Harvard Fellow calls for genocidal measure to curb Palestinian births

The Electronic Intifada

A fellow at Harvard University’s Weatherhead Center for International Affairs, Martin Kramer, has called for “the West” to take measures to curb the births of Palestinians, a proposal that appears to meet the international legal definition of a call for genocide.

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The Chemist’s War

Chicago Tribune editorialized in 1927: “Normally, no American government would engage in such business. … It is only in the curious fanaticism of Prohibition that any means, however barbarous, are considered justified.”

“The government knows it is not stopping drinking by putting poison in alcohol, yet it continues its poisoning processes…”

The little-told story of how the U.S. government poisoned alcohol during Prohibition with deadly consequences.

by Deborah Blum, Slate

It was Christmas Eve 1926, the streets aglitter with snow and lights, when the man afraid of Santa Claus stumbled into the emergency room at New York City’s Bellevue Hospital. He was flushed, gasping with fear: Santa Claus, he kept telling the nurses, was just behind him, wielding a baseball bat.

Before hospital staff realized how sick he was—the alcohol-induced hallucination was just a symptom—the man died. So did another holiday partygoer. And another. As dusk fell on Christmas, the hospital staff tallied up more than 60 people made desperately ill by alcohol and eight dead from it. Within the next two days, yet another 23 people died in the city from celebrating the season.

Doctors were accustomed to alcohol poisoning by then, the routine of life in the Prohibition era. The bootlegged whiskies and so-called gins often made people sick. The liquor produced in hidden stills frequently came tainted with metals and other impurities. But this outbreak was bizarrely different. The deaths, as investigators would shortly realize, came courtesy of the U.S. government.

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Video:AE 9/11 Truth Press Conference Ending – February 19, 2010 – Steven Jones on “Engineered” Earthquakes and the “New World Order”

by Scott Creighton

You can’t find this video at the AE911Truth website link. They broke up their video into two parts and the one they have doesn’t show the end.  So I had to find it at JREF. Seems JREF can stand a little more “truth” sometimes than we can… at least when it’s something like this (It appears from comments on the page this video is on that some of those JREFers can’t seem to understand how neoliberal free market economic hitment have been working their well documented magic in Latin American countries and all over the world for the past 5 decades).  It’s sad when a “truth” group deliberately hides it’s dirty unmentionables. Personally Richard, I think the average Truth advocate can handle it.

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News of the Day – Feb. 22, 2010

In a time of budget cuts, yacht sales sail through untaxed in Missouri – “Cash-strapped legislators have recommended spending cuts for Missouri schools and shelters for battered women, but so far the yachting class can enjoy another season of clear sailing.”

US super-rich get five times more income than in 1995 – “The incomes of the very rich in the US grew phenomenally between 1992 and 2007, while their tax rates plummeted, according to recently uncovered IRS statistics.”

HAITI: Private Contractors ‘Like Vultures Coming to Grab the Loot’ – “Critics are concerned that private military contractors are positioning themselves at the centre of an emerging “shock doctrine” for earthquake-ravaged Haiti.”

Boycott FedEx –  “Obama, entranced with power and prestige, is more interested in courting the elite than saving the disenfranchised. The president, when asked to name a business executive he admires, cited Frederick Smith of FedEx, although Smith is a union-busting Republican. Smith, who was a member of Yale’s secret Skull & Bones Society along with George W. Bush, served as John McCain’s finance chair.” “Smith does think in the long term. His company lavished money on members of Congress in 1996 so they would vote for an ad hoc change in the law banning the Teamsters Union from organizing workers at Federal Express.”

Tracy Residents Now Have To Pay For 911 Calls – “But there are a couple of options. Residents can pay a $48 voluntary fee for the year which allows them to call 9-1-1 as many times as necessary. Or, there’s the option of not signing up for the annual fee. Instead, they will be charged $300 if they make a call for help.”