Steven Jones is Literally Selling His “Nanothermite” Story

by Scott Creighton

(Well, this won’t win me any new friends, but I gotta do it just the same…)

What a crock of shit.  Steven Jones is pimping a DVD of his “nanothermite lecture” for $20 a pop.

Nanothermite: What in the World is High-Tech Explosive Material Doing in the Dust Clouds Generated on 9/11/2001?

Yes! Be the FIRST on your block to own this STUNNING DVD set! Think of all the parties you can have bringing your friends over and sharing this GROUND BREAKING disinformation with them.

Selling like hotcakes!

Selling like hotcakes!

Unfortunately, what Mr. Jones CLAIMS in the title of the DVD and then again on his webpage advertising this product… isn’t ACTUALLY SUPPORTED in the paper written by Neils Harrit, Steven Jones, Gregg Roberts, and others.

Just take THIS example, pulled straight from the AE911 website:

Nanothermite, a highly engineered energetic nanocomposite, was conceived around 1990. By 2000 it had been weaponized and manufactured in top secret military laboratories. This nano-engineered form of thermite does not just burn extremely hot, it explodes.”

Now, according to this advertisement, it would seem that they found a high explosive nanothermite in the dust from Ground Zero.  Too bad that’s not what the Harrit research paper actually said.

“The red material does burn quickly as shown in the DSC,
and we have observed a bright flash on ignition, but determination of the burn rate of the red material may help to classify this as a slow or fast explosive.Harrit/Jones

So in the paper, they don’t yet know if this material is a “slow or fast” explosive… meaning they don’t know if it is capable of “blowing up” anything… much less steel columns and concrete floor systems.  Yet Jones is sounding the trumpet, like this is the “loaded gun” they have all been looking for.

Another very important side of all of this is the fact that this material is ONLY available in SECRETIVE MILITARY special ops units… produced in SECRET MILITARY LABS.. unavailable for further study…

When in reality, no controlled demolition specialist would put their job, their freedom, and their reputation on the line pulling off a demo like this one with an UNTESTED, UNPROVEN, “SECRET” explosive material.

The notion that someone would do that is laughable.  It is born of a complete misunderstanding of the controlled demolition industry which is predicated entirely on the word “control”.

Everything is controlled.  Nothing is left to chance.  Nothing.  Even the clean-up, especially the clean-up, is carefully monitored and supervised.  And who managed the clean-up of Ground Zero?  Why the head of Controlled Demolition Inc. that’s who.

Who did NIST rely on to tell them that Building 7 WASN’T an example of a controlled demolition?  Why the head of Controlled Demoltion Inc. that’s who.

And who provided debris samples for Neils Harrit and Jones to compare their Ground Zero dust too?  Why the head of Controlled Demolition Inc. that’s who.

So Steven Jones is still peddling the “super secret” military explosives theory, which of course would rule out a contractor like CDI who specializes in conventional explosive demolition.  And that certainly doesn’t hurt CDI’s feelings in the slightest.

“No red/gray chips having the characteristics delineated
here were found in dust generated by controlled demolition
using conventional explosives and methods, for the Stardust Resort & Casino in Las Vegas (demolished 13 March 2007) and the Key Bank in Salt Lake City (demolished 18 August 2007). Of course, we do not assume that the destruction of the WTC skyscrapers occurred conventionally.”  Harrit/Jones

So, no red/grey chips in the samples provided by CDI from other demolition jobs means that the World Trade Centers couldn’t have been brought down by conventional demolition companies.

Of course Jones and another researcher on the paper, Gregg Roberts, both refused many requests to test the debris that they have had in their possession for traces of explosive residue.

And just in case this isn’t clear enough, riddle me this:

if some secretive military agency did the bidding of a core of corrupt political insiders (who were doing the bidding for persons yet unknown) and they in fact blew up the towers with their super secret military nanothermite…

… how much sense does it make that they would ask the most respected and most skilled controlled demolition expert in the world to come clean up their mess?  CDI actually CREATED the explosive demolition business.

Wouldn’t they rather have someone who knew VERY LITTLE about demolitions do that job, if they were trying to keep it a secret?

Still more distraction and no new progress in the “Truth” movement, all thanks to the super secret, military grade only, “nanothermite” red herring, brought to you exclusively by the guy now SELLING his lectures on DVD.

Too bad Jones and Roberts didn’t agree to test the dust they have for explosive residue like I and others suggested they do long ago.  To bad Jones and Roberts and Harrit don’t simply take their own advice.

“… we suggest that other energetic materials suitable for cutter charges or explosives should also be looked for in the WTC dust. NIST has admitted that they have not yet looked for such residues.”  Harrit/Jones/Roberts

26 Responses

  1. the papered report and disc that Jones is selling sounds like that double ‘talk’ that the Obama adm is getting so famous for.

    Excellent work, Willy…….

  2. At least he’s not selling a bullhorn to mindless christians…

  3. scott,

    I’m so clueless. I thought the Steven Jones was one of the good guys. I started reading this post about him selling this DVD and I thought, maybe he needs to make some money. He did get canned from his job as a physicist.

    But, you want to say there’s something wrong about what he’s saying about the dust residue.

    Are you claiming he’s putting out some disinformation shit now?

    And you have some question about the demolition company cleaning up the place.

    I thought the issue wasn’t so much about the name on the package, but what exactly was on the inside. Who did the work?

    On that question I thought the most likely guess was the people who did remodelling work on the elevators or some internal structures in the weeks or months before 9-11.

    I thought the best guess there was some foreign operatives who came in, did a job, and left the country, not to stick around to be questioned or identified …

    Why are you suspicious of Jones and the cleanup company?

    • Steven:

      I think Jones is misleading the independent researchers in the Truth movement right now. I think that has been the case ever since he started with the “thermite”.

      Remember when it was all about “thermite”? What was that, 2 years? 3 years ago? Then along came his “thermate” with the SULFER added to make it burn even hotter. (by the way. Where is that sulfer in his findings now?)

      For years people talked about thermite and thermate. That was the standard of discussions in the Truth movement, while other researchers who were trying to talk about the actual methods that explosive demolition contractors USED to bring buildings down, were shouted down. THEY were considered the “disinfo” agents, and systematically ridiculed right out of the movement.

      Why was that?

      Then along comes certain people (me being one of them but certainly not the most vocal) who started questioning the thermite/thermate equation itself.

      Many problems exist with the notion of using thermite to demolish the buildings. Namely, thermite is NOT a high explosive, it’s a deflagerant , meaning that it burns quickly and at a hot temp, but it doesn’t burn fast enough to create a concussion wave or detonation wave. ie: it’s NOT capable of “blowing up” anything. The OTHER big problem is that when ignited, it wouldn’t burn a column vertically… meaning that gravity pulls it down, and that it would be next to impossible for thermite alone to burn a standing column all the way through, cleanly.

      These problems, along with others, posed a serious stumbling block for Jones’ theory.

      Then along came the thermate in the “thermobaric” distribution theory but that was ridiculous because again, many people (including me) pointed out that for THAT to work, the distribution area would have to be sealed, and there would have to be an even distribution through out the buildings for it to come down in such an even and controlled manner.

      So that theory didn’t last…

      Now we have the “nanothermite” or “superthermite” “loaded gun”. And the talk about it being “painted” onto the columns as one possible application.

      He also just HAPPENS to FIND this stuff… NOW… after all that “thermite” and “thermate” crap petered out. Why the fuck didn’t he HAPPEN to notice this “loaded gun” back then?

      It seems pretty obvious to me that he, like Bush and Blair before him, is fitting the facts to support the narrative. And the narrative is ANYTHING that keeps grass roots investigators from looking at the one thing that BY LAW will mandate a criminal investigation.

      Now, as far as CDI is concerned…

      The head of CDI was brought in immediately after the towers fell to run the clean-up. That’s a pretty ODD choice to make, wouldn’t you say, if the people that blew those buildings up were trying to keep it a secret. Why would they bring in a guy and his crew that KNOW what explosive demolition LOOKS like? It doesn’t make any sense at all. Unless of course, they already KNEW what it was, and THEY were there BECAUSE they knew what to look for, AND WHAT TO GET RID OF.

      As far as the workers who were brought in to actually rig the demo; yes, that still makes perfect sense to me. Those guys were just workers. Brought it, supervised carefully by people who KNEW what they were doing, but the labor part of it could be done by anyone, really. As long as they knew what it was they were handling, and kept their mouths shut.

      The tricky part is the design of the demolition itself. THAT took a lot of skill and careful planning. That is NOT something left to amateurs or to untested materials, in my opinion. THAT had to have been accomplished by a leading professional in the explosive demolition industry.

      And they just HAPPENED to have ONE who was there after the buildings came down to clean up.

      The SAME man has gone on the record saying that he did call certain people in lower Manhattan that morning, while the buildings were still standing, and warned them they were going to come down. (How is someone like that, someone who KNOWS no steel framed hi-rise has EVER collapsed due to fire, going to come to the conclusion that those buildings were going to fall? He knows how HARD it is for steel framed buildings to just “fall apart”)

      The SAME man was quoted by NIST in the small, two sentence section of their report on Building 7 as the “expert” that told NIST that Building 7 “couldn’t have been explosive demolition”.

      and now the SAME man who just HAPPENS to be the one who provides the control sample of debris from 2 other demolition jobs to Jones and the others so that Jones can come to the conclusion that the World Trade Centers were brought down via some “super secret military grade” explosive… that COMPLETELY lets CDI off the hook…

      Those are just a few reasons I am skeptical of CDI and Jones. There are others. Jones especially based on emails I received from Jones himself and Gregg Roberts.

  4. You are the one acting like a disinfo agent

    “MICs or Super-thermites are generally developed for military use, propellants, explosives, and pyrotechnics”

    Your theory talk about “traditional Demo methods”

    Were the WTC Traditional steel frame buildings. ?

    Did they wanted to bring them down like “traditional Buildings” to the eyes of the world?

    Who do traditional methods explain for the molten IRON not steal but IRON by TONS in the rubble.

    I realy don’t care if he makes money sellind DVDS he put his life and Reputation at risk.

    You Do your own too.

    • Whether or not it LOOKED like a standard controlled demolition (by the way, there are several videos on Youtube of OTHER “Top Down Demolitions”) it in fact WAS a standard controlled demolition in several regards.

      It had to be “controlled”, carefully planned, carefully prepped, and the the damage to surrounding buildings had to be kept to a minimal (they couldn’t just topple the thing over, crushing blocks and blocks of lower Manhattan). The bulk of the material STILL had to flow THROUGH the path of greatest resistance (the remaining, undamaged, lower 90/70 floors of the towers) at a speed that was at least CLOSE to that of free-fall. That means that the MATERIAL STILL had to be moved out of the way of the falling debris (explains why a few of the columns were ejected so far from the building that they flew across the street and stuck into neighboring buildings).

      The floor systems HAD to be broken up. It wouldn’t do to just break them into parts small enough to load into trucks. Some STANDARD demolitions PREFER to do that as opposed to pulverizing them because it makes for a faster clean-up. But in this case, one of the REAL differences between THIS staged event and other controlled demolitions, there were too many floors to simply “crack” them.

      You see, 110 floors (x 2) would have made for quite a pile especially when you toss in all the steel from the columns and the trusses themselves into the mix. And besides, since it WASN’T officially a “controlled demolition”, they didn’t have to worry about being responsible for cleaning up their own mess… the tax-payers took care of that for them.

      The floor systems, the secrecy, the media attention… these are the ONLY real aspects that make this project different from a standard demolition, J. That, and of course, the lives that would be lost.

      Murder. Murder is the BIG DIFFERENCE.

      Of course, it was also a world record… surrounded by other important buildings… other aspects factor in, but you see what I mean.

      Steel is IRON, J…. “Steel is an alloy consisting mostly of iron, with a carbon content between 0.2% and 2.1% by weight, depending on the grade.”

      Besides, not only were the TRUSSES made of structural steel, but so were the columns. Mainly A-36 structural steel (but the grade of steel changed the higher you got in the floor system… something to do with flexibility vs weight ratios…).

      Like I said, the MOLTEN metal found in the trade center debris would be MAINLY the trusses. The heat generated from the explosives used to break up the concrete floors would have melted them instantly. Some of them would have been turned into the “iron rich” spheres, and others would have been left just glowing hot and molten, depending on how close to the explosive charge they were.

  5. I know there has always been a lot of controversy surrounding Chris Bollyn but here’s something you may find interesting if you haven’t seen it.

    Recipe for Making Super Thermite

    • You see, this is exactly what I am talking about, Kenny.

      (from the site you link to)

      “Now that we know that super-thermite was used to demolish and pulverize the twin towers, we need to find out who applied the film of super explosive to surfaces and parts of the buildings.”

      First of all, we do NOT “know” this material was used to “demolish and pulverize” the towers.

      The authors of the article THEMSELVES say they don’t know if the chips could have been used as a “high explosive” or if they were simply the ignition system for conventional explosives. That is in the paper itself. And yet people have stopped looking at ANYTHING else to explain what happened?

      As is the case with JLennon here, I am even considered a “disinfo agent” for even daring to undermine the credibility of this new meme, “super thermite”.

      Well, guess what? You can’t find out “who made it” and so where does that leave the Truth Movement? Exactly… no where… dead in the water… running around carrying a bag in a snipe hunt.

      You do realize of course how ridiculous the notion sounds of running around “spraying” explosive “sol gel” on the underside of all the floors in the Towers sounds, don’t you?

      First of all, the asbestos abatement didn’t take place on ALL the floors in BOTH buildings. In fact, it was mainly centered around the CORE areas of the buildings. What took place THROUGHOUT the buildings was the security company’s upgrade for the video system CABLE… which would look EXACTLY like det cord, by the way. THAT took place on every single floor and is well documented to have been taking place right up until the buildings came down Sept. 11th.

      No, I am sorry, but looking to see WHO could have made this material is exactly the distraction this “discovery” was supposed to create.

      Whatever happened to Jone’s “therMATE” discovery? What ever happened to all that “sulfur” he said he found? Where does that factor into his “super thermite”?

      Sorry… don’t buy it.

      Jone’s “thermite” story had SEVERAL problems when it first came out, namely, it wasn’t a high explosive and couldn’t have pulverized the concrete floors… and second, it is a gravity driven material, burning metal UNDER it, so the application of HOW it burned through the columns horizontally became a serious issue as well….

      … then GUESS WHAT? He just HAPPENS to discover “red/grey chips” in the dust that JUST HAPPENS to be “super thermite”?

      WAY too contrived, if you ask me.

      The OTHER big issue, I will deal with in an article I am writing now. It has to do with what I think is the REAL smoking gun of Ground Zero… what Jones called the “iron rich spheres” in the Ground Zero dust samples… what they REALLY are is NOT slag from all his “super thermite”… (hint: it’s the ONE THING missing from ALL the photos of the Ground Zero aftermath…)

    • and when I say that thermite is “gravity driven”, this is what I mean…

      the video is from Mythbusters, when they used a 1,000 pounds of thermite to attempt to cut an SUV in half… it didn’t work… they barely cut the roof…

      lots of slag and lots of energy, but ultimately, 1,000 lbs of thermite didn’t do much to the SUV…

      now how the hell was thermite EVER going to be used to cut a 50″x36″ steel beam that was made of 1″ thick steel? Horizontally?

      also note: no “bang”… guess that is why they happened to find that “super nano thermite”, huh?

  6. Scott, do you have a source link for this? It’s something I’d like to keep if you do.

    “The SAME man has gone on the record saying that he did call certain people in lower Manhattan that morning, while the buildings were still standing, and warned them they were going to come down.”

    • Kenny;

      It was published in The New Scientist, in July of 2004. Unfortunately you have to subscribe to read the entire interview. There may be full transcripts elsewhere, but I found part of the quote that I was talking about at 9-11 Research.

      This is part of the quote, taken from The New Scientist publication, reposted from the 9-11 Research site

      “When I saw what hit, that it was an airliner, that it was loaded with jet fuel, I remembered the long clear span configuration from the central skin to the outer skin of the World Trade Center from the report I did. And we had just taken down two 40-storey structures in New York.

      I still had some cellphone numbers so when the second plane hit I said: “Start calling all the cellphones, tell them that the building is going to come down.” Mark Loizeaux

  7. Scott,
    Thanks for taking the time to find the link. My searches came up empty. I’ll add it to my keeper files.

    • My pleasure Kenny. You know, you read so many things in this research that we do, you sometimes forget where they came from and that we need to take the time to link to them when we bring them up. Took me a while to remember where I read it. But you know, I think that I remember seeing him talk about it in one of the documentaries that he has done as well. I thought it was the BBC Conspiracy Files Third Tower program, so I had to sit through that whole thing again before I remembered where it was. That film was a joke and a half. Right before the mysterious death of Barry Jenkins. Remember that? He came out and recanted his previous statements, then “poof” his mysterious death and his family takes off to parts unknown.. can you say “witness relocation program”? I can. Hey Barry, if you are reading this… hope you are enjoying yourself.

      Anytime you catch me leaving something like that unsupported with a link, just let me know, would ya? I hate to become lazy…

  8. Scott… I for one appreciate the degree of research you’ve put into this topic. The evidence for controlled demolition is unassailable. To have anyone think anything but has their head up their fundament.

  9. QUOTE: “Wouldn’t they rather have someone who knew VERY LITTLE about demolitions do that job, if they were trying to keep it a secret?”

    Are you serious?? You want to trust something this important to an amature? Everything’s riding on this one event, just like Pearl Harbor– Iraq war, Patriot Act, Domestic wiretapping, etc. Heck no, I’m going professional and high tech, wouldn’t you?

    Second, have any of you heard of the scientific method? It’s ALL ABOUT testing and altering a hypothesis. So please, stop embarrassing yourself with crap like “Isn’t is convenient?? What happened to that theory?? Where’s this one come from??”

  10. Bootz;

    You don’t seem to understand the context of the first comment of mine that you quoted.

    The point I was making is that it is highly unlikely the people who demoed the towers would bring in a demolition expert to clean up the mess, unless that demo expert was already in on it. If they knew there would be evidence lying around, the last thing they would want would be an expert in the field to be on scene… unless of course, he already KNEW about it and he was cleaning up the evidence.

    The “scientific method? Nice catch phrase… but I really doesn’t apply with what Jones has been doing since day one.

    First it was “thermite” then he found the sulfer rich “thermate”… now, years after his first discoveries, he just happens to find “nanothermite” which HAPPENS to answer all those sticky problems with his first “thermite” hypothesis…

    Yet no one asks “why didn’t he notice the metallic red/grey chips in the first place?”… And they JUST HAPPEN to be actual thermetic material?

    Come on. Throwing out terms like “scientific method” may make you THINK you are now operating with some kind of scientific credibility, but you have to look at the whole of Jones’ investigation.

    And if you think it’s ALL ABOUT TESTING with Jones, why don’t you ask yourself why he and certain leaders in this movement REFUSE to test the samples they have for residues of conventional explosives that were and are commonly used in the explosive demolition industry.

    I have asked him several times now as have others. His response to me was “no”… Gregg Roberts response to me was “no”.

    Does THAT sound like the “scientific method” to you?

  11. Mr. Cretin:
    Jones knows exactly what he’s talking about. He was forced into early retirement because he knows. You’re either a black-op or just cannot accept the far greater implications of what his extraorinary research will reveal about who did this massively destructive crime.

    • Bill:

      If he was “forced into early retirement” from BYU because, as you put it, “he knows” then why sir are two current members of the BYU staff included in Jones and Harrit’s NEW PAPER? And why did Jones just suggest to a producer at National Geographic that he hire one of those BYU professors to run some more tests for him?

      Is he trying to get the guy fired?

      Jones even said that they would have to ‘pay BYU” for his time… so it’s not like BYU doesn’t KNOW about the guys’ research…

      So why is that? BYU only forced Jones to retire, and not the other guys doing the not just the same type of research, but the exact SAME research that Jones is actively doing?

      Strike you as kind of “odd”?

      And as far as the rest of your comment is concerned… take a look around at the site here… I think I have a clue as to who “did this… crime”…

  12. “Strike you as kind of ‘odd’?”

    If by “odd,” you’re implying that BYU along with Jones are in on the cover-up of 9/11 you really need to get out more and take a break from living on the internet. I really hope you’re not implying this, but if you are, you are the ultimate nutcase.

    To think that BYU is part of some sub-conspiracy which fired Jones to give him credibility to “expose” 9/11 the wrong way…while keeping other BYU professors on staff to research it…since Jones no longer had credibility…? or means to research…? Again, I hope you’re not implying anything of the sort, but if so that’s absolutely ridiculous. Reminds me of the people who end up claiming the entire public is in the conspiracy while only they are honest enough to be trusted.

    If that’s not what you’re implying, just ignore that comment.

    Aside from the absurdity of all that, I was in Jones class before he was let go and can honestly say he’s one of the most honest, principled, sincere people I’ve met. He was let go only when names were named and the speculation resulted in major negative publicity for the university–the media and the segment of the public incapable of critical thinking are ultimately the ones to blame.

    On the whole, your article and comments amount to a bizarre type of character assassination that I believe only damages any effort to get the truth about what happened–leaving me wondering if you’re driven by some personal vendetta/jealousy or are merely a paid disinformation agent.

    If you just happen to be a random blogger I’d recommend toning down your criticisms to a rational level, avoiding character assasination of anyone whose theories you don’t agree with/understand, and more clearly stating comments that seem to imply utter absurdity. Then this blog may be worth reading and returning to.

    • Ah… it’s all “character assassination”… I see.

      Well, since you are obviously from BYU, why don’t explain something to me. Help me understand why BYU would fire (didn’t REALLY “fire” him, now did they? They gave him an “early retirement”, which is a little different) Jones for writing a paper about the collapse of the Twin Towers actually being a controlled demolition… but then they not only allow 2 others to write another paper (the “Active Thermetic Material” paper) about the same thing, BUT, as Jones himself puts it, will charge for the hours of one of those professors WHILE they do more research on the subject?

      I mean… one guy gets “fired” for doing something that 2 others are clearly not even reprimanded for. Please explain that one too me.

      ah… so you are saying “the media” was too blame for the release of Jones from BYU? What is “the media” doing these days? What is the difference in “the media” climate? Are they that much more accepting of 911 Truth that BYU doesn’t care if they now have TWO professors associated with this NEW paper?

      ahhh… I’m “a paid disinformation agent”, is that it? Well lets see now, Jones has worked before for the Department of Energy… he came out in 2005 (late) pushing his “thermite” theory which kept people from looking at what the “iron rich spheres” REALLY were (trusses)… his “thermite” theory didn’t hold water… then he DISCOVERED it was ACTUALLY “therMATE” with sulfur added… then THAT didn’t hold up to scrutiny… THEN it became “SUPER THERMITE”… and now we have, some 3 or so years later… a NEW DISCOVERY… that was in the SAME BAG OF DUST he has had all this time… “nanothermite”… which, according to the new paper (vanity press published) they can’t even tell if it could have been a “high explosive” or a “low explosive”…

      Now, let’s talk about being “rational”… any rational person, one who is not just following some iconic figure rather than the facts, would have to say that Jones’ fixation with “thermite” is a bit bullheaded. I mean, after all, back in the day when the truth movement spent all this time talking about “thermite” do you actually think that Jones believed it could have been responsible for taking down the towers?

      Jones is a scientist, and a smart one at that. Look at all the “experiments” that are out there now showing what “thermite” can and more importantly CAN’T do…

      Do you actually think that Jones DIDN’T know that shit prior to a MYTHBUSTERS TV show stunt?

      And yet, people give Jones a pass, because he is Steven Jones. He knew by the nature of how thermite worked, that it couldn’t have done to those towers what he said it did. Yet for a year and a half, it was all about “the thermite”…

      I for one… and mind you I am not alone on this (what you call a “random blogger”). There are many of us out here who don’t just immediately fall to our knees and worship at the contrived “ah shucks” persona of Steven Jones anymore. We have been skeptical for a while now. And frankly, when even Jones himself comes out and says that his “super magic pixie dust” may have been nothing more than a match to ignite CONVENTIONAL EXPLOSIVES in the towers, I still say, even that isn’t enough.

      In short, I am being logical, my friend. Fool me once…fool me twice… fool me three times… fool me again, same on me. If you keep allowing distractions like this to continue without EVER looking back at the man’s entire body of work, then that isn’t a grass-roots investigation you are running, it’s idol worship. There is a difference you know.



    • Great. “Ground breaking” Work written about in the Spring of 2002, long after the buildings were already down. And don’t forget, the DESIGN of the demolition probably happened somewhere in early 2000 to mid to late 2000…. I don’t think the ‘sol gel” material was quite ready, by the evidence you produced.

  14. Willyloman,

    Have you seen Richard Gage’s Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth Web Site? Go To:

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    It was definitely informative. Your website is useful.
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