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A “Victory” for Obamacare, A Bloody Shame for Working Women

by Scott Creighton  

Obamacare Abortion Plan for the Poor

 That darn neoliberal corporate media is at it again. 

Just one day after President Obama’s stellar failure (and childishly pouty speech) at the Copenhagen Climate summit, the media is flooded with headlines that profess a “healthcare victory” is imminent for Obama’s support group in the senate.  

Any good news for the glorious leader is better nothing I suppose.  

But hold on… all this “good news” is based on the fact that  one single member (just one vote!) of the Senate New Democrat Coalition has finally stopped holding his breath and stamping his feet; Sen. Ben Nelson.  Ben Nelson is aligned with Joe Lieberman, John Kerry, and Debbie Wasserman Schultz in what is called the New Democrat Coalition. It’s a group of neoliberal globalist democrats in congress funded by the Democrat Leadership Council. Hillary Clinton was a member of the senate coalition while she was in congress.  

 Nelson, D-Neb., said he made his decision after winning fresh concessions to limit the availability of abortions in insurance sold in newly created exchanges, as well as tens of million in federal Medicaid funds for his home state.  ABC News

Ben Nelson’s “holdout” over the healthcare bill was based on the fact that there might be an abortion or two performed for some young woman who, silly her, thinks she still has a right to determine her own fate.  Apparently Ben Nelson thinks that if some over-worked and under-paid woman receives a partial subsidy from the government to help pay for her MANDATORY health insurance plan, she all of a sudden doesn’t have a right to decide she wants an abortion. Roe v Wade be damned.  

That gave Nelson enormous leverage as he pressed for concessions that included stronger restrictions on abortions to be covered by insurance policies offered in a newly overhauled health care systemMSNBC

And the democrats in the senate are just as pleased as punch to make YET ANOTHER concession on the matter just so long as they get a vote (one single vote) and a warm and fuzzy Christmas victory for Barak the magnanimous.

 “Anyone who is in the exchange who also gets a federal subsidy because they’re poor, if they choose a private insurance policy and want any kind of abortion coverage, they have to write that part of the premium from their own personal funds,” the Florida senator said.  CNN

I wonder how many botched backroom coat hanger abortions that vote will cost?  Well, someone has to pay for all this “pragmatism”.  The people at Planned Parenthood have issued a statement.

“Planned Parenthood strongly opposes the new abortion language offered by Senator Ben Nelson in the manager’s amendment. Last week, the Senate rejected harsh restrictions on abortion coverage, and it is a sad day when women’s health is traded away for one vote…. it is highly unlikely that insurance companies will be willing to follow such an administratively cumbersome system, leaving tens of millions of women without abortion coverage.”  Planned Parenthood

Ah, I know what you’re thinking and don’t worry about it… Obama’s daughters won’t be effected by all this. They’ll be just fine.  They’re rich… they have a right to decide what happens to their own bodies and their own futures.  So call Oprah and tell her not to worry… wealthy people still have rights in America. 

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DLC/New Dem Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz Gets Hammered When She Tries to Sell Obamacare on National Television

by Scott Creighton

I don’t really know much about Dylan Ratigan, the host of the show, but this video is well worth watching as neoliberal Democratic Leadership Council member Debbie Wasserman Schultz gets raked over the coals as she tries her best to sell the insurance bailout bill (aka Obamacare) to the people of America.  Needless to say, Ratigan wasn’t buying. When he tries to get Schultz to explain why the insurance company stocks are up all across the board, in some cases as much as 12%, Schultz hems and haws as if she can’t understand the simply concept that they are up because future earnings are expected to rise because of the healthcare bill. Ratigan also points out that while Dems are patting themselves on the back for “getting millions of Americans covered”, what they have done in fact is force poor, underemployed workers, by the millions, to buy something from a clearly broken system, buy rule of law, and that is nothing to be proud of.  He says the bill itself is not “consumer friendly” as Schultz would have us believe, but rather, it is clearly “industry centric” as it only really looks out for the interests of the insurance industry and THAT is why their stocks are taking off. 

See the video after the break. The interview with her starts around the 1 minute mark. More info on Wasserman and her DLC team-mates as well.

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