If You Don’t Like Team DLC Obama™ Brand’s Neoliberal, Corporatist Policies… You’re a Racist

by Scott Creighton

What we are watching now in the healthcare debate is just deplorable, bottom of the barrel, desperation muck-raking politics of the absolute worst kind.  And I am talking about what is coming from the White House and their “progressive” minions.  It is the EXACT same thing as when someone who is critical of ultraconservative “Likudesque” policies of Israel is accused of being anti-Semitic in an attempt to shame them into silence.

First we are building “security walls” throughout Iraq and setting up “check-points” just like in Gaza and the West Bank… now our “progressive” liberals are shouting down dissenters with the charge of “racist”… pulled right out of thin air.

It’s not enough to say that there are SERIOUS problems with this administration’s healthcare reform bill and that they have good reason to rush it through congress just as fast as they can before anyone figures that out.  Remember the  TARP bill, anyone?

John Nichols of The Nation magazine (not what you would call a “conservative rag” by any means) recently wrote about Team DLC Obama™ Brand’s Cheney-like secrecy when it comes to the White House visitors log and all the meetings with insurance company lobbyists, insiders, and CEOs.

“So what should we make of the news that the Obama administration is now refusing to release White House visitor logs that detail meetings between members of the new administration and health-care industry insiders?” Nichols

The insurance industry is pumping big bucks into congress right now centered around the key players in this legislation; not on the side opposed, but on the side that is pushing the bill through congress.

In the “debate” over health care, key figures on congressional committees are being bankrolled by health insurers, while representatives of hospitals and the pharmaceutical industry are being consulted at White House meetings.”  Randell

“Big Pharma” just announced that they too will spend millions in an advertising campaign… SUPPORTING the passage of the healthcare reform bill.

The nation’s drugmakers stand ready to spend $150 million to help President Barack Obama overhaul health care this fall, according to numerous officials, a staggering sum that could dwarf attempts to derail his chief domestic priority.

… The campaign, now in its early stages, includes television advertising under PhRMA’s own name and commercials aired in conjunction with the liberal group, Families USA.”   DailyKos

And of course all of this industry insider support comes from a number of elements in the massive legislation, but the key provision in it, is the individual mandate that will force everyone, by rule of law, to BUY an insurance plan from a private insurance company.

That act alone will GREATLY increase the profit margins of the corporations.

Now, all that being said, the big problem for this healthcare reform bill is NOT the knuckle-dragging  republicans, as most “progressive” websites would have you believe,  but rather the growing public awareness of single-payer healthcare.  Like Ron Paul’s “audit the fed” movement, the single payer plan is starting to get some real attention out there and  THAT is the real scare for the White House and the insurance industry insiders.

So what do they do?

They take a page straight from the ADL playbook and they attempt to portray anyone who is opposed to this corporatist bill as a “racist”.

Just watch what happens on the Chris Mathews show in this clip. Mathews is interviewing a guy who mentions that a recent poll shows only 25% of the population supports this legislation as written while 39% strongly oppose it.

What does Mathews do when confronted with actual numbers and facts?  He delves into imaginary ratios, completely made up right there live on camera, of just how many of the people who oppose this bill are actually “racists” who can’t stand that a black man is president.

And of course he has his “yes indeedy” chorus right there to lend credence to his preposterous claim.

Look back over the links that I provide for you in this article; The Nation, World Socialist Website, and the DailyKos.  How many of them are raving “racists”?

I would love to think that this is simply Mathews going off on another of his “man crush”/”support the status-quo at all costs” (remember his fawning over Bush’s cod-piece “Mission Accomplished” performance?) informercial pitches.

But unfortunately, we all know this is not just Chris Mathews.  Look what happened recently to Alex Jones when a couple of his videos were accused of being “racist” and pulled off Youtube.  I watched the videos and they had nothing to do with race.  They DID however point out the fascist inclinations of Team DLC Obama™ Brand and the corruption behind their healthcare reform bill.  And that I guess was enough to earn Alex the title of “racist” (say what you will about Jones, and I have said plenty, the man is not a racist (at least as far as I can tell)… and neither were those videos).  The following is an actual quote from a comment left on the Youtube site by an Obama supporter, promoting the idea of falsely accusing the video of being racist so that it will be shut down.

barackobamaexpress: For anyone who reads this; if you want to do your part today – something patriotic today, report this video to Youtube administration. Alex Jones promotes racism, and fearmongering. He’s a known liar. Prison Planet

All across the web, liberal and “progressive” sites are doing the exact same thing; denigrating dissenters of this bill with the “racist” slur in an effort to discredit them or silence them altogether. It is a childish and cowardly tactic that exposes the intellectual and moral bankruptcy of their position.

In fact, it is not at all about healthcare reform, it is about partisan politics.

The democratic talking point surely released from the White House or whatever PR company they hired for the occasion, has become that the opposition is attempting to undermine this bill in an effort to “weaken” the Obama presidency.

What does that imply in the inverse? That if this bill ISN’T passed, the democratic administration will be weakened or crippled; therefore in order to preserve the “strength” of the Obama presidency, this bill, with ALL it’s flaws being pointed out by democrats as well as republicans, must pass… at all costs.

Partisanship over people.

And this tactic is making for some desperate democrats willing to resort to deplorable tactics to pass a destructive bill at a time when a majority of working people in this country are in dire straights.  The last thing we need right now is yet another corporatist bailout written by industry insiders, peddled by paid shills, and promoted by greasy political smear campaigns.

18 Responses

  1. If that doesn’t take the ‘cake’, I don’t know what does!
    All the ‘white’ supporters of Obama are now ‘racist’… except for the white female college educated ones…..
    And oh yes… anyone who did not support Obama has already been tagged as a racist…. and now anyone who is against this health bill that supports jail time and cash penality for ‘not buying’ health insurance….. supports the future knocking off health benefits of employees who currently have employer-paid health insurance, supports the ‘how to die and get out of the way’ programs for the elderly, supports small struggling businesses being forced to buy employees health insurance, and supports the gainning of super profits for insurance companies…. all these people are now tagged with being ‘racist’…….. and specifically…. white men and non-college educated white women. White men …. Hey.. both of those men in the video are ‘white men’…… guess when the fight comes on…. they will have to wear name tags that says…”we are not one of THOSE white men”…….

    And In the video…. a lot of black people were pressent… but did you notice how foggy the video got when it tried to pan around the crowd…. did not want you to see more black people who also are against the heath bill.
    It doesn’t matter that Obama is half white….. Obama’s bad policy is not a mark against black people no more than it is against white people… it is still global power against the voters and that includes a lot of people who are considered wealthy….
    I still say….. Obama may be a victim….. a scared man amidst a global takeover.
    You don’t give in to the hostage holders…..

  2. And if you bad-mouthed Obama pre-election, they screamed “SPOILER!” at you, and hit you with that “Bomb, bomb, bomb, Bomb, bomb Iran.” thing, while any of the others–Ralph, Cynthia, Ron, Gloria–any of them, could have beaten McCain with one arm tied behind their backs.

    Two-party partisan showmanship–that’s what the bankers are paying for, and what their mouthpieces deliver.

    R Ap

  3. Rifht, Roy… and Kucinich…. of course he was a big favorite and he was forced out of everything.

  4. I wonder if a ‘snitch’ has reported this post to the WH as being a ‘fishy’ view of the health care debate yet.

    And have you checked out the new WH ‘reality checked at the door’ website.

    You could turn yourself in there and see if they want to take the time to debunk your accusations. I especially liked your point;
    “a page straight from the ADL playbook.” I doubt they would even attempt to deny that.

  5. scott,

    What Obama has been pushing in his ‘universal care’ solution, is just an insurance company alternative that leaves their profits on the table while eliminating what I take to be the ‘progressive’ alternative in ‘single payer.’

    I do not believe that the President represents any kind of ‘progressive’ constituency. All he really represents are corporations, or what I’ve chracterozed as the plantation owners.

    I am unable to keep reading everything and see what people who call themselves ‘progressives’ have been saying in defense of or to attack the Obama proposals. But, I would make some distinctions between ‘progressives’ who support the plantation system from those who want to see the thing end.

    There seems to be some value in the label so, I would expect Beck and others calling themselves ‘progressives’ pretty soon.

  6. scott,

    I said that the ‘progressive’ label was valuable these days, and because of that, I thought that it would be reasonable to expect non-progressives to make themselves appear to be progressive in order to further their otherwise understood as nefarious agendas.

    Here’s an article talking about people who do this,


    I’m kinda protective of the label. This is not to say I would not admit that people who I’d say are progressive, or who have been considered progressive can’t do regretable things.

    But, I don’t think the label should be tarnished by the actions of obvious frauds. So, Obama is no ‘progressive,’ for example. He would not have been elected with the corporate support he had if he was any kind of progressive worth the label.

  7. I fully embrace my racism these days.

  8. I’m sorry for going on and on about this, but, there is quite a bit of argument put up by the left against most all of what Obama offered, and what he’s come to support. Personally, I think Nader represents a mainstream left position. Here’s a story about his current view of Obama,


    • Steve:

      There is only one true progressive left in congress these days, IMO… and thats Bernie Sanders. You’re correct. The label “progressive’ has been hijacked by the Clintonista “New Dems” (DLCers, Blue Dogs, “pragmatic Dems”, Centrists) just like the “conservative” label was taken over by the Reagan Republicans (neocons).

  9. Yeah Steve, Obama is far from progressive… at least the correct version of what the term used to mean. I think ‘they’ are changing everything… trying to keep us all confused… don’t even know what to call ourselves anymore…. plenty of ‘things’ they can call us though.

  10. I should also note that when I use the term progressive as it relates to this new form of DLC/New Dem fake “progressives”, I always put it in quotation marks… meaning that is what they call themselves, but they are really something entirely different. I suppose that should be obvious, but I guess it should be pointed out.

  11. Looks like your trillion $ defense system can not tell the difference between cucumber and munitions

  12. This morning I have read two articles from the WH in defense of their Health bill… they are saying that the bill is misunderstood and misrepresented …… but they give no examples except to say that the idea that the health bill would force the early deaths of the elderly is absurd. They are beating that ‘horse-tails’ part of the bill to death in their defense of the grand new health bill that will give thousands needed health coverage (they don’t say ‘how’ the coverage will be given’. Well in effect their bill does not actually kill elderly except to cut medical care for age-related illness.. after all as according to Obama, getting old with age related problems is a natural process…. and he needs to cut back on the cost of medicare (he needs it for the war machine and to help promote profits of health insurance companies)….. and the added program to teach elderly how to die in peace with a created legal form that instructs others on how that elderly person wishes to die… like hey…… don’t keep me going with painful problems that are no longer covered by medicare,,,, just put me to sleep…… I don’t want to be a cost factor in Obama’s adm……..
    How thoughtful of Obama…..
    his added amendment that says in 2012, if anyone then chooses (if they don’t have insurance by then), they can choose to do a single payer plan! Oh… well, according to the total health plan, by 2012 anyone who hasn’t bought insurance (anyone who has total income of $16,500 (about that) has to buy from health insurance company.) and they don’t qualify for medicare of medicaid (if it is still around)… then those uninsured people are in jail…. so who will be around by 2012 with legal options to say they have no insurance?
    It would cut down on people having children…. who could afford the insurance? Only the rich and those who have jobs that are guaranteed to last their life time…. (do they make jobs like that anymore?
    Oh yeah… congress members and presidents and AND the war machine armies! Yeah… if you serve to be killed or to do the killing, you are covered by VET insurance and medicare….Ha! and both have greatly reduced their covered benefits… but you will have the peace of mind death-choice form to fall back on.)
    Oh. the quality thinking that has gone into this health insurance bill……
    loss of jobs and insurance coverage… what a great chance to enlist… to be taken care of by the global giants…..
    these people are amazing…. they must stay up late to conjure up such intricate devious plots.
    sorry.. I just ramble on some times……..

    • Jan:

      Ramble? That is probably one of the most cohesive overall assessments of the HR 3200 that I have read yet.

      You ask how they conjure up these intricate plots? Simple, they hold meeting after meeting in the White House with Rahm Emanuel and the Big Pharma and insurance insiders, and then, just like with Cheney’s “energy commission” meetings, they refuse to allow the public to know who was there and how many times they met with the presidents staff.

      But, I am afraid that these things were probably hashed out years ago under the Bush administration. They just knew that the “progressives” would NEVER let them get passed, even under the guise of “healthcare reform”. For that, they needed a democrat in office who enjoyed a nearly unbreakable majority in the House and Senate. And of course, that is exactly what they got.

      Yes, the threat here to the elderly is NOT the “death councils” that people like Palin are deliberately muddying the issue with. It is EXACTLY as you put it; a “quality of life” issue to be discussed with the doctor (whose hands will be tied by the all powerful insurance companies) every 5 years. Right now sick people can barely get the tests they need without having to beg the insurance companies… what do you think will happen when some 80 year old is meeting with the doctor/insurance reps trying to explain why they should be kept alive at a cost to the insurance company of 10,000 bucks a month?

      Also, the point you make about the reductions in Medicare is right on. Even without the 5 years meetings with the doctors for the elderly, who exactly does the MSM think the massive reductions in Medicare is going to affect? The insurance companies?

      Great comment Jan. (as usual)

  13. Thanks, Willy

  14. Obama is coming out with speech after speech now about the so called disinformation going around about the health care bill.
    He says; “if you do have health insurance, we will make sure that no insurance company or government bureaucrat gets between you and the care you need.”

    You notice he says, ‘if you have health insurance’ and
    ‘between you and the care you need.’
    That is his double talk….. what you need is not going to be up to you… it will be up to the doctor who is regulated by the govenment and insurance company…. so in fact the insurance company and bureaucrat will stand by and wait, He says that the cost is going to be high for those who do not have insurance.. they are the ones the govenment will take care of… just like they do now… with clinics and doctors that a person has to qualify for… he is not adding this benefit…. but he will cut out some of the current benefits… as he will have to adjust the cost …
    He doesn’t mention the penality for not buying health insurance for any one who has income above $16,500 (about that)….. say a person has income of $17,000 a year … that person will be expected to pay around $112 a month (or more) for forced health insurance.
    Take $660 rent, $200 elec & water & telephone, $200 car payment, $70 car ins, $112 Health ins….. that leaves $174 a month for food, gas, clothes, car repair, doctors, medicine, a movie?
    Who could do that? Something will have to go… and probably they would give up the car… then take the bus…. but they would have health insurance.. praise be America and Obama.
    He says you will have the option of choosing a single payer plan,,,,, …. says it will be done like Canada is doing….. effective 2012… is he changing his ‘public option health plan ? or is he double taking and confusing people again with incorrect facts. His option for 2012 is a public option for people with incomes below $6,000? I think. It is confusing..

  15. Ok… I got it wrong…. below is what he said about single payer insurance… he is ‘against it’… he thinks he pleases us by implying Americans don’t want health universal care like other major nations… he thinks we want to be number 37 ranked on the list of health care by nation.

    “Obama sought to dispel talk that his ultimate goal is a single-payer federal health care system, like that in countries such as Canada.

    He also disputed the notion that adding a government-run insurance plan into a menu of options from which people could pick would drive private insurers out of business, in effect making the system single-payer by default.

    As long as they have a good product and the government plan has to sustain itself through premiums and other non-tax revenue, private insurers should be able to compete with the government plan, Obama said.

    “They do it all the time,” he said. “UPS and FedEx are doing just fine. … It’s the Post Office that’s always having problems.”
    Oh…. it wouldn’t be a single payer like Canada or Israel, or Germany or India……. we would pay premiums to the govenment….. they would be in the profit sharing business… more for the war machine.
    And the govenment policy wouldn’t out do the competing insurance companies…. noooooo…. be just as expensive and have just the same restrictions…..
    What a wonderful place we live in.
    I understand that people who work for insurance companies have been warned that their jobs could be at risk if our country goes single payer…. not true…..
    our govenment would need extra workers…. and I am sure the insurance companies plan on sending out more jobs over seas anyway…….. so you will be out of a job anyway…..
    apply on line…. pay on line…. take to agent by phone…
    who needs American workers….

    Forgive that last sentence…. I was being sarcastic…… we need American workers….. all of us.

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