Matthews Trashes Netroots and thereby Exposes his Own

by Scott Creighton

Listen to Chris Mathews denigrate liberals who don’t support the Obamacare health insurance industry bailout bill.  He’s “worried” if people like us vote because to him we are not “regular grown up Democrats.  A lot of these people are trouble makers who like to sit in the back seat and complain. They are not interested in governing this country. They never ran for office, they are never interested in working for someone who ran for office. They get their giggles sitting in the back seat and bitching.”

Howard Dean not only ran for the office of the president, but he was a governor, Lt. Governor, in the Vermont House of Representatives,  and led the Democratic Party for years as it’s Chairman. How does he factor into Chris “Man Crush on Bush’s Cod Piece” Mathew’s equation?

But Mr. Mathews has always been a shill for the powerful elite in this country. I guess that is why he is so willing to go out of his way to help alienate a large percentage of American voters…

A new poll suggests that voters are not pleased by the idea of health insurance mandates without a public option or a Medicare expansion.

Conducted by Research 2000 for the Progressive Change Campaign Committee (PCCC) and Democracy for America (DFA), the survey finds only 33 percent of likely voters favor a health care bill that does not include a public health insurance option and does not expand Medicare, but does require all Americans to get health insurance. Slightly more Democrats — 37 percent — favor the idea, while only 30 percent of Republicans and 31 percent of independents do.

Meanwhile, if the public option and Medicare buy-in are added, 58 percent of people support the idea. The number of Republican supporters drops to 22 percent, but independent support rises to 57 percent and Democratic support to a whopping 88 percent.  HuffPo

These poll numbers aren’t even close and certainly not just limited to just the “netroots” types either.  Of Democrats alone, there is a 51% drop in those who support the passage of the Obamacare bill when it is devoid of a viable Public Option and no Medicare buy-in plan.  These numbers are extremely significant, all across the board, but certainly one can easily glean from them that it’s not just the netroots liberals who are opposed to this, but it’s also the “grown up Democrats” as well.

“This poll shows voters in full-blown revolt against the Senate bill,” said PCCC co-founder Stephanie Taylor. “Only one-third of voters support mandates without a public option, while nearly two-thirds want the public option and Medicare expansion. This will be a disaster of epic proportions for Democrats in 2010 if it’s not fixed — fast.”  HuffPo

Once again, Chris Mathews proves to the political world that he has his finger on the pulse of absolutely nothing.  Just like when he supported the Iraq War, just like when he supported the Surge in Iraq, Mathews proves again he doesn’t know the first thing about politics. All he knows how to do is cash the checks from his ex-war profiteering bosses.

Obama, Is Preparing for War in South America – Interview with Eva Golinger

(In South and Central America, there is a revolution taking place. It is a revolution of ideas, of democracy, of human rights and the dignity of each and every person. It’s called the Bolivarian Revolution and it is taking hold in other nations and spreading like a whispered dream. Honduras was about to join when their business class elites, combined with help from the United States, decided to prevent the referendum for the new constitution by illegally overthrowing the elected president and then locking the nation down till their fraudulent elections could be marketed as proof of a return to a democratic stability.  Soon, if he is allowed to continue on his neoliberal free-market, full-spectrum dominance path, President Obama and his globalist administration will have no choice but to invade and crush the free peoples of Venezuela. I wrote yesterday in a comment that in order for their “new world order” to work, there can be no successful “third way”, no other form of social democracy which stands as an example of a better way of life. So unless Obama begins to meet with the same resistance that was heaped upon the equally aggressive neoliberal Bush administration, this thriving democracy in Venezuela will be the next target of regime change.)

“The rise of Barack Obama neutralized a growing sentiment for profound change inside the US. Hopefully, the slowdown in US activism will only be temporary.”

by Mike Whitney, Information Clearinghouse

The US media is very critical of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. He’s frequently denounced as “anti-American”, a “leftist strongman”, and a dictator. Can you briefly summarize some of the positive social, economic and judicial changes for which Chavez is mainly responsible?

Eva Golinger—-The first and foremost important achievement during the Chávez administration is the 1999 Constitution, which, although not written nor decreed by Chávez himself, was created through his vision of change for Venezuela. The 1999 Constitution was, in fact, drafted – written – by the people of Venezuela in one of the most participatory examples of nation building, and then was ratified through popular national referendum by 75% of Venezuelans. The 1999 Constitution is one of the most advanced in the world in the area of human rights. It guarantees the rights to housing, education, healthcare, food, indigenous lands, languages, women’s rights, worker’s rights, living wages and a whole host of other rights that few other countries recognize on a national level. My favorite right in the Venezuelan Constitution is the right to a dignified life. That pretty much sums up all the others. Laws to implement these rights began to surface in 2001, with land reform, oil industry redistribution, tax laws and the creation of more than a dozen social programs – called missions – dedicated to addressing the basic needs of Venezuela’s poor majority. In 2003, the first missions were directed at education and healthcare. Within two years, illiteracy was eradicated in the country and Venezuela was certified by UNESCO as a nation free of illiteracy. This was done with the help of a successful Cuban literacy program called “Yo si puedo” (Yes I can). Further educational missions were created to provide free universal education from primary to doctoral levels throughout the country. Today, Venezuela’s population is much more educated than before, and adults who previously had no high school education now are encouraged to not only go through a secondary school program, but also university and graduate school.

The healthcare program, called “Barrio Adentro”, has not only provided preventive healthcare to all Venezuelans – many who never had access to a doctor before – but also has guaranteed universal, free access to medical attention at the most advanced levels. MRIs, heart surgery, lab work, cancer treatments, are all provided free of cost to anyone (including foreigners) in need. Some of the most modern clinics, diagnostic treatment centers and hospitals have been built in the past five years under this program, placing Venezuela at the forefront of medical technology.

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