!-
    Listen Ya’ll-
    I understand the sentiment- but calling him, or
    amy or juan names is counterproductive. Why
    not write a story that challenges scahill and the
    reader? For Instance, why does this article
    make no mention of Dr. Judy Wood? If you
    are for truth and you don’t know her name
    then you are on the bandwagon called diversion!!

  9. Noam Chomsky, Amy Goodman, Jeremy Scahill, etc., etc., etc… even those on the left can have belief systems that are more faith-based than evidence-based. Such systems can be based on an ideology just as much as on a theology or mythology. They inevitably end up as a form of groupthink that ceases to take in new information and vilifies unbelievers or skeptics. And, it’s damned hard to admit that you’ve been duped by the Powers That Be all these years (especially if you would have to admit that Mossad had something to do with it.)

  10. Why is an e-mail address required? You are helping the authorities grab info as to who opposes them in their grab for power in the coming years – I almost never reply to these, since it requires my e-mail address to do so.

    But that was a great post. Here-here. 9/11 is the focal point, everything stems from that. The entire bulk of news-talking-points over the last decade are made completely irrelevant (and worse) by the revelation that 9/11 was a coup perpetrated by insiders, not a terrorist attack.

  11. sanders…

    just make one up… most people do…

    one that I get a lot here is “”… people don’t like what I write I suppose…

    it’s a WordPress thing. But it doesn’t check to see if it’s valid….

    (would you like me to remove yours from the comment? or change it to something else?)

    [edit: I just changed it for you… “” 🙂 ]

  12. Just go to

    and try to digest all of the allegations.

    You decide what the truth is.

  13. Here is a bit of first-hand back story from one who was in Iraq with Jeremy Scahill (f Democracy Now during the run up to the Iraq War invasion in 2003. Scahill’s arrogance even then was insufferable and his ignorance of the middle east appalling.

    He entered Iraq with an anti-war group who got him a visa upon his promise to cover the effects of the US bombing on Iraqi people. This NGO group was one of the only orgs remaining in Iraq planning to monitor human rights abuses and record and document deaths and crimes against innocent Iraqis by the US military. Amnesty Intl was not there, nor Red Cross- even the UN agencies had pulled out. We were pretty much the only ones left to do it. But we were all under heavy watch by Iraqi gov (as Americans whose gov was soon to demolish Iraq). We were told unequivocably NOT to take pix, as they could be used by the US to bomb targets, and not to go off sightseeing unescorted as there were real fears by Iraq gov that we could have spies among us gathering intel while posing as peaceniks. We were warned repeatedly by the highest authorities that to do so would mean automatic expulsion).

    So what does Scahill do? A few days before the invasion- Scahill and an army photographer Joel Preston Smith go out – in the middle of the night- set up tripods around various sites in Baghdad (on all but deserted Baghdad streets as the nightlife was nil), and they begin photographing buildings, “scenic landmarks” (Ministry of Info is “scenery”??) and other locations around Baghdad.

    They were soon arrested by the Iraqi authorities, interrogated extensively and summarily deported. End of alternative coverage of US war crimes. Not only that, but his surveilling (or whatever the hell it was) got most of the group kicked out as well, because it spread a suspicion of spying on all the rest of us. So half the already small group of human rights protesters had their visas revoked and were thrown out because of this egotistical asshole. And Democracy Now had no one on the ground reporting.

    Was Scahill’s subsequent Blackwater “success” the reward by the Establishment for his Iraq stunt?
    There were British journalists who were on the trail of military contractors’ crimes in Iraq but that all got pushed to the wayside by the Blackwater merc saga. Funny. Scahill’s well-backed shit totally stole focus on the Brit’s investigations into the “other mercs” who were ISRAELI companies. Maybe that was what his book was meant to do and why it was pushed by establishment media so hard.

    Jeremy Scahill’s 911 stance should surprise no one.

  14. Thanks for that input Mithras. I was reading it and I couldnt help but feel that I remembered this from somewhere. I think I read about this somewhere but I forgot all about it. But this certainly gives us a little more insight into Mr. Scahill. Thanks again.

  15. Let’s just face the facts and tell the TRUTH.

    Scahill, Goodman, Chomsky, et al are PAID SHILLS for the elite. That is, they get paid to lie to us. (Lies of omission are LIES.)

    Whether they are “voluntarily” self-censoring, doing it for money, or doing it under duress, the truth boils down to all the same thing: PAID LIARS.

    I can’t believe I used to actually like and listen to these lowlife scum paid liar filth.

    Scahill, when you said that nonsense about the victim’s families, you revealed who you truly are.

  16. Thomas, you said “he has a beat and he does it well.”

    9/11 is well within his “beat.” He has simply chosen to accept the official conspiracy theory because that is what he is paid to do.

    edward, you said it is “counterproductive” to call out “amy and juan” (your good buddies, apparently). Calling out people who are lying to you in exchange for cash is 100% productive. One day these scumbags will be in prison for the truths being revealed about them in the blogosphere now.

    and by the way, edward, directly people to a site which claims that energy beams weapons were used to carry out the 9/11 attacks shows us *exactly* where you are coming from; trying to poison the well so that legitimate discussion can’t take place. your name isn’t scahill by any chance, is it?

    Mithras, thank you for that back story. It’s exactly what I would except fro scum like Scahill.

  17. As the biggest story of the decade- this issue is center front of EVERYONE’s beat. But that would sink Jeremy’s career pronto, as well as his good friend and co-shill Naomi Klein (who, like zio-shill Howard Zinn both said “it doesnt matter who did 911) ?!?

    I’d like to try that line on some bomber who blew up a pizza store in Tel Aviv killing only 5 vs 3000.

    Jeremy ScaSHILL- he lives up to his name.

  18. Agreed, Mithras. Scahill is nothing more than a pr shill for Blackwater – it’s that simple – they gotta have someone out there on their side making em look like the bad guys they really are. Plus Prince made his billions off the deaths of the thousands who died on 911. Let’s not forget that.

  19. Edward, you’re no doubt a disinformation agent as Dr Judy Wood and Morgan tried to smear Dr Stephen Jones with scientifically inaccurate accusations, Wood didn’t even understand that aluminium is silvery when liquid.
    Wood believes in lazer beams from space destroying the towers! lol!!!

    You are DEFINATELY on a bandwagon named ‘amateur diversion’


  20. Dr. Alan Sabrosky, former director of studies at the US Army War College, says he believes Mossad did 9/11. I listened to a radio interview and besides all the hard evidence as stated in this post, what Sabrosky finds the most compelling is the reaction/non-reaction of the 90%+ Zionist media. They didn’t dissect the 9/11 Commission Report, for sure. Sabrosky says that the US major media either knows, suspects or fears that Israel did 9/11.

    Over 90% Zionist media. Of course, people like Scahill don’t want to hear what they are paid not to know. If the “19 Jason-Bourne-amateur-hijackers” story collapses, Israel is standing there, the country with the “movers” filming the collapse, the country that benefited from 9/11.

    Really, the official story is so preposterous. If Americans weren’t such racists, it couldn’t have been sold for 20 minutes. “Osama bin Laden” (who may have died years before 2001 – Who knows? – The man does not do Meet The Press or speak at the United Nations. Everything we’re supposed to know about him comes through journalists and we’ve had lots of liar journalists on anything to do with Muslims. What proof is there that Peter Bergin interviewed bin Laden? Its his own say so or the say so of people who live off it, too.

  21. Noam Chomsky, Bill Maher, Amy Goodman, Thom Hartmann, Rachel Maddow, Bill Prest, Mike Malloy, Stephanie Miller, Ed Schultz, all these alleged ‘progressives’ are 9/11 truth deniers or propagator’s of the ’19 arab hijackers used four airplanes on Sept. 11th, 2001, under Osama Bin Decomposin since December 14, 2001″ scenario, aka the Cofer Black and or Able Danger / John Ashcroft and Robert Mueller bullshit story.

    I could have named a 100 more, a 1000 more, all microphone wielding slime for Israel, who by continuing the propagation of the ‘lie’ that 19 arab hijackers aremed with box-cutters managed to defeat NORAD that day, as well as a special battery of AA missiles ringing Washington, D.C. PIle on this list other people out there in MSM, Horrendo Revolver as I call him, and of course the Faux Noize crew there under Ruptured Merdecock, all in the same Glenn Beck gang of morons.

    The list goes on and on. Jeremy Scahill is the least of our worries if he’s one of these dorks.

    We however are winning the battle, as five years ago, less than 40 percent of the population found any fault with the official ‘bullshit’ story of the treasonous government, and now, that number, with Doc Richard Gage’s help, as well as Professor Steven Jones, and Niels Haritt, has risen to something around 70 percent know the official bullshit story is a ‘lie’ and a ‘sham’ and the perpetrators know that they can’t gate keep this gate much longer.

    Let Scahill tell his bullshit stories about 9/11, he’s losing the battle, as are the rest of the shills who are protecting Israel, and the treasonous whores in the U.S. federal apparatus who aided and abetted that criminality that day.

    Let them bleat. They’re losing this fight, one mind at a time.

  22. Great post. You’re right, the point is HOW he said it. He is using the 9-11 families for his own propaganda purposes, and most of those families would find fault with that.

    What gets me is that the entire thrust of Democracy Now is “speaking truth to power,” that is, questioning authority, those in power, and our government. Yet, on this one issue — 9-11 — the official story (or conspiracy theory as DRG puts it) is swallowed lock, stock, and barrel. That alone stands out like a sore thumb.

    Nevertheless, while Amy Goodman may be a “left-gatekeeper” (and while all people have slants and interests), that does not negate the entire value of her work. I was a General Contractor in the year surrounding the invasion of Iraq. I had one rule for my subs and their workers: They could listen to whatever they wanted on the radio all day long, but from noon to one Democracy Now played. Many of these construction workers went from “Nuke the Ragheads” to having intelligent discussions and being anti-war over that period.

    So “Left-Gatekeepers” can still perform the valuable function of helping people question power and think critically. They certainly helped me that way. When holes in their narratives arise — as they did with me — one can only hope that one has developed the critical thinking facilities to move on in the continuing search for understanding the world we live in.

    • Here is another good one by a “rebel”- wife of Alan Greenspan, Andrea Mitchell labeled HER book “Speaking Truth to Power”. lolol
      they are all in bed together with their pillowtalk

  23. Oh, and by the way, that plan on Bush’s desk on 9/9 was merely pro forma. There were special forces and cia in Afghanistan long before 9-11 — and surely they had coherent plans which came from somewhere. The “decider” didn’t need to bog himself down with details.

  24. So basically Malooga, you are saying that the fact that the invasion plans were placed on Bush’s desk two days prior to the surprise attack of 9/11 is essentially “irrelevant”?

    Didn’t you just recently write that Kagan’s possible connection to the neocon Kagans who helped plan the Global War on Terror is also “irrelevant”?

    And that her lack of judicial experience is also “irrelevant”?

    Let me explain something to you… the CIA does not command the Air Force and the Navy.

    Yes, the CIA was in Afghanistan prior to 9/11.

    But when we invaded, we used a defense strategy called “Shock And Awe” that had been created by the war college. It involved high altitude bombing on hundreds of targets… and it involved Navy ships launching cruise missile strikes… and of course the very time consuming and difficult to plan technicalities of troop movements and staging…

    Contrary to what you might think we think, the CIA doesn’t carry around plans such as these on their missions in foreign countries…

    So yes, dropping these plans on the desk of the Commander in Chief as is required by law before implimenting them (since he has to sign off on them) IS a relevant part of what really happened.

  25. You can always tell what version of groupthink someone is caught up in by their blind spots. Scahill and others on the left want to be players, be considered experts, serve on select committees, interviewed by Rachel Maddow on MSNBC, etc. In order to do that they have to ignore certain realities: Zionist control of the mainstream media, CIA/Mossad blackops, the actual truth about 9/11, the immanent collapse of industrial civilization due to our piggish lifestyles. Sorry, you just can’t talk about these things and still be an “insider” jetting off to your next “big thing”. It’s pathetic, really. Denial is not just a river in Egypt.

  26. Agreed carslon. Reminder that the NWO elite control ALL sides of the issue.

    And they fully know there will always be questioners to the party line out there. Thats where the gatekeepers come in. They are the slickest part of the operation, because they give one the moral and intellectual comfort of “having figured it out” so questions can be preempted where the fake opposition want them to stop and dig no deeper.

    While their spin may answer some stuff, it masks far more than it uncovers. Which is precisely what it is meant to do.

    Why else the derision, ridicule and dismissal from the likes of Cockburn, Chomsky etc on911- the MOST SIGNIFICANT event of the last 50 years, by the “van guard” of our self-declared “best thinkers”?

    They too have received their annointed status by those at the NWO top, and they want to keep it.

  27. Excellent posting…Mithras, the so-called “elite” are nothing but a bunch of inbred, retarded jackasses. All of their efforts have come to NAUGHT. All they have is their reputation as scumbags.

  28. waow… the great post today. thank you.

  29. What a bunch of right wing idiots.

  30. I’m a liberal and I think Jeremy Scahill is a dangerous threat to the U.S. He claims to be on the side of justice, when in truth, he is systematically infiltrating his disrespectful lies in the media, internet and selling books and movies along with his youtube interviews that are inciting vigilanteism and violence instead of what he claims he is against. How ironicle that he is supporting a ruthless murderer of many innocent people, terrorist, Anwar All-Awlaki! This guy is a jounalist and he is automatically given crediblitity for being in the face of danger and getting the real information..It’s bullshit! If you look at his history, he is relentlessly trying to gain notority for whatever he can get attention for. I hope people rise up and expose this jerk for what he is!

  31. I totaly agree with you on this. Thanks for writing the blog.
    Jeremy Scahill on Alex Jones and 911 Truth –

  32. I agree whole heartedly. Another individual is Tom Hartmann. I find myself in a struggle to listen to him anymore. He goes on about Republicans not understanding the evidence of climate change (rightfully so), he understands how Trump has used the “Big Lie” so people will believe it, he acknowledges how MSM is guilty of daily omissions, but he can not look at the video and witness first hand evidence. He continues to bring up that idiot blacksmith video. WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH ACTUAL MOLTEN STEEL, NO DECLARATION OF UPPER BLOCK THROUGH PATH OF GREATEST RESISTANCE, VAPORIZED BODIES, UNIGNITED NANO-THERMITE, ETC. It’s one thing for these idiots with a microphone to not comment on 9/11, and it’s another thing for them to go out of their way and spit straw man arguments, or worse, make those who seek truth look stupid.

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