Globalization 101

This video has it all. From a European Union meeting… globalization, the IMF, structural reforms, banking reforms, undemocratic passage of laws, ending “protectionist” trade barriors world-wide, the World Bank, … this video has it all and it’s coming right from the center of the European Union. It’s all in there folks. Enjoy.

An IMF that doesn’t just “react” to crisis but prevents them. That means they get to go in ANYWHERE they want and do ANYTHING they want. World dictatorship by the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.

Now watch this guy try to explain the democratic process to these globalists and get compared to  a monkey in a tree for doing it.

Iran’s Neoliberal Green Revolution is Over – Send in the Dogs of War

by Scott Creighton

There’s a good article on WSWS about a new development within the leadership of Iran’s neoliberal PR campaign aka the “Green Revolution”. The big three are playing kiss and make up with the legitimate leadership of Iran. Curious timing, wouldn’t you say? This past October, 5  Republican Guard leaders and 37 others were killed by a suicide bomber in southern Iran. The attack has been claimed by the Jundallah terrorists in Iran who are working for “regime change”. Robert Baer gives us a little insight into Jundallah. 

A former Central Intelligence Agency officer has confirmed US’ relations with the terrorist group Jundullah, despite the CIA knowing that the group has close links with the al-Qaeda. PressTv 

A former Jundullah member said this; 

US officials have repeatedly confirmed that the government has secretly encouraged and advised Jundallah as it fights the Iranian government. But Rigi insisted the US ties went well beyond encouragement. 

Not long after severing its ties with al-Qaeda, the group started a relationship with the United States government. 

That fact has never been disputed, indeed Rigi insisted that five years ago when the relationship began the US government gave the group $100,000 and promised to provide it with “everything we needed.” He also claimed that the US was directing the group’s attacks, saying “they told us whom to shoot and whom not to. All orders came from them.” AntiWar

The CIA and other pro-neoliberal elements of the US have had their hand in stirring the Iranian pot for some time now. But it looks like they failed. The “color revolution” in Iran like the “Orange Revolution” before it, was a complete contrivance by the regime-change “centrist” war-mongers here in America. Staged hangings, attacks on Iranian police, fraudulent “tweets” coming out of other countries… it was all a fraud aided by a very small group of people within Iran who wanted to bring neoliberal free-market reforms to Iran and it failed. The ad agencies PR war was a flop. So I guess there is only one course left to take; send in the dogs of war.

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Firefighters Clash with Police Over Privatization of Emergency Services in Spain – Welcome to the New World Order

“Fire-fighters and emergency service workers are left injured in clashes with police in Northern Spain during a protest against privatization of the emergency services.”