Global Free Market Wars – Obama’s MISSION ACCOMPLISHED Moment is About to Begin

by Scott Creighton

Neoliberalization is on its way to Afghanistan.  NATO has agreed on a plan for the “stan” and it doesn’t look to good for the average man. 

Not good at all.

President Karzai, our corrupt puppet president, is finally going to be given control of his nation. Well, in a way.  The U.S. and NATO troops are going to start to hand over control to the Karzai government on a providence by providence basis as soon as Afghani troops can build enough power to maintain control.

So our role will be to wind down our involvement. But if you think that means our troops leave… you would be wrong.  In bizarro world (where forcing poor people to buy insurance they can’t afford from corrupt corporations who will drop them as soon as they get sick is called “healthcare reform” and economic recoveries can be “jobless”) when we stand down and hand the country back to its people, our troops actually plan to stay “for decades” propping up the corrupt president.


Although Afghan forces will take the lead, Western troops will be available to provide firepower and back-up if the insurgents appear to be making a comeback. If an area which has been handed back shows signs of suffering from endemic corruption or depredations of warlords the local people could protest through shuras – public meetings – said Nato officials.

“It is not for us to determine whether a particular district’s governance is working or not, it is whether there is a threat to the area to a point that the insurgency threatens to take over,” he said. The diplomat pointed out that the policy of transfers remained uncertain. “Unless we are saying that we will stay and colonise the country we can’t say everything is irreversible for ever and we will probably need to remain in support for several decades.”  The Independent

Let me see if I got this straight: we are going to hand over the country to the corrupt president who recently threatened to join forces with the Taliban and who’s brother is the biggest drug smuggler in Afghanistan, and we are going to promise to stay there “for decades” to make sure no one else replaces the corrupt bastard, and if (“if”????) there is corruption, our troops won’t do shit about that, the people can have a town-hall meeting or something. Hell, the way I read that, we can’t even decide “if” there is corruption… that’s for the Karzai government to determine.

Is that about the size of it? Wow. If that is the best Hilary Clinton can do with a president who is hated by his people, stole the last election, and is scared to leave his capital…(not to mention the only thing between him and the Sharia Law of the Taliban is our solders)… I don’t think I would let her negotiate my next haircut.

Can’t wait to see how the Obama administration tries to spin this up as a win because looking at if from this angle, Karzai bitch slapped the Clintonistas at the negotiating table.

On a lighter note for all those poor people living in the soon-to-be Karzai dictatorship hell-hole over there… the neoliberal infomercial pitchmen at the New York Times have already jumped on the “free market reforms in Afghanistan” bandwagon.  Yippie!  Its time for a good old-fashioned looting, the neoliberal Milton Friedman way! Yeehaaa! Set the Global mergers and acquisitions teams in motion, baby. They got a nation to liquidate.

The United Nations has enough to do to help strengthen Afghanistan’s political institutions, oversee elections (a new Parliament will be chosen in September) and ensure that humanitarian relief gets where it is needed.

The International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank could all do a better job of monitoring, auditing and coordinating the billions of dollars of international aid flowing into Afghanistan. New York Times

The neoliberal Miracle of Afghanistan had already been put in place by the previous administration, but the U.N. kicked them out in 2005.  After a couple of reports made up by neoliberal institutions like USAID said that the situation over there was bad, now the neoliberal Clinton/Obama administration has yet another opportunity to continue another Bush/Cheney agenda… the neoliberalization of Afghanistan.

Take control of the tax structure, reduce social services, reduce government payroll, hook existing businesses into predatory loans, privatize the railroads and power systems, open markets to multinational corporations and to their subsidized products which will cripple local industry and agriculture, sell off existing industries to the multinationals, privatize the natural resources of the entire nation for the benefit of a few massive companies, even push to privatize the water.

There are other challenges that other organizations are clearly better prepared to address. Taxes and revenues that could help pay for Afghan government services now go uncollected or are diverted into the pockets of corrupt officials. The International Monetary Fund can help determine realistic targets for these revenues and help develop a system for accountability.

The World Bank, which has worked with the Karzai government on development projects, can better monitor public spending, payment of government salaries and procurement spending. It has a strong interest in encouraging the development of Afghan businesses. The Asian Development Bank specializes in regional projects and can help link landlocked Afghanistan to neighboring road, rail and power systems.

Multilateral institutions can also bring in additional donors and more fairly apportion the costs of Afghan development. They can provide Afghanistan with the technical expertise it needs to manage its own resources.

Afghanistan is one of the world’s poorest countries, but it is not without prospects. It is believed to have huge mineral wealth, including copper, iron ore and rare earth minerals like lithium, used in making electric cars. It’s agricultural areas can be more than self-sufficient if irrigation canals are rebuilt and access provided. Its carpets and textiles have a worldwide market. New York Times

All they need now is to plan out where the “free market zones” will be and the starvation wage sweat-shops and the shantee towns… and then President Obama and his Clintonistas can park an aircraft carrier for his “MISSION ACCOMPLISHED” moment.

I bet Barack has a bigger codpiece than Chimpy did.

4 Responses

  1. Do pussies need codpieces?

  2. It’s all part of the show, my friend.

    “Keep your hands and feet inside the car at all times…”

    “Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends
    We’re so glad you could attend, come inside, come inside..”

  3. Hey…… our America is way ahead of Afganistan…… aren’t we proud!!!!

  4. Emerson, Lake & Palmer. now that takes me back to about 74. me and a navy bro went to see these guys, and fuck obama.
    Who needs tv when I got t-rex


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