Crazy Rulers of the World – Men Who Stare at Goats

by Scott Creighton

Prominently featured in this 2004 film, is Maj. Gen. Albert Stubblebine, first person listed on Patriots Question 9/11 Truth and the guy in this program who, while in command of 16,000 men in the army, used to run face first into walls because he thought he could find a way to pass through them. He thought he could “psychic” his way through them (something about manipulating his atomic structure… I guess he should have tried it naked). His is the first interview of this, the first part of Jon Ronson’s 3 part series “Crazy Rulers of the World”.

The whole “Jedi warriors” thing was based on Jim Channon’s report that detailed what he called “1st Earth Battalion“. It was kind of new-age hippy version of war making. Makes for funny movies with George Clooney and all, but in reality, you would be surprized to know just how many of the 125 suggestions listed in Channons manual have been implemented by the U.S. army. Though “remote viewing” got it’s start in Russia and China a bit earlier, it ended up being incorporated in this research under the 20 million dollar “Stargate” project.  Well, it went bust in 1995, but it’s “stars” couldn’t help themselves and they went out into the private sector and held seminars for profits supposedly teaching people this stuff.

Two of those seminar attendees (Courtney Brown and Prudence Calabrese  (she has also dabbled in “remote healing” apparently, guess she didn’t do enough damage with Hale-Bopp)), who ended up “teaching” seminars themselves after a whopping one week of training, had a radio show appearance on the Art Bell show and they told his listeners that some kind of object was flying in the tail of the Hale-Bopp comet. They said they had discovered it by “remote viewing” and that it was definitely heading this way.

To the people of the Heavens Gate cult, that was all they needed to hear. The sign they had been waiting for was upon them. So 39 of them killed themselves when the Hale-Bopp comet passed by the planet.

Prudence Calabrese is the founder and Director of TransDimensional Systems, which provides information solutions to government, corporations and individuals using an array of alternative and paranormal services including remote viewing, knosomatics, intuitive counseling, technology transfer, consciousness mapping, physical profiling and other techniques. She has trained hundreds of students.

One of the more positive off-shoots of Remote Viewing is the specialized use of the protocols and techniques collectively called: Remote Healing.

Prudence will give a lecture with hands-on examples and practice on how to use Remote Viewing skills and training to perform Remote Diagnosis and Healing  Prudence Calabrese website

For a fee, one of the people responsible for the Heavens Gate horror will diagnosis and heal you, over the phone. She can’t do any damage like that, can she?

Prudence talks about the Hale-Bopp incident in this series of videos. Prudence also suggests that “remote viewing” may be in use now looking for “terrorists”. She apparently felt bad about the effect her bullshit had on some people. But of course, she was attending another Remote Viewing seminar and get together when the reporter found her for the first interview. So she must only have felt “bad” about it when someone made her think about it.

This is part one of “The Men Who Stare at Goats”… you can find all the rest at YouTube. The story I related to you about Hale-Bopp can be found in the third part of the series, Psychic Foot Soldiers.

Steven Jones “Speculating” the Haiti Earthquake was Man Made?

by Scott Creighton

***UPDATE*** This has provided longtime LIHOPY HARPY Jon Gold with all the justification he needs to turn his back on even more evidence in our arsenal and the issue of controlled demolition altogether. Forget Richard Gage, forget all that other stuff, Steven Jones believes in earthquake guns… so the Muslims MUST have done it!

Jones’ actions mean nothing to me. I just won’t promote him anymore or any Controlled Demolition advocates anymore. It’s really that simple.

He was wrong to play with the VERY thin thread of credibility the 9/11 Truth cause has left after years of having to deal with proponents of “batshit crazy” theories. He was wrong, and I’m simply not going to promote CD anymore. At all …  Jon Gold

“If I can’t be the captain,I’m taking my ball and going home.” JG  .  There you go, Jon. That’s a what a real independent investigator does. Nice work (you too Steven, nice work) by the way, I found a link to that comment at… Screwloosechange… see how this shit works?


9/11 disinfo guru Gregg Roberts’s (started off as Jim Hoffman’s partner  (heres a little background on Jim “the evil Muslims did it” Hoffman) and he refused to test for explosive residue in ground Zero Dust) boy Steven (“it’s thermite, no it’s thermate, no it’s superthermite, no it’s nanothermite, no it was hyperbaric thermetic bombs, no… it’s an electric match, one hundred tons worth of unexploded electric matches“) Jones gave an improvised address yesterday at the AE911Truth press conference luncheon that took everyone by surprize when he started addressing the idea of the Haiti earthquake being a man-made event.

(Keep in mind that Steven Jones had connections with Los Alamos National Laboratory, he was on the payroll of the Department of Energy for years, and was a professor at an institution whose president had meetings with Cheney and Bush during their administration. This same institution supposedly forced Jones into retirement because of a paper he posted dealing with 9/11, but for some reason, the two co-authors of this new “nanothermite” paper who work at BYU… are still employed by BYU. Go figure.) 

If Jones wants to speculate about man-made earthquakes as part of some new world order plot to capture the world’s oil supplies, he should say so elsewhere and refrain from sticking it up the 911 Truth Movement’s arse. dearth

Truth activists are understandably upset, the same way I was upset with Dr. Jones when he refused to test for residual traces of high explosives in his famous four samples of Ground Zero dust. Maybe people should start noticing a pattern developing here.

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Chossudovsky: US Will Start WW3 by Attacking Iran

Israel urges world: Immediately impose sanctions on Iran

US lawmaker urges Iranian gasoline blockade – “The vision of the world in which I don’t think we should embrace is one in which the national security of the West, and especially our allies in Israel, depends on a hope that the IRGC (Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps) does not transfer nuclear weapons to Hezbollah,” the Republican congressman from Illinois told the Chicago Council on Global Affairs.

Iranian opposition demoralized after failed protests at revolution’s anniversary – The greedy business class in Iran have failed in their attempt to gin up support for their fake “Green Revolution”. All they wanted was a regime change which would allow the imposition of the neoliberal structural reforms on the middle and working classes, and the opening up of the regulated markets in Iran. That’s all they wanted, just to cripple the people of Iran by letting the globalist bankers in the front door. They failed because the vast majority of the Iranian people saw through their bullshit. They didn’t want another Shah of Iran to be installed who serves the western oil companies and rules with a deathsquad. “”It’s all over,” said the student, a young woman in a sleek black dress. “Our only option is to leave the country.”

Ayatollah Khamenei: Iran will never seek atomic bombs – “And there never will be, according to Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei, who reiterated today that Iran will never seek atomic weapons, insisting that as weapons of genocide they are haram (religiously banned) in the Islamic Republic.”