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A Truth Advocate Reviews Jesse Ventura’s “Conspiracy Theory – 9/11”

by Scott Creighton

1. “Something” isn’t always better than “nothing

Jesse Ventura’s new show on Trutv recently delved into the topic of the 9/11 Truth advocacy movement with less than favorable results.  Well, less than favorable for real Truth Advocates and citizen investigators like myself who have spent years researching and pouring though all kinds of officially released information from the RJ Lee study to NIST’s Building 7 report, technical diagrams, NTSB reports, collapse rate calculations, eye-witness reports, standard demolition procedures, and even some deliberate hogwash thrown in for distraction. For those of us who have actually WORKED to come to this conclusion reluctantly in an informed manner, Jesse Ventura’s “Conspiracy Theory – 9/11” is not just a slap in the face, but it’s a knife in the back that spends ALL of its precious prime time doing everything it can to undermine our credibility.

For Jesse and his crew of “investigators” (his “staff” consists of nothing more than a group of producers from various tv shows, though Jesse and the show lists them as “investigative journalists” not a single one has a background in investigation or journalism for that matter) the show was a raving success.  They were able to smear the credibility of the Truth Movement while at the same time being hailed by another fake Truth advocate as “Groundbreaking 9/11 research”.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.

This is not about ego nor is it about someone not doing the research that I “feel” they should have done. It’s about credibility; our credibility.  Jesse Ventura took a big time pay-check to deliberately and with full intent of purpose,  piss all over our collective credibility before retreating back to his comfortable beach house in Mexico.  No one could have put together a 9/11 Truth primer for mass consumption that bad, filled with that many gold digging flakes, by accident.  No one could have presented our side of the story that weakly unless they did so on purpose.  It’s impossible.  Theres too much REAL evidence out there that Jesse not only didn’t include in his production, but he didn’t even mention in passing.  Instead, he paraded flawed and downright contemptuous opportunists as if they were the base of our years of investigations and then did his level best to even further undermine their minimal credibility as the show progressed.

Jesse’s work must be listed with all the other examples of yellow journalism designed to undermine the credibility of the Truth movement.

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