Why Doesn’t Dr. Jones Test for Explosive Residues in that Dust?

by Scott Creighton

Maybe Dr. Steven Jones (Jones refused to test for residual traces of commonly used high explosives just like NIST, FEMA, RJ LEE, NIST again, and the 911 Commission Report) can’t test for traces of high explosives in that Ground Zero dust because he doesn’t have any of it left?

"They keep giving us this stuff..."

Nope. That’s not it. He seems to have enough right there in his hand to run 10 tests.

Maybe there is no way to test for high explosive residues in dust samples?

Hey, there's a test kit now. That wasn't hard to find.

Nope. That’s not it. You can buy these certified test kits used by criminal investigation teams all day long on the “internets”.

Maybe Dr. Jones is just down right lazy or maybe he is too busy looking into his new tectonic plate weapons to bother with this?

These guys have all kinds of time to run tests, Dr. Jones.

You think Dr. Jones has enough time to put a sample in a box? Maybe he could get one of his volunteers to do it. Leeder Consunting can not only tell you what kind of explosive was used, but how long it has been since the bomb went off and even maybe who manufactured the explosive. Wouldn’t that kind of info be helpful to the Truth movement Dr. Jones?

Or do you think maybe we are better off looking into earthquake weapons now, Dr. Jones?

Maybe Dr. Jones is spending too much time listening to Jim Hoffman’s old partner, Gregg Roberts, on this subject. This is what Gregg Roberts had to say about testing when Jones got him involved in my discussion with him.

However, our detractors could be counted on to do their best to use a negative result against us for P.R. purposes. They would say that we have a non-scientific belief, since a negative outcome from an experiment fails to shake it.    Thus, the potential costs of doing what you’re proposing and coming up empty-handed, or worse, must be considered.”  Gregg Roberts 2008

Let’s see? We aren’t going to run a critical test that could help prove the towers were brought down in a controlled demolition because… we might not like the outcome?  Is that what the Truth movement is about, Dr. Jones? Is that the scientific process?

Oddly enough, Gregg Roberts attended a panel discussion in 2009, where he answered an audience members question by stating that he and others have been trying to get the government to test for explosive residues in the WTC dust.

Question: I was having a conversation with someone in the military who uses thermite when they enter doors and things. And that thermite doesn’t create and explosion. it just creates a bright light and instant melting, so is that because of air pressure that caused the explosions after the thermite went off or is there another reason?

Gregg Roberts: I wouldn’t say that thermite caused blasts, I would say that would have to have been (unintelligable)… other than explosives which the government has refused to test for (the same way Roberts refused to test for them?)… it would seem to make sence to do those tests when you can see things are shattered…”  Panel Discussion on 911

hmmmm. Gregg Roberts says it’s pretty obvious that other high explosives were used, and he calls out the U.S. government for not running those tests… the same tests he refused to run when I asked them to over a year before? hmmmm….

Tell you what, Dr. Jones… why don’t you hand that dust over to Richard Gage or David Ray Griffin. Ask Gregg Roberts for permission first, then get it over to one of them.

I bet they have time to send it out to get tested or run the tests themselves.

Why don’t you do that, Dr. Jones, and go on and study your earthquake weapon with Judy Wood. We’ll let you know how it turns out.

2 Responses

  1. What makes you think David Ray Griffin would want to have anything tested? He hasn’t shown much interest in seeking professional opinions when asserting that voice morphing was used to fake phone calls. Why should he suddenly be interested in testing for explosives?

  2. If he is not, we will find somone else.

    It’s been said many times before recently, one person doesn’t make or break this movement. That applies to Jones and Griffin alike.

    Since all the “official” investigations have refused to run these tests, I would think that would be a great place to start.

    I have already tried to explain that to Jones and Roberts to no avail. Till Griffin takes the same position as them, I suggest we give him the benefit of the doubt.

    Gage would also be someone to contact.

    Or better still, how about some grass roots activists in New York?

    That’s the beauty of this… we don’t need a “leader” to do it for us.

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