Now Look who’s doing their best to take over for Richard Gage At AE911Truth

These guys are compelling, huh? Just simply captivating.  And so well informed. They couldn’t be more obvious if they were getting paid by their defense contractor friends TOO be more obvious.

Why doesn’t someone in these meetings ask Dwain Deets about all his contacts with the military contractors who make the drone aircrafts?

What exactly do you think would happen to those BILLION dollar contracts if the Global War on Terror were to be cancelled?

You think maybe it would be worth it to those contractors to try and “control the story” as long as it prevented the truth about 9/11 from coming out?

Worth thinking about isn’t it?

***UPDATE*** – White House OKs wider use of Pakistan drones – Expanded C.I.A. program parallels U.S. move to boost Afghan troop levels

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Food for Thought

Neoliberal Child Support

Former Labor Secretary Robert Reich Confirms Permianent Destruction of Jobs in America As Per Plan

from Washington’s Blog

The basic assumption that jobs will eventually return when the economy recovers is probably wrong. Some jobs will come back, of course. But the reality that no one wants to talk about is a structural change in the economy that’s been going on for years but which the Great Recession has dramatically accelerated.  Washington’s Blog

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Senator Moves to Hold Up Bernanke Confirmation

by Edmund Andrews, NYT

Senator Bernard Sanders of Vermont said on Wednesday that he would try to block the Senate from confirming Ben S. Bernanke to a second term as chairman of the Federal Reserve.

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Obama administration backtracks on Afghanistan withdrawal date

by Patrick Martin, WSWS

The July, 2011 date for beginning a withdrawal of US forces in Afghanistan, announced by President Obama in his speech to West Point military cadets Tuesday night, is neither irreversible nor even a deadline, top US national security officials said Wednesday.

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