Nigeria security forces kill ‘unarmed civilians’

(This is what is happening in Nigeria, the country where Umar Fizzlepant’s father is one of the wealthiest bankers and is also connected to the national intelligence offices. This is how upstart revolutions are dealt with in the New World Order, this is how they deal with people who are tired of being used as slaves. Imagine what Hillary Clinton and all the war-crazy Neocons would be doing right now if this film came out of Iran. But since Nigeria is already part of the global network of interconnected for-profit central bankers (globalization) this is completely ignored by our MSM.)

Reports of extrajudicial killings by Nigerian security forces circulated widely in the aftermath of clashes last year between the police and members of Boko Haram, a group that called for the enforcement of Islamic law, or sharia, across Nigeria.

Now Al Jazeera has obtained exclusive footage that appears to show Nigerian security forces ordering a number of people to lie in the road and then shooting them at close range.

Human rights groups allege that many of those killed following the clashes were unarmed civilians.

The footage obtained by Al Jazeera would appear to confirm those accusations.

Mike Hanna has this exclusive report.

Warning: The video contains images that may disturb or offend some viewers.

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Did you know?

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The “shock doctrine” for Haiti

by Ashley Smith, Socialist Worker

One month after the devastating earthquake, Haiti continues to suffer under apocalyptic conditions.

The quake killed more than 200,000 people, injured 250,000 and has left over 3 million dependent on assistance for food, water and housing. Contrary to the puff pieces in the media, the relief operation has been a miserable failure. The United Nations admitted at the end of January that had only been able to feed 1 million people, leaving many more without access to food. Whole sections of Port-au-Prince and surrounding towns never even saw relief convoys.

Amid this catastrophe, imperial powers and corporate vultures are circling, eyeing the profits to be made from reconstruction.

The Street, an investment Web site, published an article, misleadingly titled “An Opportunity to Heal Haiti,” that lays out how U.S. corporations can cash in on the catastrophe. “Here are some companies,” they write, “that could potentially benefit: General Electric, Caterpillar, Deere, Fluor, Jacobs Engineering.”

Other commentators–like James Dobbins, a former U.S. special envoy to Haiti under President Bill Clinton–likewise see an opportunity to remake Haiti along free market lines. As he wrote in the New York Times, “This disaster is an opportunity to accelerate oft-delayed reforms.” As director of the International Security and Defense Policy Center at the Rand Corporation, the reforms he advocates are not designed to meet people’s needs, but to pad corporate profits through mechanisms like privatization.

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