FUCK YOU DENNIS KUCINICH- What did you REALLY GET for Selling us out, you piece of shit?

by Scott Creighton

The worse part of this, aside from the passage of this criminal fucking bill and the mandate to force poor working slobs to buy flawed insurance from corrupt corporations, the worse part of all this, is going to be the insufferable Obamaites will use this moment as a coranation of their self-important, self-absorbed, egotistical masterbatory delusions of grandure. There will be no living with these fucking freaks just like it was after Bush’s “MISSION ACCOMPLISHED” speech. The fucking morons went on and on in their little cocoons for almost a year, riding high on their self satisfaction. Expect the same from the Obamatrolls. Leave it to Dennis to reignite the Obamalove express. This sets us back a year at least. All because the fascist Obama scared the shit out of some little man.

No, I am wrong. The worst part of all this is the fact that this bill is just a pleasant fiction… it’s the Privitization of our entire healthcare system in a pleasant little package. Just like Dennis said the other day, this bill will be the next big step in privatizing Medicare, Medicaid, and all the rest. That’s what Kucinich is voting “YES” for and THAT is why he can’t be forgiven for doing so.

Dennis took a plane ride with Obama and sold us out. Threw us right the fuck under the bus. He sold us out after talking to Obama and Pelosi. He sold us out because he was told that without his support other progressives would also hold out and Pelosi would have to use the “deem and pass” trick to force Obamacare on the American people. That action would harm her rep and Obama’s rep. So he flipped his vote without getting a goddamn thing in exchange.

The one thing he said at the end was that he “didn’t like the process” that has taken place on this bill, when he was asked about the threat of the “deem and pass” possibility. He hung his head and said, “look, if your looking for someone to say they approve of the way this bill was handled, I’m not the guy. I don’t like anything about how this bill was passed. I’m voting “yes” and that is it.”

Possibly a little insight into what happened on that plane flight to Cleveland. BUT I DON”T GIVE A SHIT. Real leaders continue to stand NO MATTER WHAT THE FUCKING CONSEQUENCES.

Here that Dennis? you piece of shit.

Did Martin Luther King cave, you cowardly motherfucker? Did JFK in the end?

They were heros, you’re a punk. End of story. End of live blogging.







i CAN’T SAY THERE WAS ANYTHING NEW” which means he got NOTHING IN FUCKING RETURN>>> nothing that he can tell us anyway, nothing that FUCKING HELPS THE PEOPLE WHO WANT REAL HEALTHCARE…

fuck you dennis kucinich

CHANGE YOUR DIET“!!!!  “CHANGE YOUR DIET“??!!!   That’s what Dennis suggests people do to take care of themselves now….. WHAT THE FUCK

The things I WANT TO SEE IN THIS BILL AREN”T GOING TO BE IN THE BILL”  fuck you dennis kucinich….

ride a plane, change your vote, sell us out.







Howard Fineman has reported that Dennis Kucinich will change his vote on the “healthcare” reform bill in congress. Specifically, the dreaded “Senate Version” of the bill. Dennis is holding a press conference right now.

Watch on CSPAN NOW

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  1. So Obama and Pelosi threatened him…. and he hasn’t got the nerve to tell the people about the threat? He had a press conference… he could have told everything.. of course maybe he knew ‘they’ would shoot him as he stood there..maybe they had guns aimed at him while he gave his press conference.
    And he hung his head (as in shame) and said he liked nothing about the bill but he was voting for it. Well, probably in a few months he will be a billionaire and will retire as one of the richest men in America (or at least the remains of America)
    He has deeply depressed me…. I’ll never believe in another polititian again.
    I have had a ‘Vote of Kucinich for President’ banner on my car for years…… I just ripped it off……..
    American has no voice now….

  2. they may just include you in the domestic terror threat list…

  3. I believe I am already there, but thank you for your concern.

  4. lol keep up the good work then 🙂 you must be doing something right 🙂

  5. […] puts it as well or better than old B’Man can at AmericanEveryman: Dennis took a plane ride with Obama and sold us out. Threw us right the fuck under the bus. He […]

  6. They can pass all the “laws” they want, enforcement is another story altogether. There will be class action lawsuits that will tie this up forever, they are fools if they think otherwise.

  7. The above blog is a very good summation of the way this all went down. Hung his head in shame??? Give me a flippin’ break. You sold out Dennis old boy; hope you have your resume up to date. You and all the other sell outs are gonna need ’em really soon.

  8. I think you are right, Saladin. This will go to court. It will be tied up. I’m not buying insurance, they can arrest me if they want. They can go to hell. Let’s see if Olbermann sticks to his guns.

  9. It’s a chess game….he did not have any moves left…give the guy a break. He worked harder than anyone else to move the bill to the left. Had he voted no, he would never be able to advocate for us in congress again because they would ruin him. I’m glad his voice will still be a force for truth and justice.

  10. Thanks Dove Love for putting it into perspective.

  11. He had one move left, and that was to come out at the press conference and tell the world he was sticking to his word. He could have told the American people he had been threatened and that he was going to hold to his PRINCIPLES on this issue.

    he could have voted NO no matter what they threatened him with.


    He might as well start doing Pepsi commercials in Japan. After comments like that, Dennis Kucinich has no credibility left.

  12. He has decided he no longer needs credibility, he will be very rich…. and maybe he has held out for so long to get the most money for his efforts. Right now… who knows?
    Him saying to have compassion for our leaders is so weird….. they sold us out on everything….. all we have left is a few feelings but compassion is not one of them… except toward the homeless and hungry and jobless and the sick…..

  13. Nothing difficult about it. It’s an insurance industry bailout…a BAD BILL for the people!! It’s THAT simple! I will not forgive him so easily. Shame on him. This is a criminal piece of legislation, which FORCES People to purchase insurance even if they don’t want it or have their taxes seized among other fines and fees. It gives the IRS even more immense power over our hard earned money than before if that’s possible, and Kucinich should be ashamed of himself, because REAL statesmen DO NOT sell out and give up, they take a STAND for the people and what is RIGHT!! If he was threatened, then he should say he was threatened out in the open!! I’m sorry, there is NO excuse good enough!!

  14. Kucinich said it himself, this bill is a major step toward the PRIVITIZATION of our entire healthcare system. The cost ssavings in Medicare and Medicaid are just euphamisms for the beginning of the privitization process.

    That’s what Kucinich is voting for. He knows it. He said it himself just 5 days ago.

  15. “If he was threatened, then he should say he was threatened out in the open!!”

    goddamn right

  16. Let me see if I can explain myself a little better…

    Dennis NEEDS to hear anger…

    Dennis NEEDS to know we are pissed and will NOT forgive and forget…

    Do you know WHY that is important?

    Do you?

    Because Dennis hasn’t VOTED YET… Dennis could still change his mind. This is not “barbarian”…

    … this is anger, and it’s justly deserved. But it’s anger that is intentionally focused to a specific end…

    dennis could still vote NO.

    If we start giving him a pass now, what GOOD does that do us?

    I hope Jane puts this on the front page. I hope people catch on as to what it really means. Yes, Dennis was threatened. But the real power in this country was once ours. We just can’t be afraid to use it.

    I hope Jane continues to pressure right up until the moment he casts his vote. it ain’t over yet.

    it ain’t over yet unless we lay down and accept it.

    I ain’t doing that.

  17. Next up?

    Kucinich calls for attack on Iran?

    A resurrection of his handgun ban?

    What blackmail did they use on him? It’s got to more than just money.

    Here’s the video if anyone missed it, but no need to watch it, just another sell out shill.

  18. Kucinich is a sell out traitor just like the rest. Too sad. Now, the only man on the hill I can trust is RON PAUL!!!

  19. i always thought America was home of the brave and the land of the free, phew weep the beloved country, as America exaults the vilest of men.
    Psa 12:8 The wicked walk on every side, when the vilest men are exalted.

    awake brake the spell and be brave, you were born free, dont sell out to an illegal allien running your Country

  20. Its a wake up call isn’t it? Less than a week ago, Kucinich rightly claimed that this bill was just a neoliberal attempt to privatize the entire healthcare system in America and that it would cripple working people in this country… and today he threw his support behind it for no other reason than “We HAVE TO BE COMPASSIONATE TOWARDS THOSE WHO ARE CALLED UPON TO MAKE DECISIONS FOR THE NATION“

    he put the needs of the POTUS before the needs of the people.

  21. “After careful discussions with President Obama, Speaker Pelosi, my wife Elizabeth and close friends, I’ve decided to cast my vote in favor.”

    Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but these words tell me he was threatened. Probably his family too. He already knew everything there was to know about this bill and said it publicly, to the voters. Nothing about the bill changed; some part of Dennis Kucinich’s anatomy got twisted.

    Not sure how brave I would be if someone threatened my family, because I’ve never been in that situation. But in theory I expect more from a public official who knowingly put himself in that position and calls himself a representative of the people’s interests.

  22. we knew that the health care bill was going to get passed even if Obama had to use an executive order to pass it!!!

    will the health care bill be passed, a forgong conclusion!!!

    so tragic that the people are duped in to slavery by these evil sell outs of humanity!!!

    the elite 1% controll all the rest!!!

  23. Yeah, but if he was threatened, he had the oppuntunity to tell the world …. and if anyone had harmed him or his family, America would have gone ballistic…. we would have torn down the white house…
    no…. he will be very very wealthy soon.. maybe even will be given large interests in the insurance industry….

  24. I believe he was threatened Peaches. But the way you deal with that is to come forward and tell the people that you were threatened.

    now I agree, I don’t know how I would react. But Dennis knows how damaging this bill is going to be. Caving in was not an option.

  25. as long as we bow to threats, we will continue to live threatend lives, what ever happened to the truth, moral values, guts, all we see in polititians is weakness coruption lies. how long my friends, how long before they remove all your freedom. do not be sheepole wake up, you are being conned.

  26. Agreed for sure. When it comes down to it there really is no excuse. Same goes for any of these bubbles in the congressional lubricant.

  27. Another delusional motherfucker expecting solutions from DC.

    Fucking pathetic.

    These crooks are the source of practically EVERY misery afflicting the people of this “nation.”

    When all of the assholes in this country stop participating COMPLETELY in this dog-and-pony show called federal elections, there might be some hope. Continuing to vote for cardboard cut-out traitors with corporate CEO hands up their ass, over and over, is a textbook example of insanity, and a nation full of insane assholes will not survive, and doesn’t deserve to.








  29. now we gonna have to take out Dennis and all politicians who are working against us. take out every cop and military force in USA. these cowards have gone too far, Ron Paul will be our President. I’ll choose death over slavery any day.

  30. Thanks for all the swearing so I don’t have to. Some people are apologizing for Kucinich, but I agree with you that he has no excuse. None. This bill isn’t going to get better later. The biggest disappointment from Kucinich is hearing his religious language regarding The One. The Hope. The Potential. The Transformation… what total bs. Some blogger used to call it trance formation, which is more like the truth.

    Meanwhile, the GOP is escalating in the never ending competition to see which party can better enslave us.

  31. Next on the agenda after mandatory insurance. Cutting Social Security and Medicare amid the failing state budgets and an unknown number of wars. No way America survives this. This is the end game. Total ownership… of us.

  32. A whore politician sold us out! Gasp! I am so shocked. I thought government existed to punch my ticket. If healthcare is a right how about housing, food, water, money, lets get all the goodies we can get before the Titanic sinks seems to be the attitude.

  33. The politicians are hooked on our money and our suffering. They must know that the bubble’s about to burst but they cannot break the addiction. They’ll keep cutting us deeper and deeper until we’re gone or we light their asses on fire.

    Yep, I’m pissed off!

  34. Yeah, cornpone is right, cutting out social security and medicare is next on Obama’s list. He has already set in motion a commission to propose how to do it….
    and Kucinich will vote yes on that to….. but then Pelosi will over rule even if no one votes for it… never heard of a speaker acting like a dictator… then guess I haven’t lived under a man like HItler before either…
    that’s what my neighbors say we have now…

  35. Both the Democratic and Republican parties are on the same side: they have been working together in concert for years to solidify their governmental rule and control over “We the People.”

    They have been playing this ‘divide and conquer’ shell-game with us for years, knowing full-well that while they have us battling it out amongst ourselves for political party domination, they are secretly working in the background to subvert our rights, our votes, and our sovereignty.

    Now, in order to save our country from this future inevitable, we must begin a new political party, a new governmental system or (heaven help us) a new revolution.

    Which will you choose?

  36. And the “savings” in the healthcare bill come from cuts in Medicare, which will make it even more in need of fixing. Guess no one on the commission will want to look at the way the 2003 bill sunk Medicare by piling the drug costs on. Or how much people need Social Security now that their 201K are gone… and then we have people crap on us for wanting something from our government! Imagine the chutzpah of actually thinking your country should work for you instead of stealing from us. It’s the new meme.

  37. Well folks, I’m throwing in the towel as well! I guess his little ride on AF1 was a compelling argument for selling us all down the river. But I too think he should have stood on that podium and simply said his life was threatened. Back when our country was founded, and men still had real balls, they said what they meant, come hell or high water. And look folks, don’t think for one second Ron Paul is going to save us either. After all, he’s not even interested in any form of public health care. If you wanna back anyone at this point – my choice is Jesse Ventura. As far as next november goes – vote out ALL incumbents – period. Only vote for 3rd party.

  38. Willy, remember once i told you someone took an airplane ride with two other individuals? Down to New Orleans? And afterward, that first one made a national announcement? Remember that?

    it’s the airplane rides. if ya git took on a airplane ride, your fucked.

  39. The sad truth is Dennis is”the best they have to offer.” When will people wake up and realize this was all part of Bambi’s Fist Puppet Theater. Staged to give the illusion of hope. He never was going to stand up like a hero. It’s just not in him. I’ll never trust him again.

  40. Willo.Take it easy

    Support the MEDICARE buy into Act Now!

    Rep. Alan Grayson’s “Medicare You Can Buy Into Act” Attracts 50 Co-Sponsors
    With the Democrat-led push for healthcare reform in its final stages, Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL) introduces “The Public Option Act,” a measure that would allow people under sixty-five to buy into Medicare. The bill has attracted fifty co-sponsors.

    Democracy Now


    The fight is not over

  41. Dennis let us down. If he had any honor, he would have quit rather than vote for this pos bill.

  42. Want your Constitution back? Go here!


  43. First time visiting your blog. Found you via Google Blog search while searching “Dennis Kucinich.” I’ve read about 17 blogs on the topic so far tonight but I think you said it best in your post. Really sad thing for me personally is that until he dropped out of the 2008 race, I was donating $50 a month to his campaign starting when he declared in early 2007. And I didn’t have it to give. I lived on Ramen noodles twice a day and a big breakfast to afford to send that $50 because I believed in him.
    No more.
    You captured it perfectly. Thank you.

  44. During war, there is no sympathy for the enemy.

  45. jlennon08;

    Gob bless you man, but you are always the eternal optimist.

    Do you really think that the insurance giants are going to let anything like that pass?

    They have a mandate about to pass which makes it illegal to NOT buy their product. Do you really think they are going to let a new single payer, or a Medicare buyin, or a state-by-state single payer pass?

    Come on man. I know it’s depressing but you gotta wake up. It’s time to get mad, man. Dust off your emotions and use them every now and then.

  46. Heather;

    Please, save your money, you’re going to need it. Oh, BTW, did you hear he has already announced he will be giving back money donated to him for promising to stand up for healthcare reform?

  47. I have a dumb question. Why does a congressman need donations to vote on a bill? I can see donations for running for office but to cast a vote?

  48. Some call it Marxism — I call it Judaism.” (The American Bulletin, Rabbi S. Wise, May 5, 1935).

    “It is legitimate to adopt a critical attitude toward the relatively large number of Jews who particularly in the first decade after the Bolshevik revolution collaborated with the Soviet Government in the persecution of other peoples.” — Statement of researcher Michael Mills, an official of the government of Australia at Canberra. (Source: Forward, March 10, 2000)

    — Robert Wilton, a long time Russia correspondent for the London Times, said in his book The Last Days of the Romanovs:

    “According to the data furnished by the Soviet press, out of 556 important functionaries of the Bolshevik State there were in 1918-1919: 17 Russians, 2 Ukrainians, 11 Armenians, 35 Lets, 15 Germans, 1 Hungarian, 10 Georgians, 2 Poles, 2 Finns, 1 Karaim, 457 Jews.

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    The American Hebrew September 10, 1920:

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    “The Jews welcome this revolution in the Christian world, and the Jews should show an example. It is not an accident that Judaism gave birth to Marxism, and it is not an accident that the Jews readily took up Marxism: all this was in perfect accord with the progress of Judaism and the Jews.” (A Program for the Jews and Humanity, by Rabbi Harry Waton, p. 148).

    “We have exterminated the property owners in Russia. We are going to do the same thing in Europe and America.” (The Jew, December 1925, Zinobit).

  49. WTF has this got to do with Jewish people? Jesus fucking Christ! Are you actually trying to blame Kucinich’s fucking betrayal on “The Jews”? Is there ANYTHING that isn’t “The Jews” fault? If you get a fucking wart on your finger is that ALSO the fault of “The Jews”? Godfuckingdamnit! What the fuck. Fucking people… Jesus Christ…

  50. Somebody is exterminating the single-owner property owners here in America……but I think it is the corporate global group and our leaders…. and quite a few are zionists… not Jews…….. big difference

  51. Let us no forget that both Dennis’s sister AND brother died of ” a fast moving cancer”
    I think his life was threatened on this.
    Watch the cnn clip.
    he looks scared and broken.

    We are fucked!

  52. scott,

    I think Greenwald has some interesting things to say about Kucinich, here,


    All the controls on the insurance companies in this or any other bill can always be killed in the future by the politicians elected by corporate money after “citizen’s United.” The establishment of an institution like a ‘single payer’ program might be difficult even for them to kill once it would be born.

  53. “If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face-for ever.” – George Orwell

  54. It went like this.

    Kucinich as always tried his best for the American people.
    After the Democrats got away with publicly nailing Eric Massa to the cross by accusing him of various sexual improprieties, and having their loyal dirty propaganda outlets (huffpost, the nation, alternet, rawstory, DU) repeat those claims non stop for a week……..Massa was ruined.

    Never mind that he was ruined because he voted against the Obama war budget and Rahm swore revenge. Never mind that just one week ago Massa reaffirmed his support for single payer health care and rejected the fake lame health care bill pimped by Obama for the benefit of big insurance.
    Those two clear cut progressive efforts by Massa resulted in his public execution by media slander.
    The Democratic rank and file seemed to fall for it.

    Now to Kucinich. Anyone with a clue knows Dennis is the enemy of corporate DLC Democrats.
    They gave their media propaganda whores strict orders not to cover his peace vote to end the wars in Congress last week. A full media blackout of that was ordered, and the usual online whores complied fully.
    Now on health care with hundreds of votes hanging in the balance, abortion freaks in both parties threatening to vote no, lies and more lies……………it all boils down to only one vote from one man Kucinich?????????? WTF?

    The Obama White House and Rahm and the DLC vipers made this all about Dennis, they asked their loyal media whores to make it all about Dennis. And when Obama took him on the plane ride and broke him………….all those same media whores and vipers pounced. They are vermin.
    They are pure filth and rat shit. They include willylowman.

    Willylowman is a servant of the corporate swine who peddle sophisticated lies and disinformation to keep the people down.

    Kucinich is still the real deal, and he is still alive. The propaganda whores who now seek to attack Kucinich are dirty traitors, swine and vermin.

    PS For David Icke to link this smear job to his site is a serious error in judgment, or an indication that they really are just one big psy ops shit house.

  55. I am very surprised to see this site trash Dennis Kucinich with side narrow mindedness.

    None of us can possibly know what was said or done on the plane ride. But for anyone to discount a clear direct threat of a ‘Wellstone’ reward for Dennis if he voted the wrong way, is impossible.

    Given the willingness of Obama to outdo Bush in war crimes, torture and corporate corruption, it is surely no stretch to think that he and his could threaten Kucinich.
    For this site to discount that out of hand and proceed to assault Kucinich is very disappointing.
    Maybe they are in the bag for the neoconservative Democrats? I only suggest this because their coverage is right in line with the official Obama approved news sites.

    AfterDowningSt seems to be covering this mess pretty well. Unlike the attack dogs here, they don’t pretend to have all the answers.

  56. Everything the criminals are ding now is because of Planet X. This is what is causing the earthquakes and is what theyve been hiding with the chemtrails sprayed every day globally for the past 2.5 years. Its also the sign in the heavens warning of Americas total destruction by Russia, China and the SCO. News here: http://www.docstoc.com/docs/6519605/WarNews

  57. no actually, casey casey casey, the dirty swine and vermin attacked Kucinich BEFORE he vowed his vote on Obamacare…

    now they LOVE him.

    get it?

  58. I don’t pretend to have all the answers either, lifelongdem, but as your name may imply, you seem to. You’ve already suggested Barack Obama, the president of the United States, threatened Kucinch’s life…

    that’s a bit of a leap, don’t you think?

    Fact is, Dennis promised to uphold his committment, he knows how bad this bill is, and he turned his back on all those people that he swore to protect without getting anything in exchange.

    now you can read that however you want. But that’s what happened.

    Maybe the fact that you are too fucking partisan to see past your own prejudice is affecting your viewpoint, “LifeLongDem”.

    and lets look at this too, while we are at it. What if they did threaten his life (as opposed to say the more probable payoff, which David Swanson also admits is a possibility)? What does that mean? Our troops go out every goddamned day and risk their lives for this war for empire. You think it’s ok for Dennis to “go along to get along” because someone threatened to “Wellstone him” (as you put it)?

    I don’t see it that way. FIrst of all, I don’t think that would work on Dennis, to be honest. It’s a little sophomoric if you ask me. And I think Dennis is smart enough to know how to respond to that kind of threat.

    But the most important thing here is that I obviously think more highly of Dennis than you do, because I will tell you right now, Dennis Kucinich would NOT back down because of death threats. That’s a fucking fact.

    Whatever it was, and God only knows, it pisses me off. As you can see. But one thing is for sure, if that is what you think made Dennis turn the other way, you certainly don’t have as much respect for the man as I do.

  59. Casey casey casey,
    The way I see it, willyloman as well as many others hope to have someone in their corner. When Kucinich caved and said a bunch of nonsense about supporting yet another Presidential criminal, what occurred in willyloman’s essay was deflation, frustration, and anger, rightly placed, on yet another government official NOT representing the people.
    “….all those same media whores…are pure filth and rat shit. They include willylowman.”
    That may be the most idiotic thing I’ve read in quite a while. willyloman, as “media whore” is sooooooooooooo stupid, and irresponsible, that I have to think in some way you are quite retarded. I would recommend reading his site before you confess what an idiot you are, but that would assume you don’t have some silly agenda. You should get together with “lifelong dumb” and “AllforLiesGuy” and go back to your church of hope.

  60. I always wondered why people trusted this guy. He’s openly said he was in favor of world government in the past. To say his voting record is inconsistent would be an understatement.
    Basically, the people who had hope in Kucinich are mostly people who if they had intelligence or conscience would have been Ron Paul supporters. However, ONE THING differed RP from DK – ABORTION. IN other words, you wanted a left wingf Ron Paul who thinks its OK to kill babies.
    Anyway, thats my take. Thats the only reason I could ever think of that you people trusted Kucinich.
    I detest ALL POLITICIANS (yep even RP, for his 911 views, which are half-hearted and cowardly. He has called for a NEW INVESTIGATION a long time ago and now just spouts nonsense on the topic and pretending he believes the IMPOSSIBLE official story) but its real simple to see across the board at who SERVE EVIL and the NWO when they are Pro-World government, anti-gun, pro abortion, pro war, pro corporations, pro TV and media, pro cops, pro Israel, etc etc. Kucinich unfortunately had already displayed several of these characteristics. The left wing always misses the pro abortion and pro world government because they want those things. Same as people who are afraid of “terror” and are pro war pro torture without the backbone or fortitude to see those things for what they are. ANd abortion is a ful holocaust slaughter of 40-50+ million babies in ths country in 50 years, 1/6 to 1/7 of the entire population, all poor or lower middle class just like you and me – butchered for science and profits and full on sex without consequences – because hey we’ll be glad to suck that thing out of you and cut it up and sell it to Harvard.
    This is not a personal indictment of you, merely stating my previous animosity for DK supporters, because if they realized one of the most OBVIOUS TRUTHS in the universe – that an innocent baby has a right to LIVE – then they would have seen through this guy and their fake pathetic lapdog party a long time ago. Just like the nazi loving scared weak coward sellout slave Repukes.
    Oh yeah and anyone who trusts those two parties deserves to be an ignorant slave at this point. Either way you support the deaths of innocents, the widespread lies, choking corruption and hypocrisy, a nasty future slave government for your children when you were “free” (as free as a subject of the English whore queen can be – NOT ANYMORE, bow to your mason overseers).

  61. Well, maybe we should let Dennis know that we feel betrayed?


  62. […] FUCK YOU DENNIS KUCINICH- What did you REALLY GET for Selling us out, you piece of shit? …Dennis took a plane ride with Obama and sold us out. Threw us right the fuck under the bus. He sold us out after talking to Obama and Pelosi. He sold us out because he was told that without his support other progressives would also hold out and Pelosi would have to use the “deem and pass” trick to force Obamacare on the American people. That action would harm her rep and Obama’s rep. So he flipped his vote without getting a goddamn thing in exchange…. […]

  63. And you expected what? Of the Senate, House, Supreme Court and White House, the only one who doesn’t belong in prison for treason is Ron Paul, and who knows, maybe he’s just a smarter, sneakier criminal than the rest. Hard to see how this criminal gang would allow him to stay unless he was one of them.

  64. […] Vad kan man bara spekulera om, men det är otäckt. Jag förstår reaktioner som den här – FUCK YOU DENNIS KUCINICH- What did you REALLY GET for Selling us out, you piece of shit? – men det måste vara riktigt infernaliska hot topp-politiker över hela världen lever […]

  65. Dennis Kucinich is more of a man than you will ever be willyloman, hijo de tu chingada madre. No vales más que un puño de mierda. Dennis has been fighting the DLC Democrats for a long time and he will continue to do so as much as he can. Kucinich operates in the real world, not in the fantasy land of the blogosphere.

  66. Scott Creighton is a dirty disinfo agent.

    There are so many greasy lying pigs who are responsible for screwing the American people out of health care. The fucking dirtbag, Bush3 also known as Obama being the main one.
    Kucinich is the last guy to blame. But the Democratic party brass see a chance here and they have seized it. Blame Kucinich. Funny how that comment above by willyloman is so dismissive of the idea that any threat could have been made by Obama against Kucinich…………he sounds just like those filthy 911 truth deniers who say, ‘how could the government keep such a big secret’ and then dismiss the entire topic.

    Yet you filthy lying hacks still try to blame it all on Kucinich. The lies on this health care debacle have been thick and very well thought out. Obviously this site is in on the game.
    Corporate Democrats set up Kucinich and those sites with no integrity no character and no morality will play along and suck Rahm’s cock every step of the way.

    Corporate Democrats killed health care, and now corporate Democrats have their loyal scribes ripping Dennis. It is disappointing to see how many people are falling for this.

  67. If one or more Senators agreed to vote for the bill, then voted against it, this would actually be exactly what is needed here. Of course, if that were the case, they couldn’t let on about it. No VOTE is taking place on this. One doesn’t PUT OFF THE VOTE until he’s certain he is going to win – that’s not a vote, that’s an agreement (however manipulated it may be). It’s a serious long-shot, and perhaps threats to Kucinich have become too overwhelming for him to tolerate – we’ll have to wait and see.

    PS, if you think you’d hold up to serious constant threats for years on end, you should put yourself to the test on that before damning anyone else about it.

  68. Some of you people really just don’t get it.

    Who the fuck is trying to “blame it all on Dennis” you stupid, insipid, cretans?

    Nancy Pelosi set his ass up, made he go out there and publicly humiliate himself, then continued with the “deem and pass” crap so that all her friendly little “New Dem” and Blue Dogs wouldn’t have to vote for the bill.

    And you want to blame me for getting pissed off about it?

    Yeah, Dennis turned his back on us. Yeah, it pisses me off.

    What part of the word betrayal do you not understand? Or is it that you are just so goddamned whipped that you will accept anything, anything from your heroes without one word of complaint?

    Maybe you’re just too used to being stabbed in the back from back in the day when you loved Bill Clinton.

    Maybe you’re just used to being pissed on by your candidates like Obama?

    Who the hell knows. But take a look around this site and tell me again how I don’t understand what corporate dems are doing to America.

  69. Lisa,
    If you can’t do your job, representing the people, then you can resign. Any lackey can do what they are told, so any lackey can do what Kucinich did. But, if you resign, maybe somebody else would not let the people down like Kucinich did. Threats are no excuse for what he did. For a reasonable person, it is easy to be passive about any issue. But for reasonable people with moral decency, it is impossible to remain quiet when everything around you is unreasonable. Kucinich deserves to hear the frustration and anger of the people who like him as a voice for what is dishonest, and unethical. Reading the comments here, he was one of the few politicians who people hoped for.
    I personally had lost hope for the American politician a while ago, but willyloman’s essay is an honest reaction from someone who still gave a shit. It is just silly to say that, “…if you think you’d hold up to serious constant threats for years on end, you should put yourself to the test on that before damning anyone else about it.” The comments I’m reading means that many people respected the man and are now frustrated. Whereas what you suggest is some strange bible shit that has nothing to do with the issue. Indeed, any comment speaking of Kucinich being threatened, is more of an expression of how much respect they had for Kucinich—‘He must have been threatened, because he would never do this otherwise. We could trust him.’— Kucinich makes deals. There is NO evidence for any threat. It doesn’t even make sense that he would be. I don’t know what “constant threats” you could possibly be referring to, but being angry at his decision is much more understandable than some strange, make-believe ‘threat test’ you suggest people should do before they are able to speak their mind.

  70. You are one triangulating lying sack of shit willy.

    You want to discount the idea that Kucinich may have been threatened over this? Obama and Rahm Emanuel and Pelosi and the rest of those greasy whores killed health care.

    Kucinich fought until the end and caved in.
    But you will not spend 5 seconds wondering why. You just attack him, like all the other Obama servants do.

    Your coverage of this shows you to be a compliant shill for corporate Democrats. As I said earlier, at least AfterDowningSt is covering this with an open minded approach. You are obviously just following orders. FOAD.

    PS you must be some kind of genius to have such inside knowledge about what Kucinich would do if he was threatened. Such certainty and self assuredness on your part. Yet my simple suggestion that he MAY have been threatened is dismissed as sophoric etc.
    The more you say, the more you reveal yourself to be an idiot, an in the bag shill like Matt Taibbi.

  71. relament,

    Obviously, you haven’t had to hold up to serious constant threats over the course of years, which also makes your “name” rather inappropriate. If you had experienced such constant threats, you would understand – in retrospect – the ignorance and programming that lead to your holding of such beliefs. You would also understand that announcing that he had been threatened, if that were the case, would most likely initiate the process. Ignorance is merely a lack of knowledge, not an accusation, as everyone starts out from a place of ignorance. Actually, understanding such issues on a person-to-person basis would do a lot more toward achieving real change than trying to put it all on any politician.

    I don’t know how you get the idea I’m talking about the Bible – “damning” is a common word that doesn’t have to related to so-called hell. I’m not into any religion, aside from noting their effects on people and society. And again, the point was that, if Kucinich intended to do so (and if no threats were involved), he could claim to support the bill so he could get the “damned” thing to a vote – and then vote against it. It’s unlikely, but it would be a solution.

  72. It looks like Dennis caved in after he was told by Obama and Pelosi that they would blame him for the defeat of the bill and that it would be used against him in his upcoming election.

    At least that is what he implied this morning on Democracy Now.

    It would seem that they told him that if he voted no and it was defeated, he would by the scapegoat and they would deflect any static that SHOULD be directed at Obama and the “New Dems” to Dennis.

    He would effectively be kicked out of office like Cynthia McKinney for not towing the corporatist line. So, … he towed it.

    Now, that being the case, do you all think that Dennis should put his personal career above the needs of the millions who WILL be harmed by this bill?

    You might WANT to think Dennis was threatened with DEATH and TORTURE and RENDITION and locusts and boils… but the fact is, he wasn’t. They threatened his TICKET to the GREEN ZONE.

    And that’s Dennis’ story from Dennis himself.

    If you got a problem with it. Take it up with Dennis.

  73. Life long dem,
    Your insults to Willy are really not worth anyone’s time to answer but trollers are so much fun and that is what you are…. you are trolling so low, like a snake, that you can’t see over the dirt you wiggle in……
    ohhhh… good grief, just go wrap yourself around Obama’s leg and go to sleep.

  74. NWO is going DOWN ….

  75. willyloman,

    If that is what he said on Democracy Now, that could very well be the reason. Then again, how was it said? Did Netanyahu threaten Biden with his broken glass gesture and comment? Regardless, does it make Kucinich a sell-out to want to be around to fight some more? He has been voicing our concerns – for which he no doubt has received consistent threats, whether big or small. The bill will pass, whether he votes for it or not. If they “have” to pass it without a vote, they will. If Kucinich passes with it, who will fill his shoes? Will you? He’s been in this for a long stretch, and probably has a more long-term view which all this ranting is ignoring.

    …and with regard to the comment about changing one’s diet, you are talking about something about which you know nothing. Part of the problem IS that the population is doped up and dumbed down on MSG (natural flavor, flavor, spices, etc), Aspartame, food additives, fluoride, mercury, GMOs, DDT act-alikes, etc, etc. If you find his advise inappropriate or trivial, then you have no idea what is in the food you are eating. If we knew what we were eating, we might think we were in a state of chemical warfare – seriously. Just trying Kucinich’s ideas in diet would eliminate most of your healthcare needs. Doctors basically have two tools – drugs and surgery. They profit from continued illness, whether they know it or not. The body is not stupid. It was not designed to be ill (just take an good Anatomy class, and you’ll see). It can be healthy, if it has the proper foundation – and food is a major pat of this (environmental & household chemicals are a major problem, too). Stating this with respect to healthcare is not trivial. It is quite appropriate, and extremely VALUABLE to those who will try it (though it isn’t valuable to the medical or pharmaceutical industries). Perhaps Kucinich found this out while searching for a real cure for the cancer that killed his family members. Getting his relatives to try it, however, would be another story. I read an article today that concluded that junk food is almost as addictive as heroin. I think heroin withdrawal is life threatening, so it is no doubt overstated -but the truth is, junk food causes withdrawal at anyone’s first attempts to eliminate it. Of course, if we were truly carnivores or omnivores, all of us would (like all other such animals) have the uncontrollable need to stalk animals, bite them with our teeth until they were helpless, and devour them while they were dying. And no other infant or adult animal drinks another animal’s milk. Our digestive tracts are too long for such substances, and the animals’ bodies putrefy and slowly poison us before they can be removed. If you want to eat animals, that is what you will do – but those animals are getting back at you, whether you think they are or not. If you think junk foods and foods that have been robbed of their nutrition don’t hurt you, then you haven’t looked into it, and you haven’t tried his suggestion.

  76. Ok Lisa, well at least we are making a little progress.

    Now we are talking about the real world threats that were probably leveled at Dennis.

    BTW, I know Dennis wouldn’t give into death threats because he didn’t back in Cleveland when he was the mayor. They actually tried to kill him once or twice they say, but he held his ground. Anyway, that was the basis for why I don’t think that kind of threat took place. The other reason is this… this group doesn’t threaten you with death. They just do it.

    Now, as far as what you are thinking about Dennis not selling out because he wants to stick around and continue the fight. That’s a very nice way to put it, but I don’t buy it.

    Dennis knows how bad this bill is going to hurt people.

    He also knows Pelosi doesn’t yet have the votes to pass it. At last count we are somewhere around 193 for to 207 or so against.

    So Dennis really never was the single vote that made the difference. But his continued resistance would have given others hope. Others in and out of congress. Dennis was a symbol. They beat him. They submitted him. That’s important. Important enough for them to put him on Air Force 1.

    The question is why?

    The answer is easy. Yes, they will get a vote or two out of it. Maybe even enough to pass the Senate version without having to use the “deem and pass” trick which will just anger the base.

    But they will pass it one way or the other, so the question remains… why force Dennis to make that statement?

    That’s the real question you should be asking rather than obfuscating with talk of GM foods and aspertaime. All important topics for sure, but really, they have NOTHING to do with this bill. This bill is about fascism and about complete and total corporate control over our government and our lives.

    You think the insurance industry is going to be the only industry that wants a mandate by law if this passes? The next industry to push for a mandate will be the banking industry. The five major banks will push to force working age Americans to have a bank account so that all money can be digitized and converted to debit cards. That way, when they don’t like what you say or do, they just turn your card off and you starve. That’s the next “mandate” and you will see it developing soon enough.

    This bill will set a precident. No matter how many people don’t want it, no matter how bad it really is, these corporatist government hacks will be able to pass just about anything after this crap, and I think Dennis knows it.

    So why did they pick out Dennis to put on stage with that ridiculous press conference?

    They made him do it because they wanted to send US a message. And they did.

    Why do I think we should be angry at Dennis/ Why do I think you are better off screaming your anger (which I know you have) at him? Why did I write what I wrote?

    Because I want US to send THEM a message right back. I want Dennis to vote NO.

    That’s why.

  77. willyloman,

    Actually, diet has everything to do with real health care (as opposed to our current state of disease care), as well as global pollution. I don’t want healthcare coverage because all it covers is drugs and surgery. Any government should provide emergency services to someone hurt in an accident, period. Other than that, we should have to pay mafia prices for drugs and surgery that keep us ill, just because we’ve been brainwashed into thinking that is how to be healthy. But that’s not something you want to explore (perhaps unless you’re ever dianosed with a “terminal” disease), so…

    I wasn’t aware Kucinich received actual death threats, but I assumed he must have. Perhaps “they” still see Kucinich as useful for presenting an illusion of opposition. They could be putting him in this position whether he is going along with it or not. I don’t know the guy personally. He may be just another politician. That’s not my call. You said that Kucinich WOULD NOT BACK DOWN TO THREATS. You really have never been seriously threatened, have you? Either that, or else you have no family or loved ones, which would be a serious tragedy (but frighteningly more common than some might assume). You appear to care about things. Threats are often made with respect to family members of the person receiving the threat – not the person himself. It’s a mute point, though. We don’t know. WHY DON’T WE ALL SUGGEST TO KUCINICH THAT HE TURN HIS VOTE AROUND WHEN THE ACTUAL VOTE IS CALLED (if it is)?

    Getting us to stand up for our rights on a purely moral basis, even when we KNOW it will cause our demise, is one of the methods the people “in charge” use to destroy people. They also use people’s anger against them – which you may find out in the future, but not from me. I hope not. We should be able to vent anger peacefully without reprise.

    No, I haven’t ‘screamed my anger at Dennis.’ I am aware that I don’t know exactly why he did this. It is in opposition to his beliefs, and I feel inclined to consider him of basically good intent. In my fairly recent past, I had been threatened for years on end, and I have no problem understanding what it could be like for him to be in office, opposing the media and knowledgable about what the “powers” could do, for so long. You could call me weak if you wanted to, but that would only prove that you don’t know me. Of course, that’s a mute point (a moo point, you know, a cow’s opinion, which means it doesn’t matter). You’d have to experience constant threats to your life to really understand, and I don’t recommend that. Kucinich has made people so angry precisely because they respect him, and by most indications, he has let us down on this seriously important issue.

    You said that you “want US to send THEM a message right back. …[you] want Dennis to vote NO.” It’s not the message that matters, because they WILL NEVER HEAR IT. Look how much you heard my extremely valuable input about diet – it could change your life and anyone else’s. But if Kucinich is of basically good intent, and if he hasn’t had his family threatened, then that is what should follow now. We should all tell him to vote NO. If that were his intent in the beginning (which I kind of doubt), it would be a great plan.

  78. Can anyone say the word “RECALL” We did it in Wisconsin, when a state senator changed his mind in the middle of the night…… Ohio wake up and start a recall petition and remove this idiot.

    Don’t wait till the next election….. But that’s good advice for the rest of the country as well.

  79. This bill isn’t about healthcare, you are right there. It’s about control.

    I have faced threats before. I’ve lost count of how many times I have had a gun held to my head, by criminals and by cops.

    I’ve been running this blog for 3 years now. Being called a disinfo agent is the least of the worst. I got death threats pretty regularly back when I was campaigning to impeach Bush and Cheney. Even more when I started a petition to replace Nancy Pelosi.

    The great David Swanson once posted my personal info on his site so his devoted followers could send me hate mail. Didn’t get much. He did that back in the days when I and others where trying to tell people Barrack Obama was a neoliberal tool of the establishment back before the election. We kinda hoped that people might opt for a third party. Guess Swanson didn’t see it that way.

    I don’t have a terminal illness, just a 13″ long DVT in my leg and I have already had two P.E.s. Don’t think I will fare too well when I have the third. Does that count?

    This is a very serious issue but this ain’t my first picnic. Dennis needs to hold his damn ground, because ultimately it’s OUR ground he’s giving up.

    do we understand each other a little better now?

    And frankly I have enough respect for Dennis’s career to rather see him go out on his feet taking a stand for his signature issue rather than crawling away on his knees like that interview on Democracy Now. Pelosi must have loved that one.

  80. willyloman,

    That’s a nice statement you made: “do we understand each other a little better now?” I think most people call that passive aggressive. I’d leave off the passive. Seriously, would you listen to someone who talks like you? Isn’t that the objective of this blog?

    No, I don’t particularly understand you any better, nor do you understand me. You do seem to consider yourself quite superior. Perhaps you are right, according to your beliefs. Big deal – I like who I am, and I have my own beliefs. It would also follow that you are no doubt more than capable of doing your own homework regarding the DVT.

  81. This is nothing new. Playing the “good cop” role, then caving “for the good of the party” has been Dennis’ role on the Democraps for years. The same sequence of events has occurred so often its amazing that anyone puts a dime’s worth of credence into his “principled stances.”

    Dennis only serves to create the illusion that there is actually a true progressive voice in the party.

  82. Lisa;

    “someone who talks like me?”… did you READ the blog up there?

    I’m fucking pissed off!

    Read what Shep has to say right there. Go ahead, read it. Cus it’s pretty accurate.

    Now you can cloud the issue and change the topic all you want; you can attack the messenger and insult people on this site… you can do whatever you want to try and water down the truth about what happened…

    … but that don’t change a goddamned thing.

    He sold us out. and that is all there is too it.

  83. […] *uck You Dennis Kucinich: What did you REALLY GET for Selling us out: The worst part of all this is the fact that this bill is just a pleasant fiction… it’s the Privitization of our entire healthcare system in a pleasant little package. Just like Dennis said the other day, this bill will be the next big step in privatizing Medicare, Medicaid, and all the rest. willyloman.wordpress.com/2010/03/17/rumor-centralkucinich-to-vote-yes-on-obamacare/ […]

  84. Watch your diet, Dennis tells us, because he thinks it’s more important to have a ‘strong’ president than to have a decent health care bill. I think he’s confusing strong with slick, though–or wants us to.

    This bill will do for sick Americans what Welfare Reform did to Americans who needed a handout, or what NAFTA and the GATT did to those who worked in manufacturing. Slick Willie ain’t got nothing on Barrack.

    Those who don’t believe it can count those he’s made homeless, or jobless, or who can’t afford to retire when they get old. What they won’t count, though, is those he’s brought home from Iraq, or the money he’s given to the bankers, or the kids he’s cheated out of an education, or the ‘changes’ he’s made.

    So, yeah, fuck Dennis, and fuck Barrack and all the Democrats who’d like us to think they’re any different than the Republicans.

    R Ap

  85. Roy;

    I couldn’t agree with you more. I just saw Grayson pimping his Medicare Buy-In bill on MSNBC.

    He was asked whether or not he understood why 77% of the people in a recent poll wanted ALL the members of congress kicked the fuck out of office… and all he could do was blame republicans for “stalling” on bills.

    He gets it. He just can’t say it.

    That’s like Kucinich struggling through his Democracy Now interview trying to explain how SOMEHOW president obama has lost the respect of progressives and democrats as a whole.

    Grayson’s Medicare Buy-in bill and the State-by-State single payer actions are all worthy ideas, but you know what… they’re NOT GOING TO SUCCEED…

    if the insurance companies have the power to sculpt this “reform” bill into a payday for them, they will NEVER allow one state or the other to pass single payer and they will NEVER allow grayson’s bill to get off the ground or to see a real vote on the floor of the House.

    Grayson’s bill has 75 co-sponsors and I PROMISE everyone here that EACH and EVERY cosponsor is a dem who is going to vote YES on that damn Senate version of the healthcare bill.

    It’s all smoke and mirrors. contrived, convoluted, pathetic, smarmy, slimy bullshit. Slimy bullshit just like NAFTA, just like that horrible Welfare Reform, just like the repeal of Glass-Steagal… slimy bullshit just like the Clinton’s “New dems” have been pulling on us for decades. Hillary Clinton just signed a 5.3 million dollar contract for crystal stemware for the embassy’s in London and else where. And TRUE TO FUCKING FORM, Hillary Clinton shipped the job OVERFUCKING SEAS….. a Swedish company I believe.

    All this while her daughter is showing off her massive diamond engagement ring her BANKER boyfriend bought her… I wonder if that ring was purchased with our bailout money given to him as a bonus?

    So yeah, you’re goddamn right…

    “fuck Dennis, and fuck Barrack and all the Democrats who’d like us to think they’re any different than the Republicans.”

  86. I worked for Dennis around here, Willy, when he ran for president. I even introduced his ‘Impeach Cheney’ resolution at the local caucus. And, it passed!–everybody in the hall was behind it.

    Somewhere between Main Street and State Street, though, it went away–and so did Dennis.

    After that happened, I worked for Ralph–worked to get him on the ballot here, then I voted for him. Not a single regret for that, either.

    Too bad I can’t say the same for having worked for Dennis.

    R Ap

  87. I know what you mean, Roy… here’s a little good news…

    hey Dennis! Look at this…

    “Like Stephen Lynch (D-MA), who emerged from his meeting with President Obama still unconvinced of the merits of the bill, and still firm in his intention to vote No:

    After emerging from a 40-minute Oval Office meeting with Obama and a White House aide, Lynch (D-South Boston) said he was not persuaded and made it official: “I am firmly a ‘no’ vote.” […]

    “The president was courteous and generous with his time,” said Lynch, noting a White House aide explained how various changes made the bill attractive. “The president asked me if there was anything he could do that I should tell him, and I told him, ‘I have been over this bill and I still wasn’t satisfied.’ ”

    that’s what “balls” means, Dennis. take note.

  88. So few seem to understand — Kucinich is controlled oppositiion. Ron Paul is controlled opposition. Alex Jones, Ventura, Icke, Rense,, etc. All these people are agents for the other side or they would be stopped.

    .The entire WEB/911 Truth Movement is a psyop from the word GO. They planned the whole thing to identify and snare the remaining living beings in the world. They had to separate the robots from the living people. The WEB, spider web was just the ticket. Without the truth movement, they would have no list of people to put in camps. Totally Owned!

  89. “some call it marxism….i call it judaism”

    i call it zionism. i call it zionism because that is what it is. i call it zionism because it is there to be seen clearly and openly. in a world arena rife with heinous lies, which beget confusion, when the truth is indicated things fall into place, which begets a clear view. when urgently searching for reasons and solutions be willing to search past your comfort zone.

    i urge all to step out of confusion. please take a look. please google ‘benjamin freedman.’ listen to his history lessons. there are several videos. please take a look at the ‘800 pound gorilla-israel did 9-11’ webpage. also illuminating is ‘judea declares war on germany.’ ‘zionism exposed hard by a real jew’ , ‘the neo-con zionist order ‘by eustace mullins, and go on from there. it cannot hurt to check it out. it cannot hurt at all.

    communism is a zionist construct. zionists perpetrated WWs I and II. they brought down germany and russia. now it is important that they do the same to the u.s. many important government posts are filled by zionists. an inordinate ratio to non-zionists. some hold dual citizenship. hungary is the most recent country to declare questioning the holocaust a crime punishable by prison time. criticizing israel and being labeled anti-semitic frightens people. there is a difference between zionists and jews. there is a difference between the talmud and the torah, between a nationality and a religion. many jews have been harmed by zionism. many jews are against zionism.

    i will end this post with a letter to help you begin your search with critical thinking skills and intuition intact. good luck and godspeed to us all. thank you.~~

    “The Jewish people as a whole will become its own Messiah. It will attain world dominion by the dissolution of other races, by the abolition of frontiers, the annihilation of monarchy and by the establishment of a world republic in which the Jews will everywhere exercise the privilege of citizenship.
    In this New World Order the children of Israel will furnish all the leaders without encountering opposition. The Governments of the different peoples forming the world republic will fall without difficulty into the hands of the Jews. It will then be possible for the Jewish rulers to abolish private property and everywhere to make use of the resources of the state.

    Thus will the promise of the Talmud be fulfilled, in which is said that when the Messianic time is come, the Jews will have all the property of the whole world in their hands.”

    -Baruch Levy, Letter to Karl Marx, apparently printed by the ‘La Revue de Paris’, page 574, June 1, 1928

  90. Last week there was a simple litmus test for progressive media.

    If they went along with the blackout of news reporting on the historic Kucinich vote in Congress to end both of our wars this year……….they are greasy in the bag shills for corporate DLC Democrats.

    If they went along with the over the top assault on Kucinich for the health care vote without any context…………they are in the bag shills for corporate DLC Democrats.

    willyloman is two for two.
    I could almost forgive him for attacking Kucinich over his health care vote, excusing him as naive or gullible. But his ZERO coverage on the Kucinich vote in Congress to end the wars is simply inexcusable.
    You are one of many skilled and talented hacks posing as a progressive willy.

    Fuck you for participating in the neocon takedown of Kucinich. Smart people can see through your lies.

  91. That’s strange, Casey (triple), I don’t remember Willy taking down Kucinich….. I remember Willy being disappointed and angry at him for giving in to Obama.. ….and telling us to be compassionate to our leaders…… Kucinich telling us that it is important for Obama to look good for the sake of his presidential term no matter how much of our lives are being reprogramed by Obama’s masters,…… no matter how many of our youth are being murdered in far off war games for the benefit of the rich. I remember being angry myself.. and disappointed…..
    Smart people ? are you one? triple Casey?
    maybe you’re trying to be a smart-ass troller… or maybe just grieving about Kucinich’s choice…… we’re all grieving about Kucinich.

  92. First you have to do is short-pile towels to your light and dark. This is to avoid the towel with a towel damage caused by fading colors with a pile of light. Second, what should you do when washing the towels, you should avoid the use of fabric softener because it can damage your towel.

  93. That is so funny, shiik, nice place to put an ad for your blog……
    yeah, all… it is just an ad. 🙂

  94. Willy and James,

    James said this,

    “…So few seem to understand — Kucinich is controlled oppositiion. Ron Paul is controlled opposition. Alex Jones, Ventura, Icke, Rense,, etc. All these people are agents for the other side or they would be stopped.

    .The entire WEB/911 Truth Movement is a psyop from the word GO. They planned the whole thing to identify and snare the remaining living beings in the world…”

    I have been like this. The place is owned, so I’ve thought, and even those who say they are for us are really secretly just shills for our enslavers. So, I have been supportive of what James has to say.

    But, I’ve thought, too, that there are little pieces of truth said even by the turncoats, and I have to be able to figure out what is truem and give those who speak it credit, even if their underlying commitments are toxic.

    I have also thought that people like Greenwald have a point. I think he is very unsympathetic to positions like James’s, the argument that the whole place is owned and there is nothing to be done. Greenwald is unwilling to say that his arguments against the criminals are futile. He’s always arguing that we have to support the ‘rule of law’ and that eventually, the forces of justice can win out. But, justice for all can’t win if people say that nothing can be done and then go and sit on their hands.

    I have listened to these arguments and, in most of them, the problem arises that there does not seem to be anything sensibvle to do about it all. Some suggest in a round about way that people have to go into the streets and burn down a few buildings. There has to be a revolution.

    I’ve thought that the owners spend a trillion dollars a year in this country just to prevent that one possibility from happening. The wars we have all over are just practice for the troops and demonstration projects to us for what would happen if there was any real effort to ‘take back the country.’

    I’ve been told that there is some hidden group of veterans all over the country readying themselves for the right moment. This sounds so tragic. If the people can be divided and put at each others throats then it would be just as easy to divide any secret group of veterans against each other.

    I don’t think anyone who has lived in this country and has been paying attention since Kennedy, at least, has to have anyone say anything to them to know that planes fall out of the sky and ‘lone nuts’ can always turn up.

    Greenwald’s argument that whether or not the bill should be passed, the fact that Progressives like Kucinich cave makes their threats to oppose some bill worth nothing. Emmanuel doesn’t have to worry about what any of the Progressives in Congress will say in the future because he knows they didn’t do anything when it came down to it this time.

    Why didn’t Kucinich hold? Was he threatened? (He didn’t have to be.) What would the point of opposition have been? Would they have been any more credible in the future if they would have held on this vote? (…Does Nader have any more credibility after he gave the election to Bush?)

    Kucinich is in the position of having to admit that begging and pleading with the owners to give their workers some more crusts of bread and to not beat them ‘SO HARD’ is futile because there’s no benefit in such mercy for them.

    Yes, Kucinich caved. Didn’t he say that his problem is that he doesn’t have the support he would need to put up a better fight? His being with Nader on Democracy Now was to point out that you can be principled like Nader but not be in a position to do anything in Congress, or you can carry the fight to Congress if you are willing to ‘pick your fights.’ Isn’t he saying the Progressives’ reach may exceed their grasp. That is, they have only enough support to complain in their way but not enough to do anything about their problems.

    I can see both Will’s response because Kucinich caved, and yet, see that Kucinich believes he’ll be there after the vote to fight another day. He thinks there’s value in that.

  95. At the moment, we are looking at 24 democratic representatives who are sticking to their guns and remain on the “NO” side.

    Without them, we would already have this totalitarian plan passed into law.

    Dennis is nowhere to be seen now. His voice is silenced.

    fuck him. support those who are STILL supporting us.

  96. Dennis knows how much damage this bill will cause, he is also smart enough to see past the “pass it now fix it later’ dogma.

    Once this monster is passed, the insurance lobby will be 10 times more powerful. You think after this year long fight, that somehow, someway, the insurance industry will “slip up” and let single payer pass somewhere?

    That’s fantasy land thinking.

    This is the fight. This is the time to beat them. and our favorite champion turned tail and ran. I don’t care why.

    In a bunker, some soldiers will jump on a live grenade to save his brothers in arms…

    … and some run out the back… live to fight another day….

    you decide what Kucinich did. I know what he did. He saved his position in the Green Zone for himself and his family.

    Am I suggesting we shoot him in the back while he runs away? No. But we should never forget. And never buy into his little hopping around pep-club rally speeches anymore. He’s just selling a product and he has exposed himself this time round. nuf said

    Others are still in the bunker with us. Let’s focus on them from now on shall we?

  97. It is unfortunate that the healthcare bill passed, but the measure was voted in and there is very little that can be done now.

    There may be some court challenges, but I doubt they will succeed. The Republican Party could win in November, but I doubt they could win both Houses to repeal the healthcare bill. Besides, President Obama would veto any attempt to repeal the program. By the time 2013 rolls around, the new President whoever that may be, would most likely be unable to do anything because the new Healthcare Program will be well underway.

    So there you have it. Each of us will have to deal with the new program as best we can.

    Remember, America is a country of the politicians, by the lobbyists, and for the special interest groups. That’s the way it been for the last 150 years.

    Now, the next major piece of legislation to come forward will be amnesty for the 10 to 12 million illegal immigrants, A higher level of legal immigration and refugees that will be allowed to come to America. A new war with Iran is probably not far off. Israel taking over the entire West Bank for expansion of Israeli settlements with America’s support. More free trade agreements. More unemployment as American companies outsource more jobs overseas.. The devaluation of the US dollar, higher interest rates, more foreclosures, more homeless people, and more financial problems facing the American people.

    Complete control of America by a just few people who will determine every aspect of our lives from the time we are born to the time we pass away. That is America’s future. I believe they call it the New World Order run by just a few people for our own good.

    Something that every American should know because Uncle Sam will definitely take care of you and you and you.

    Have a nice day.

  98. […] Watch a debate between Kucinich and Nader here; Scott Creighton amusingly berates Kucinich here. […]

  99. Kucinich vividly illustrates why voting is absolutely meaningless within the current political framework. Politicians regardless of whether they have an increasingly meaningless D or R next to their name are just marionettes of the bourgeois ruling elite and should have the names of their corporate sponsors on their jackets like NASCAR drivers have. And there is plainly no party for the working class, the working poor and the desperately poor, just two superficially different fronts for the ruling class passing themselves off as alternatives to one another.

    The only real alternative is to reject the false choice that’s put before us and instead organize ourselves. Once you’ve become enlightened it’s one’s duty to enlighten others around you. Spread the word as to what a phony set-up the American political system is and that in order to change it we will need a popular movement acting in the interests of everyone who ISN’T wealthy. Once we’re organized we then hit the elite where it hurts, in their pocketbooks. Well-organized but non-violent civil disobedience aimed at shutting down roads, rail lines, whole cities. No bloodshed intended, just peaceful people coming together in one place and refusing to be moved. Like they did in Bolivia but on a larger scale. Shut the whole country down until it is irreversibly on the path where the end goal is every baby being born into the same good opportunity in life. What they do with it is up to them but the ultimate goal of humanity has to be the same decent opportunity for success for everyone at birth.

    Progress is only possibly outside of this existing dog & pony show of a political system. Organized peaceful civil disobedience is the only route remaining for redress of grievances.

  100. possible * not possibly

  101. Everybody knows Dennis was threatened. What more do you need to see? The most principled man in American politics suddenly 180s and begins saying the opposite of everything he normally says, only this time with a frown, and the look of someone who has just had their entire life taken from them?

    Dennis has a wife and child. He also has one surviving brother after they murdered his other. What more evidence do you want? Everybody seems to be upset at Dennis for not coming forward after being threatened. Why? What difference does it make? You claim that the U.S. would rise up and tear down the White House. What bullshit! You have seen all of this before. Yet life goes on and nobody gets upset about anything.

    If you are waiting for someone to go on multibillion dollar cable networks and announce to you the dirty underworld of global power structures you will be waiting a very long time. But if you want to lift the rock and look at all the crawling bugs you just have to follow your heart and look at what people have been saying for years and it will reveal to you clear enough the real picture of the world you live in.

    I know Dennis had his life and his family’s life threatened. You know it too. So what more do you want?

    Also, it easy to be brave when you are facing your own martyrdom, but what right does he have to martyr his own family or friends? What man can make THAT decision?

    Sadly, this is how the world is run.

  102. to Dave Davidson, I think this blog turns over a lot of rocks and reveals the uglist bugs possible…. as does many bloggs on the net.
    And Dennis probably was threatened and I do feel remorse for him being put in that position. I also feel angry… when he urged people to listen and stand opposed with him… he must have known it might come down to the ‘famous plane conference’…… he knows this power structure better than any of us. Had he not put any protection plans in place? How does he know WE would not have burned the White House down if he had made public that his family had been threatened? He didn’t know. Maybe he decided he didn’t want to be a cause for true rebellion… maybe he thought the ‘cost’ would be too high. I don’t know.
    No one knows because he will not say …. he did say strange things… at least coming from his mouth…..
    I sort of wish I had not destroyed my bumper sticker.. I could have taken it off and kept it……
    If Dennis ran for president, I would be wobbley on voting for him. would he destroy the heath bill? And could I believe him? Would he put Bush in jail? Would he stop the wars? What does he stand for now….
    I hope he is well…… and I wish him no harm, but I still feel unsure of him. So what do I matter? I don’t. And that is what he has said…..

  103. This piece of SHIT Dennis should be tried for treason. FUCK YOU to hell Dennis may you rot. FUCK it all. We are gonna take back this country from you bought off pussy dumdass es in Congress. You fucking Pussy.

  104. Man, you are a fucking idiot. How about ‘progress.’ No the bill wasn’t great, but that’s all we’re going to get for now. You think when we freed the slaves or gave women the vote it was all peachy? No it takes time. Dennis is an idealist like his supporters, but you can’t dog the money people, they are going to get theirs. Do what you can and that’s all. There’s a reason he or Paul will never be president. At least there is some progress made here. Is it a bailout? Yes, but it’s the only way.

  105. i need fuck you hell the probleming not unable unacceptable stoped my ssi and medicare is not unable be covering to approvaling my the doctor ordered the electric scooter fucker in the problemed to me ever again go to the fuck you hell you are mother fucker to you hell.fuck my ssi benefit fuck my medicare you fuck me i fuck you hell.fuck aloha to fuck mahalo.this honolulu.hawaii

  106. JFK a hero? He is a war criminal.

  107. you’re right. he approved the use of napalm and agent orange and expanded the police action in Vietnam, a client state of the U.S. so you are correct.

  108. […] for life? Tough. That’s what happens when you work your asses off to support the moderate “Obama agenda“. Why not get Arianna and Stewart to do another “Everything is Just Fine… for Some of Us” […]

  109. Aaanh … the US already *has* a completely privatized healthcare system? If you want relief for the working stiff, get behind a single-payor public insurance system. Like civilized countries have.

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