American Grandson of Anti-Defamation League Director and Fake Al-Qaeda Spokesman Offers Condolences for “Innocent Victims”

by Scott Creighton 

Al-Qaeda Lite?

Just in time to help turn the tide of public resentment rising against the president for his pro-Bush Doctrine speech and its accompanying “surge” in the illegal occupation of Afghanistan (the “Right War”), out of the woodwork pops Adam Gadahn (aka Azzam the American aka Adam Pearlman) offering his condolences for the families of the innocent victims killed in all their attacks.

Well, I guess that cinches it. Obama was right all along. Boy, do I have egg on my face.

You might remember Adam from his 75 minute “We Gonna Get You! Boo!” video he released in late October 2004… coincidentally that was right before Bush’s “We Gonna Save You! Yippie!” re-election campaign.  Talk about your “October Surprise”. 

Adam Gadahn, also known as Azzam the American, appeared in a 17-minute video released on Islamist online forums late Friday, offering condolences to the families of innocent people killed in al Qaeda attacks. CNN 

The al Qaeda member is an American-born Muslim convert who has released video and audio statements in the past. 

Al Qaeda uses Gadahn to issue messages to a wider and English-speaking audience. His whereabouts are unknown.  CNN 

In late October 2004, ABC News broadcast a 75-minute videotape of a man who identified himself as “Azzam the American” threatening the United States with terrorist attacks.[12] After the network played excerpts of the video someone from one of Gadahn’s mosques told law enforcement officials that he believed the man in the video was Gadahn  Wiki

I’d say they should start looking in South Miami maybe. Perhaps in his grandfather’s basement. Maybe selling “X” at the next rave? Perhaps selling fake Israeli art student paintings made in China?  I bet he wouldn’t REALLY be that hard to find…

Talk about bad timing… Adam must be the worst Al-Qaeda spokesman in their history.

It’s All About Globalization, Stupid. WTFU

by Scott Creighton

(***UPDATE*** check out “Protesting to be Slaves” at Kenny’s Sideshow. Great protesting pandas picture (new gig for “Sexual Harassment Panda” perhaps?)  and a link to another good article on the subject.)

Cap and trade is just another derivatives scam created by bankers and the financial elite. The carbon credits market which will be the hub for the new fraudulent derivatives scam will be based in Chicago and it is fitting that it is since the entire neoliberal “free-market” ideology started with Milton Friedman and his Chicago School economic model.  The remarkable levels of human suffering already recorded by the implementation of these “liberal reforms” are well documented. These “liberal reforms” are never accepted by the general population of the societies they pillage and they always brought in under some level of “disaster”. Hence the term “disaster capitalism”.

Though the earths temperature may be warming and the polar bears may be dying, the fact is, we don’t know the full extent of CO2’s contribution to the problem, much less man-made CO2. In fact, even among the scientists there is still much to debate. 

But that isn’t the process the globalists are working on. They’re not looking for the facts.  Instead, they are looking to close the debate with catch-phrases and childish ad hominem attacks (just like the Bush administration did right after 9/11…”you’re either with us or you are with the terrorists”), then quickly use the situation to advance their greedy agenda before anyone is the wiser, by forcing developing nations to either accept their IMF and World Bank loans to “fix” the problem (and all the neoliberal free-trade open markets conditions that come with them) or to risk being considered “green terrorist states” (and just wait in line for the unilateral regime change invasion force that is bound to be on the horizon). 

You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. And what I mean by that is an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.”  Rahm Emanuel

Here’s how the scam works: poorer nations, developing nations like those in the newly formed G77, will be forced to reduce carbon emissions (which on it’s own merits, reducing these emissions is CERTAINLY a good idea). The technology to do this is expensive.  Companies like GE (of MSNBC fame) and Halliburton, Bechtel and others stand to profit from those contracts. The poorer nations can’t afford the technology all at once, so along comes the IMF and the World Bank to “loan” the money (money they get from all the new taxes) to these nations to buy and install these technologies. The WTO says they can’t be provided at reduced rates, and the IMF and World Bank will then implement their neoliberal “reform” packages on the nations that get the loans.  The markets are opened to international corporations and banking/financial institutions,  their economic protections are deregulated immediately causing catastrophic consequences for local industry, the nationalist healthcare systems are looted and the insurance companies move in with new mandatory health insurance laws for the general population, and they end up selling off public assets for pennies on the dollar as fast as the internationals can write the checks.

And the “progressives” cheer that they have saved the world.  Get the picture?

Billionaire George Soros has suggested that poorer nations be persuaded to take on what he describes as “green loans” in the name of combating climate change, a policy that would land the already cripplingly poor third world with even more debt, payable to globalist institutions such as the IMF

The IMF and the World Bank are organizations that have made a habit out of looting poorer countries with crippling loans that cannot be paid back, forcing such countries to hand over their entire infrastructure to globalist loan sharks.

Two men who have exposed this monumental scam for what it is are former World Bank chief economists John Perkins and Joseph Stiglitz in their respective works Confessions of an Economic Hit Man and Globalization and Its Discontents.

In what amounts to little more than modern day colonialism, debt forgiveness requires countries to sell their health, education, electric, water and other public services to globalist corporations. Such “structural adjustment conditionalities” have led to massive cuts to health and education budgets in the third world.

Poorer countries have also had to discontinue subsidies and trade restrictions that support local business and development.

The long and short of it is that poorer countries continue to be politically neutralized and socially and economically dismembered by such policies.

Soros’ latest proposal ties the whole sorry state of affairs up with a large green ribbon.

As we reported earlier this week, the implementation of policies arising out of fraudulent fearmongering and biased studies on global warming is already devastating the third world.

In addition, the leaked Copenhagen text that emerged earlier this week highlighted the fact that developed nations are planning to take on less of a burden than anticipated and that more would be demanded of poorer countries despite the fact that any further cuts in CO2 emissions will further cripple their flimsy economies and poverty-stricken people.

The leaked paper revealed that funds from climate financing, originally allocated to go to the UN and then be doled out piecemeal to third world nations, would instead be paid directly into the coffers of the World Bank and IMF.

The draft agreement would allow people in developed countries to emit twice as much carbon per head than those in poorer countries, who have not caused the rise in emissions said to be threatening our existence on the planet. The revelations have led third world leaders to accuse the developed world of “climate colonialism.”  Steve Watson

Once this accord is struck, the IMF and World Bank won’t have to wait for the occurence of localized natural disasters and they won’t have to spend millions of dollars and years of covert “economic hitman” type groundwork in targeted nations.  They will have a GLOBAL MANDATE to go anywhere they wish and force their mergers and acquisitions type looting “reforms” on EVERY SINGLE NATION in the world. “integration”, as the president of the WTO puts it, will be inevitable.  “You will be assimilated”. 

Some nations are already seeing the dark hand behind the benevolent climate change movement. They are rising up to resist what they know is a globalist agenda at world financial domination.

But if Obama’s recent “pro-Bush Doctrine” speech at the Peace Prize ceremony is any indication, we can fully expect the self-serving liberal support of his inevitable unilateral “regime change” jaunts into various “green terrorist” nations to curb their unacceptable polar bear killing excessive carbon footprints.

No need for false flag operations, no need to blow up citizens in Miami like the Operation Northwoods document suggested… no, all they have to do is show a picture of a factory in some “protectionist” country next to a picture of a dead polar bear and the “progressives’ will guide the drones themselves during coffee breaks at the local PTA meetings.

Then, once the climate fluctuation shifts (if the climategate emails are any indication, that may have already started) and the earth starts its cooling cycle, they can then pat themselves on the back and have all the “evidence” they need to continue their globalist policies with a “we saved the planet” mandate. That is why speed is of the essence. That is why they had to “fix” the recorded temperatures and then destroy the data. As the world spins on, their window of opportunity, their agenda credibility, gets smaller and smaller.

But these people don’t give a shit about polar bears and they don’t give a shit about people, like say the billion or so starving right now as we “save the world” with all our corporate farms producing corn to put in your gas tanks.

These people care about money and power.  It’s all about globalization, stupid. WTFU.