Just a Reminder: Condi Rice (formerly of Chevron) had Afghanistan Invasion Plans Finalized 2 Days Before 9/11

by Scott Creighton

More Pipelines

Condi Rice (formerly of Chevron) had Afghanistan Invasion Plans Finalized 2 Days Before 9/11 and those plans just HAPPENED to include the “turn over bin Laden or we attack” ultimatum. The plans were used in the attack following Sept. 11th 2001.

The document, a formal National Security Presidential Directive, amounted to a “game plan to remove al-Qaida from the face of the earth,” one of the sources told NBC News’ Jim Miklaszewski.

The plan dealt with all aspects of a war against al-Qaida, ranging from diplomatic initiatives to military operations in Afghanistan, the sources said on condition of anonymity.

In many respects, the directive, as described to NBC News, outlined essentially the same war plan that the White House, the CIA and the Pentagon put into action after the Sept. 11 attacks. The administration most likely was able to respond so quickly to the attacks because it simply had to pull the plans “off the shelf,” Miklaszewski said.  MSNBC May 2002

Those terrorists just have the WORST TIMING, don’t they?

or maybe not… in June and July of 2001, Unocal and UN/US officials were meeting with the Taliban in order to get them to allow a pipeline to be built through their country. The only sticking point was that the investors wanted US troops on the ground to protect their investment and the Taliban flat out refused. As we now know, the pipeline project has been restarted and it’s being built just as it was originally designed. And a former Unocal lobbyist and consultant, Zalmay Khalilzed, became the US Ambassador to Afghanistan in 2003.

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The FBI Says This “Ball-Bomber” is Proof that Obama Was Right to Kill Innocent Civilians In Yemen

by Scott Creighton

***UPDATE*** Chris Floyd has also noticed the convenient timing of this new “terrorist attack” that wasn’t… Instant Karma: New US War Target Gets Its Own Terror Icon

***UPDATE2*** “The facts are still emerging, but there are strong suggestions of a Yemen-Al Qaeda connection and an intent to blow up the plane over U.S. airspace,” Representative Jane Harman, a California Democrat who leads the House Homeland Security subcommittee on intelligence, said in a statement.”  New York Times  (I mention below that the connection being fabricated between this guy and the Yemenis and domestic terrorists is a ham-handed effort to get the Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007  passed in the US Senate. Well, Jane Harman just HAPPENS to have been the sponsor of that bill.)


Right on time, right after the Peace Prize President’s attempt to assasignate Anwar al-Awlaki, the controversial cleric who communicated with Ft. Hood shooting suspect Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, this new “terror” attack has connections not only to Yemen, but possibly right back to the same guy President Obama tried to kill.  And apparently, the “ball bomber” (as I like to call him) was “radicalized” … wait for it… via THE INTERNET…. guess we had better hurry up and let Joe Lieberman pass that “Homegrown Terrorist” bill of his.

According to the authorities, Abdulmutallab says he made contact via the internet with a radical imam in Yemen who then connected him with al-Qaeda leaders in a village north of the country’s capital, Sanaa.

Authorities say they do not yet know if the imam was the same one who was in contact with Maj. Nidal Hasan prior to his alleged attack on soldiers at Fort Hood last month. American-born Anwar Awlaki has lived in Yemen since 2002 and is considered a major recruiter for al-Qaeda by U.S. authorities. He survived a U.S.-backed air strike earlier this week.  ABC

This whole story comes to us from our good friends at the FBI.  We believe everything they tell these days, don’t we? God knows, they wouldn’t LIE to us, would they?  Apparently the only thing the guy could blow up was his own balls.

Abdulmutallab suffered second-degree burns in his genital area, investigators told ABC News.  ABC

And these are the same guys who were supposed to have brought down 3 buildings with 2 planes and poked a big hole in the side of the Pentagon without getting shot down by its anti-aircraft defense systems?  Yeah right.  But, here they go, using this latest development to justify even more draconian measures in America. 

And talk about bad timing for the terrorists and great timing for a U.S. president (just like under the Bush administration… what a coincidence). Just as soon as it’s coming out that President Obama is using US forces to kill people IN YET ANOTHER COUNTRY… along comes this loser AND LO AND BEHOLD… he just HAPPENS to have gotten the “bomb” from al-Qaeda in that very same country Obama is killing people in.

Wow. What timing huh?

9/11 Truth: the Challenge to the Peace Movement

Part 1 of 4

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Cutter Charges Identified in the Critical Corners of WTC

“Small explosive ejections focused on a corner column of WTC1 (The North Tower of the World Trade Center) are evidence of cutter charges used to cut the corner columns. One of these occurs at the 98th floor at the onset of the demolition of the building. The other occurs lower in the building at the instant the column enters free fall.”