CODE PINK: Women FOR the Occupation of Afghanistan

by Scott Creighton

The Global War on Sexism? 

code pink imageThe Obama administration has ruled out any troop reduction in Afghanistan after a Tuesday meeting with 30 lawmakers from congress. 

That should suit Medea Benjamin of CODE PINK just fine.  Apparently she has returned from a trip to the Green Zone of Afghanistan with a slightly less than “antiwar” message for the people of America. 

Yet another example of how infectious Obama’s fraudulent “compromise” propaganda really is.

President Barack Obama will not consider any reduction in the US military commitment in Afghanistan, White House and congressional officials declared after a three-hour meeting at the White House Tuesday between Obama and more than 30 congressmen and senators, both Republicans and Democrats.  WSWS

Obama's handiwork. Go America!

Obama's handiwork. Go America!

The “No more war” movement is “off the table” in DC according to the new report out by Patrick Martin of the World Socialist Website. 

Now all that is left is to figure out how many U.S. sons and daughters will be shipped off to the killing fields of Pipelanistan.

More drones? Of course. More collateral damage? Why not.  After all, these kids blew up the Twin Towers… right?  RIGHT!  (Oh, no, wait… I mean they “collapsed”. wink wink)

But while Obama and the Clintonistacrew were setting those silly “elected officials” straight with regard to what is best for the people of America (ie. “compromise” with the war mongering right and left), we can at least rest assured that the antiwar movement is working hard to get our young men and women out of Afghanistan and putting an end to the illegal and brutal occupation.

I mean… we CAN assume that… right?

“I do think that we have thrown ourselves into this quagmire and we’ve got to extricate ourselves in a way that is as responsible as possible.”

 … what I’m saying is that I did feel a palpable fear among many of the women that they don’t want the Taliban to take over again.”  Benjamin

Wrong again. 

Yes, Medea Benjamin of the formerly antiwar group CODE PINK (well, that is, they WERE strongly opposed to killing and maiming innocent civilians while George Bush was doing it but now SOMETHING seems to be different about it now that Obama and Hillary are in charge) is now advocating FOR a continued U.S. occupation of Afghanistan.  Yes, you read that right.  No bones about it.  No “ifs, ands, or buts”.

Real Antiwar protesters... for contrast

Real Antiwar protesters... for contrast

In an excellent interview with Benjamin, Antiwar’s Scott Horton doesn’t cut her any slack about this new, pro-occupation position. 

Horton  exposing the root of Benjamin’s positional shift, which is basically that Benjamin went to Afghanistan, she never left the safety of the occupied Green Zone (yet she claims to be speaking for “the women of Afghanistan” having never gotten out into the country to meet the VAST majority of the women of that nation), she met with several women who are aligned with the corrupt Obama puppet regime in Kabul, and now she is afraid that when we leave that country and end our brutal illegal occupation, her new friends in Kabul will lose their grip on their new-found power as the Taliban regains control.

Quite a remarkable justification for the continuation of an illegal occupation of another nation: they should treat women better because we say so.

But at least she doesn’t just use the Obama/Clinton propaganda lines like “we need a responsible exit strategy” to justify it.   No, Benjamin, when pressed, actually had to resort to the same kinds of cliched bullshit that spewed from the mouths of the former administration officials: “Afghanistan will become a safe haven for Al Qaeda“.  any propaganda “port in a storm”, I suppose.

Horton:… wasn’t Code Pink’s argument about Iraq not “We have to leave responsibly but we’ve got to get the hell out of there because staying there is irresponsible“?

Benjamin: Yeah, in the case of Iraq I think it was a little bit different. It was absolutely clear our troops should never been there beginning and you didn’t have a Taliban like government…

Horton:Yeah, but I mean Bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri escaped eight years ago. They haven’t been in Afghanistan for eight years.

Benjamin: But you do have the Taliban in Afghanistan and you have…

Horton: Yeah, but what did the Taliban ever do?

Benjamin: Well the Taliban…

Horton: To us.

Benjamin: Huh?

Horton: What did they ever do to the United States?

Benjamin: Well see, if your perspective is just from the United States. My perspective is also from what they did to the women of Afghanistan. But if your perspective is truly from the United States, what people say is that if we allow the Taliban to take over Afghanistan then that will be a safe haven for Al Qaeda.

Neocon talking points from the head of CODE PINK in order to justify the continued occupation of Afghanistan. 

Believe it or not,  there it is.

Well, Medea will get what she wants.  The Obama administration is signalling that they, once again, don’t give a rat’s ass about what the vast MAJORITY of the American people want, and they are determined to stay in Afghanistan. 

So now, according to CODE PINK, the Obama/Clintonista regime can continue to bomb, torture, and rendition the sexism out of Afghanistan.  And that should make CODE PINK very happy.

Now that is  “CHANGE” you can “BELIEVE” in.

15 Responses

  1. It has appeared to me for a long time that Code Pink is controlled opposition and this latest stance by them seems to confirm it.

    How else could they always get by with their stunts when regular people would most likely have been sent to jail?

    I think there are some good folks in the local Pink groups and wondering if they will go along with the leadership on this one?

    Their funding is suspect and haven’t they always steered clear of the 9/11 issue?

  2. I think they are controlled opposition.

    They have been sliding away from their antiwar stance ever since Obama won the nomination, just like MoveOn and too many others.

    However, I don’t think ANY of the antiwar movement groups actually support the Truth Movement, not in public anyway. Many feel they would lose credibility and therefore their visability if they did.

    If you know of some antiwar groups that do support the Truth movement, I would love to hear about them. It’s a shame too, because we all know there is no surer or faster way to end the illegal imperial wars of aggression than to expose the fraud at the base of them all.

    I guess that is why so much time and effort has been spent on corrupting the Truth movement from within.

  3. South Dakota ANSWER called for a lunch-hour protest yesterday (1:00 to 2:00 PM) on the 8th Anniversary of the Afghan War. I drove over a 100 miles to get there. There were 4 of us showed up.

    Well, it was a week day, and a work day–for those who still have jobs, that is. But it was on a busy corner, featuring a busy Barnes and Noble, and several busy fast food stops–all with parking lots.

    Anyway, they’re going to try it again on the 24th–see what they can get out on a weekend.

    And, Medea–well, her’s reminds me of some of those voices I heard over at ADS: It don’t hurt if it’s Obama doing it.

    R Ap

  4. They are pulling a david swanson … so is adam kokesh …

  5. He came back from campaining in china for his seat in congress saying 911 truth is bunk

  6. And that he does not support the truth movement ….

  7. I went right over to his facebook page and called him on it … he wouldnt say shit

  8. Instead three other people attacked me with that “how dare you” crap “adams done alot for us and you have the nerve” ..,

  9. fucking right i have the nerve 🙂

  10. My response after a page of those three jerking eachother off … i didnt ask you guys …

  11. They shut thier holes faster then shyam sunder cashed his check … still no response from war hero kokesh … im not surprised

  12. Strange, JD, how some rethink their thinking when they want to run for Congress, or when they get famous–almost as strange as the news out of Oslo this AM.

    Speaking of strange, out there on the NW corner of 41st and Louise Wednesday and a couple pulled out of the Barnes and Noble lot. The guy honked and the gal held up their brand new Glen Beck book for us to see. She had a such a sassy grin on her face, we had to grin back.

    R Ap

  13. Well, as the leader of CodePinkBellingham, I will not follow national on this one. For these reasons:

    1) There is no national interest in fighting the Taliban; that fight ended when they no longer provided sanctuary for Bin Laden. Being there now is an excuse for something else.

    2) If protecting women from from their oppressors through war is a national interest, then we have a whole lot of nations to start warring with.

    3) The Sharia Law the Taliban support is now the national law of Afghanistan; put in place with Karzai’s approval. All Afghani women can be legally abused at will. So protect the women from the Taliban? Get real.

    You bobbled this one Medea, I hope you have the moxy to admit it.

  14. code pink is nazi, mystic bs. [edit for offensive slur]., please. why do they hide that they are taking you ip upon submission….na na your name is ok, B.

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