Flight 77 Cockpit Door Never Opened? UPDATED - Disinfo Agent Jon Gold Attacks

***UPDATE 2***There is a question as to whether or not this data is even recorded on the B757-2 type aircraft. The B757-3 does, but maybe not the B757-2. Flight 77 was a B757-2.

***UPDATE*** Well, that didn’t take long. I wondered in the following article just how long it would take the disinformation specialist Jon Gold to start to “poo-poo” this new information. True to form, Jon Gold is shitting all over it already.

“Of this document lists the “mandatory parameters” for the FDAU (Flight Data Acquisition Unit) which “receives various discrete, analog and digital parameters from a number of sensors and avionic systems and then routes them to a flight data recorder (FDR) and, if installed, to a Quick Access Recorder (QAR).” I don’t see anything about the cockpit door. I could be wrong. This document from the NTSB regarding Flight 77 says “the Digital Flight Data Acquisition Unit (DFDAU) provides a means of gathering, conditioning, and converting flight data parameters to digital data. In this aircraft, the DFDAU function is performed by the SSFDR (Solid State Flight Data Recorder).” On page 6, it lists the “Parameters Plotted,” and I don’t see anything about a Flight Deck Door. On page 10, it starts listing “Parameters Not Working Or Unconfirmed,” and then on page 13, it does list “FLT DECK DOOR.” However, I don’t know if what is being presented here is accurate anyway. As of right now, this is a “claim.” Good question.  Disinfo Agent Jon Gold

Gold’s twisted logic is remarkable. “I don’t see any mention of the door”, “I don’t see any mention of the door”, “ok, here’s a mention of the door, but it looks like it is wrong…”

Gold is a “LIHOP” supporter meaning they Let It Happen On Purpose. What he won’t tell you is that “LIHOP” is the default fallback position of the globalists who planned 911. You see, with LIHOP they can blame Bush, Cheney, Rice, Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld, Silverstein and others, but the important thing is that the myth of the “islamo fascists” attacking us remains intact. That way they can maintain the all important Global War on Terror.

And that is what Jon Gold brings to the table.



Pilots for 911 Truth is reporting a new development in the study of the Flight Data recorder information they received from the NTSB. Looks like there is a sensor on the flight deck door that records when it is opened and closed. According to researchers in Australia and confirmed by Pilots for 911 Truth, the cockpit door was never opened during the flight. That means that no hijackers could have gotten into the flight deck and hijacked the plane.  The implications for this are varied. If correct, it either means that the analysts that created the fraudulent flight data recorder were so worried about getting the flight path correct that they forgot to work in the technicalities for the actual hijacking, or it means that something else took over that flight (like say a remote piloting system). Either way, if correct, it opens up a lot of avenues for investigation. Can’t wait to see how long it takes Jon Gold and his ilk to start attacking this one.

 The following is from the story on Pilots for 911 Truth;

(PilotsFor911Truth.org) - Newly decoded data provided by an independent researcher and computer programmer from Australia exposes alarming evidence that the reported hijacking aboard American Airlines Flight 77 was impossible to have existed. A data parameter labeled “FLT DECK DOOR”, cross checks with previously decoded data obtained by Pilots For 9/11 Truth from the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) through the Freedom Of Information Act.

On the morning of September 11, 2001, American Airlines Flight 77 departed Dulles International Airport bound for Los Angeles at 8:20 am Eastern Time. According to reports and data, a hijacking took place between 08:50:54 and 08:54:11[1] in which the hijackers allegedly crashed the aircraft into the Pentagon at 09:37:45. Reported by CNN, according to Ted Olson, wife Barbara Olson had called him from the reported flight stating, “…all passengers and flight personnel, including the pilots, were herded to the back of the plane by armed hijackers…”[2]. However, according to Flight Data provided by the NTSB, the Flight Deck Door was never opened in flight. How were the hijackers able to gain access to the cockpit, remove the pilots, and navigate the aircraft to the Pentagon if the Flight Deck Door remained closed?[3]

14 Responses

  1. amazing!

  2. will,

    I am reminded of some scene in a recent Bond movie where he is confronted by a surveillance camera on the top of a wall. In order to get by the camera he places a picture of the scene in front of the camera, thereby hiding his jump over the wall.

    So, why the front door never opens? It was part of a background scene setting picture. In the foreground the programmers placed all the stuff they wanted people who would find the box to discover.

    It may be that everything on the box recorder is planted…

  3. So Steven, you are implying that the programmers wanted people to find out the plane was mobile flown?

  4. Jan,

    What does tha rest of the data show? Does the whole of it support a hijacking scenario? I am not clear what that data show. I assumed tha it was all about the official story…

  5. Hmmm

    Here is concrete evidence that the “official” story for flight 77 if WRONG! This was the single largest “terrorist” attack in our nations history. And yet….. not one single peep about this in the main stream media, anywhere? Instead at precisely the same time (amazing coincidence bye the way) we have “CLIMATEGATE”. So first we have the physical proof that nano-thermite was used to explode the towers and now this. These are both, easily verifiable FACTS. FACTS bye the way that are irrefutable. Of course this is precisely why the media and the governement won’t go anywhere near them.
    When are the American people going to wake up?

  6. Steven, the official story reports that hijackers opened the cockpit door (after take off) and over took the pilots……. the evidence now proves that that door was never opened after take off. So, we don’t know if pilots were actually aboard….. we do know the hijackers (if they were there) had no control of the plane.

  7. There are other possibilities…

    The sensor was malfunctioning, or the people making this claim are wrong about the data… also, some might say that if the door was forced open violently the sensor in the locking mechanism wouldn’t trip since the lock was never disengaged.

    Of course, if the data is correct and the above possibilities can be ruled out, then what we have is prove of one of two things: the “hijackers” didn’t take control of the plane.. or this black box recording is completely fraudulent (or both).

    Will have to wait and see what develops from further study of the data.

    But any way you look at it, the Official Conspiracy Theory got a little weaker.

  8. steve

    “It may be that everything on the box recorder is planted…”

    when you factor in all the other problems with the official story of Flight 77, I think this is the most logical possibility of all.

    Consider the fact that Pilots for 911 Truth was founded by some pilots who, after plotting out the flight path of Flight 77 from the black box data and discovering that it didn’t fit the official story, I think this new data pretty much confirms that conclusion.

  9. I think that it is common knowledge here at AE that 911 was just another false flag.And how long can this discussion go on,10 maybe 20 years. By no means am I saying to stop with all of the new and latest info but to me it just seems like a lot of talk and no action. What do we do next,getting the general public involved is one way. But we are fighting against the controlled media and they have all the power. And justice can only exist between parties of equal power.

    Just rambling

  10. yes, for those in the know these “updates” and “exclusive new evidence” articles that float around these ‘no action’ sites aren’t worth discussing….

    this cockpit door flight 77 may last a day or so — get some people increased web traffic for a day — then it’s back to the same ol’ same ol’…

    on flight 77 — wouldn’t we start with there is ZERO evidence of any labeled parts from this flight for ANY public review? the NTSB never put the plane back together - it as all FBI controlled / covered up…

    there was info a year or so ago about flight status and finding in original FAA logs that flight 77 wasn’t even scheduled to fly that day..

    the bottom line - on all these flights- we lack any deep evidence that any of these flights, and ESPECIALLY flight 77 — existed. period.

    so it’s a bit of a leap here to talk about a cockpit door because it’s conjecture being that:
    - zero cross check on plane parts to flight 77
    - flight 77 went off radar halfway across the US and it’s “assumed” it’s the one that hit the pentagon
    - olson’s call has been proven FALSE by the FBI themselves during the trial of ____ can’t remember his name — many out there know this.
    - the crime scene photos of the pentagon are clearly psy-op photos — the crinkled grey/red plane part in the foreground (famous shot) — completely staged.

    I think the bottom line is the pentagon is a honey pot — and just sucks people in —- many may get loud and red discussing it - but these little “branches” of discussion ignore the fact that the deeper “roots” of the Flight 77 are a complete mystery. It’s interesting how many of us gleam over alot of info to debate to death things like “flight cockpit doors closed” — if there’s hope out there that this does anything — then we’re in trouble…

    They love it when we jump from the public displayed demolitions to those “wacky mystery planes”. We clearly haven’t given THEM enough credit for how they can pull planes out of their hat - inject them into the narrative - and we follow along - like a magician pulls out a rabbit….

    deeper discussion of this is pure distraction and wheel spinning only.
    BUT - the very type of “updates” 911 blogger and the like love to keep reinflating and sending aloft for people to follow…. new balloon boys…

  11. This is the Best Program ever broadcasted on MSM Last friday on 9-11.

    If you are interested on 9/11 you should take a look at this CBC - UNOFFICIAL STORY.

    Richard Gage, David Ray Griffin were allow to speak freely on CANADIAN TV:

    For the first time ever building 7 was long exposed as a controlled demolition

  12. All you guys (& gals) forget one impt fact. Flight deck doors were optional until AFTER 911 - when they were made mandatory!! There may have been no door at all. If you’re going to bark, bark up the right tree. Geez, don’t take minutae fly speck and try and create a story around it 🙂 We all know it was an inside job, and until there is a real criminal investigation everyone is batting about innuendo and hearsay trying to score base hits. Instead you’re getting foul balls. Think with your heads folks, not your spinal columns.

    • Why would you have a sensor with no door?

      • Hi Jim, this is an old thread.. 🙂 but from what little I know…. most commercial passenger planes did have some sort of door… then… sort of flimsy ones compared to ones now…. and then some times the pilots left the door open during parts of flights… also some doors were no more than a folding curtain…. small planes with less than 20 seats still don’t have doors (most of them)…
        so maybe that plane had a door or maybe it didn’t…. if it did not… reporting that it did not get opened would not be a lie… you can’t open something that is not there… 🙂

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