Tread Carefully Congressmen… The Terrorists Are Still Out There

by Scott Creighton

It is said that the road to hell is paved with good intentions.  Dennis Kucinich would be wise to remember that.

The congressman from Ohio is valiantly working to attempt to use the war powers act to end the illegal occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan.  He is going to submit two resolutions as soon as congress comes back in January that will set this plan of his into motion.  In all likelihood, the Rahm Emanuel/Hillary Clinton dominated DLCers of the congress will strike them both down with little fanfare from the corporate media.  However, like his impeachment resolution in 2007, there is a possibility that the antiwar faction of the right (yes, it’s small but it does exist) and some of the most exposed democrats facing re-election next year, may just be enough to garner Kucinich’s bills some traction. If he hooks up with the Ron Paul movement in the House, which has gained a considerable measure of strength with his “Audit the Fed” bill,  Kucinich may just have enough juice early in the election cycle of 2010 to actually make a game out of this.

But if our “terrorist” history is any indication, that might not be the safest thing for the American people.

Funny as it is, “the terrorists” always seem to strike when it is the most politically advantageous for the imperialists in the White House whether they are republican or democrat.  Odd how that works, ain’t it?

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