Anthrax War and the Peace Prize Winner

by Scott Creighton

As the Peace Prize winner ranted on about how wonderful and necessary it is to continue the Bush Doctrine of pre-emptive, unilateral, elective warfare for “preventative” reasons against nations that “might” someday pose a threat of some kind (existential maybe?) or not, his administration had just refused to sign on to the Land Mine Ban treaty ensuring another couple years with the indiscriminate killers and at least a few more limbless children.

But as disturbingly ironic as that is, it’s actually the “feel good” story the week when compared with another little political development that took place.

You see, the Peace Prize winning Obama administration also refused to support UN Weapons inspections of biological warfare labs all across the world. It would seem that Obama doesn’t want UN weapons inspectors looking at our biological weapons programs?  Now who does that sound like?  I wonder why that is.

 “While the United States remains concerned about state-sponsored biological warfare and proliferation, we are equally, if not more concerned, about an act of bioterrorism, due to the increased access to advances in the life sciences,” she added, stressing the importance of bolstering the treaty.

However, the new US administration is still against an additional protocol that would authorize international inspections of biological weapons sites.

The Obama Administration will not seek to revive negotiations on a verification protocol to the Convention,” said Tauscher.

“We have carefully reviewed previous efforts to develop a verification protocol and have determined that a legally binding protocol would not achieve meaningful verification or greater security,” she added.

At BWC talks in 2001, the Bush administration scuttled negotiations for such a protocol, saying that intrusive checks could compromise US security and trade secrets.  Global Research

Here’s a great film called Anthrax War. It’s about the biological warfare industry. 

See if you can wrap your head around this: after the anthrax attacks of Sept. 2001, and we now know that the anthrax came from a strain created in our labs and probably weaponized in one of our labs, instead of cranking down on all of these labs and creating more oversight in the production and studying of these deadly materials, they actually used the attacks to justify MORE PRIVATE CONTRACTOR LABS to do more work with the weaponised anthrax. 

$50 billion was poured into the industry of biological weapons as a result of the anthrax attacks. Much of it to private contractors with little or no oversight.

The justification of these programs is the following: they work to produce the most horrendous viral weapons they can think of, because they figure “the terrorists” just MIGHT do it as well, then they figure out how to create an antivirus or something to counter it (Kinda like the Cipro doses given to members of the Bush administration prior to the anthrax attacks?).  Well, I don’t know how many multimillion dollar labs they have in the caves in Afghanistan (guess they got plenty of room since those “command bunkers” that Colin Powell described to the UN didn’t exist) but my guess is, not many.  So what exactly is the purpose of all these private contractors creating horrific viral weapons at the tax-payers expense?

And now, the Obama administration wishes to keep UN inspectors from looking at what these PRIVATE CONTRACTORS are actually doing with these biological weapons. The same administration that seems to have embraced the Bush Doctrine of pre-emptive, first strike warfare? As the film points out, millions of our troops have already been given anthrax vaccines and we have hundreds of companies, at the cost of billions of dollars, doing work with weaponized anthrax that our White House doesn’t want the UN to inspect?  Under the new pre-emptive warfare doctrine, when does defensive bioweapons research turn into offensive bioweapons production?  What kinds of warning signs are there?  Have we already missed them?

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Senate Tweaks Away Your Healthcare

by Donna Smith, Common Dreams

As my grandmother used to say, “I was born on a weekend but not last weekend.” The latest insult to Americans hungry for a bit of healthcare justice for all comes from the news that the Senate health bill now allows insurance companies to place annual limits on payments for some catastrophic illnesses, like cancer.

Surprise, surprise, surprise.  Another day. Another lie uncovered in the process. Another piece of this reform bill that favors the for-profit health insurance industry.

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