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Correcting The Presidents Mistakes…

Oh yeah, as far as that “surge” speech of Obama’s goes…. Hillary Clinton and Robert Gates are appearing on Meet the Press this morning, as well as many other Sunday propaganda shows,  to help sell the idea, but the first thing they are going to do is to “correct” some of the statements Obama made:

We’re not really after the people who attacked us on 9/11 since there has been no intel on bin Laden for years… and there are less than 100 al-Qaeda types actually in Afghanistan… (not that they attacked us anyway)

The United States does not know where al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden is hiding and has not had any good intelligence on his whereabouts in “years,” Defense Secretary Robert Gates said Saturday.  MSNBC

And of course, we aren’t really leaving in 18 months, anymore than we are leaving Iraq now…

We’re not talking about an exit strategy or a drop dead deadline. What we are talking about is an “assessment” that, uh, in January 2011, we can begin a “transition“.  A “transition” to hand off responsibility to Afghan forces…”  Hillary Clinton

We will have a 100 thousand troops there, and they ARE NOT LEAVING in July of 2011.  Some small number, a HANDFULL or some SMALL NUMBER will begin to withdraw at that time…”  Robert Gates

Trickle-Up Economics

by Paul Craig Roberts, Global Research

Goldman Sachs senior executives are arming themselves with New York gun permits, according to Alice Schroeder on Bloomberg.com. The banksters “are now equipped to defend themselves if there is a populist uprising against the bank.”

One can understand why the banksters are worried. The company, now known as Gold Sachs, has a large responsibility for the financial crisis and the fraudulent “securities” that wrecked the world economy and Americans’ pensions. A former Gold Sachs CEO had control of the U.S. Treasury during the Bush regime, from which he diverted $750 billion to bail out the banks, thus supplying them with free capital. Gold Sachs made $27,000 million during the first three quarters of 2009 and is paying out massive bonuses, leaving the busted taxpayers with the debt and interest charges.

Little wonder the U.S. can’t afford health care for the uninsured and unemployed. It is far more important to finance multimillion-dollar bonuses for investment bankers. I mean, what would we do without capitalism?

Of course, it is not really capitalism. It is an oligarchy or a financial plutocracy.

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Af-Pak War Racket: The Obama Illusion Comes Crashing Down

by David Degraw, Global Research 

As Obama announced plans for escalating the war effort, it has become clear that the Obama Illusion has taken yet another horrifying turn. Before explaining how the Af-Pak surge is a direct attack on the US public, let’s peer through the illusion and look at the reality of the situation.

Now that the much despised George W. Bush is out of the way and a more popular figurehead is doing PR for Dick Cheney’s right-hand military leader Gen. Stanley McChrystal, who is leading his second AF-Pak surge now, and with long time Bush family confidant Robert Gates still running the Defense Department, the masters of war have never had it so good.

Barack Obama, the anti-war candidate, has proven to be a perfect decoy for the military industrial complex. Consider all the opposition and bad press Bush received when he announced the surge in Iraq. Then consider this:

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