Only 7 swine flu deaths, not 152, says WHO

from the SMH

A member of the World Health Organisation (WHO) has dismissed claims that more than 150 people have died from swine flu, saying it has officially recorded only seven deaths around the world.

Vivienne Allan, from WHO’s patient safety program, said the body had confirmed that worldwide there had been just seven deaths – all in Mexico – and 79 confirmed cases of the disease.

“Unfortunately that [150-plus deaths] is incorrect information and it does happen, but that’s not information that’s come from the World Health Organisation,” Ms Allan told ABC Radio today.

“That figure is not a figure that’s come from the World Health Organisation and, I repeat, the death toll is seven and they are all from Mexico.”

Ms Allan said WHO had confirmed 40 cases of swine flu in the Americas, 26 in Mexico, six in Canada, two in Spain, two in Britain and three in New Zealand.

Ms Allan said it was difficult to measure how fast the virus was spreading.

She said a real concern would be if the flu virus manifested in a country where a person had had no contact with Mexico, and authorities were watching all countries for signs of that.

“There is no pattern that has emerged at this stage to be able to say that it is spreading in a particular way or it is spreading into a particular country … the situation is continuing to evolve,” she said.

She said the WHO was not recommending against overseas travel, but urged those who felt sick to stay home and others to ensure they kept their hands clean.

No decision had yet been made about vaccinations.

“This virus is not airborne, it’s caused by droplets … so it’s not a time for worry. It’s a time to be prepared,” Ms Allan said.

53 Responses

  1. But it makes for a nice distraction while Congress is pushing forward with the cap and trade scheme which will cost each household nearly $4,000.00 dollars a year.

    Toss in another distraction, a 757 flying close to NY city skyscrapers and the masses will keep chattering until they see their utility bills double, then triple.

    FAA Memo: Feds Knew NYC Flyover Would Cause Panic – “FAA Memo: Feds Knew NYC Flyover Would Cause Panic

    Threatened Federal Sanctions Against NYPD, Secret Service, FBI & Mayor’s Office If Secret Ever Got Out

    In a memo obtained by CBS 2 HD the Federal Aviation Administration’s James Johnston said the agency was aware of “the possibility of public concern regarding DOD (Department of Defense) aircraft flying at low altitudes” in an around New York City. But they demanded total secrecy from the NYPD, the Secret Service, the FBI and even the mayor’s office and threatened federal sanctions if the secret got out.

    Why threaten the NYPD and the mayor about this 9/11 type flyby, unless they wanted to surprise and scare the hell out of New Yorkers?

    • Oh I am sure the Rahm controlled congress will take very good care of their “switch hitter”, Arlen. They will make sure he sits atop a few choice committees, he will be wined and dined at the White House, and come next election cycle for him, Diebold will make damn sure he stays in office no matter what he runs as.

      I don’t know about the fly-by Greg. That’s something that, to me, there is a lot more to that story than any of us know. Good thing the swine flu scare was around to cover it up in the news cycle, huh?

  2. They threatened the NYPD? Guess the police are pissed… now the vampires are feeling confident enough to abuse the police…. not letting them do their jobs… If I was a Police Officer, I would be vivid with disgust and anger…. what a insult to the Police and to all New Yorkers… and Americans….
    OK… so only 7 dead… and those seven were important to their kin and love ones…. whoever was responsible for the swine outbreak should be prosecuted…. and the people who got sick but refused to die? They paid a terrible price also for whoever is profiting from this ‘pandemic’…. how much can Obama allow to flow from his office? When will he be the man that was voted for? Where is the man in Obama?

  3. I will admit that I have concerns about this virus. Suddenly, there it is, and they make it sound as if it is going to be sweeping accross the globe, killing millions. I don’t know whether to take this serious, or rather if this is sime kind of subversion.

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  5. Sooooo…. the masses are no longer cowering in fear anytime there is mention of a terrorist attempt… I guess maybe the PTB have cried wolf too many times on that one, lets see what can we do now that will bring the stupid masses back under control…

    Hey how about releasing a virus someplace to scare the bejesus out of people, have them panic and we the PTB ride in with a save the day scenario and then remind the masses how much they do need us…

    Sooo…. the torture debate is starting to get a bit heated….hmmmm…. those ungrateful sons a bitches need a reminder of why we tortured and continue to torture, after all Bill O Reilly has it right, maybe a shock reminder of 9/11 is in order to get people to appreciate why we torture. Better make it air force one though cause we can cover our story better if we need to….

    Now if all of this does not get the desired results we always have the evil alien stories, destruction of planet earth and planet X, 2012, armagedon etc etc waiting in the wings…..

    Ho hum ho hum

  6. […] Rumsfeld and others are laughing all the way to bank talking about how gullible the public is. Only 7 swine flu deaths, not 152, says WHO American Everyman U.S. swine flu cases grow to 91, including child who died – Wash DC is controlled by big […]

  7. Here’s what they’re trying to hide, the $4,000 dollar a year tax increase that will hit us when that damned cap and trade scheme is passed.

    Earth Day Update: Cap and Trade’s $3,900 per Family per Year Price Tag

    Another 700 billion or so given to those Wall Street gangsters.

    • $680 billion in new taxes estimated by the Obama fiscal plan in the U.S. alone between business and personal (of course the cost of the business tax hikes will be passed on to the consumers of course…) but let’s not forget that this is a GLOBAL plan meaning that they will pass plans like this one everywhere else that they can or that they can use the IMF and World Bank to force countries to… So how much money will the GLOBAL total be? think about that…. lotta new taxes being used for SOMETHING….

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  9. […] to the newly emerged swine flu, virus H1N1. However, WHO maintains there is only 7 confirmed deaths due to influenza virus. More people die from masochistic sex, but that doesn’t keep functionally illiterate people […]

  10. Wow! this is a tough one to swallow. So much is going on in the world at the same time. Who ever is doing this is doing a brilliant job scaremongering us all. I believe this is just a taste of what is to come. this is casuing mayhem and later chaos. The New World Order will use this now to create order. Order out of chaos. Its time to wake up people and smell the rat. The one thing we are focusing on is on the outside. we must look in the mirror to see it is us who have allowed such things to happen.

  11. Hello. If you want to read stories of wonderful ordinary people, this blog is yours. Enjoy it! you´ll like it!

    PD: You can also send your stories! Thank you!

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  13. My concern and the puzzle here is how it broke out at the same time in so many parts of the whole. This is a new phenomena for a flu virus. It spreads, yes. but this was not a spread but a simultaneous outbreak all over. BB

  14. […] as swine flu. Another 19 patients have been confirmed as having swine flu but surviving. Although some insiders at WHO believe these numbers are seriously inflated and could be as low as single […]

  15. Yesterday morning, Mexico was reporting 159 deaths from swine flu. According to the WHO, that number is not only 7. How does 159 magically become 7? By including the word “confirmed” in front of it.

    This, I believe, is why the swine flu death count remains magically low even as doctors on the ground in Mexico City are reporting much larger numbers of real-world swine flu deaths.

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  17. […] as swine flu. Another 19 patients have been confirmed as having swine flu but surviving. However, some insiders at WHO believe these numbers are seriously inflated and could be as low as single digits. By contrast, the […]

  18. […] as swine flu. Another 19 patients have been confirmed as having swine flu but surviving. Although some insiders at WHO believe these numbers are seriously inflated and could be as low as single […]

  19. you all are retarted.. you think this is some scam the goverments trying to pull off.. you wierdo’s get a life.. stop bitching about taxes and get off you ass and work.. only broke lazy people bitch. The rest of us deal with it and move on. Don’t be a part of the problem be a part of the solution. Whats the world coming to?? Everyone thinks they know it all and has something to say about everything they think is wrong, instead of living life and enjoying there loved ones. All of you that make these crazy comments and know it all need help!


    • uh… it’s retarded not “retarted”… and governments not “goverments”… that would be “their loved ones” not “there loved ones”.

      “Don’t be a part of the problem be a part of the solution.” nice cliche, but in this country, being an informed and politically aware citizen used to be considered a virtue. That is before the “shut up and do what the president says” brigades took over.

      “The rest of us deal with it and move on.” exactly my point, sheeple. You just take an ass reaming and keep on rolling on… hell of a life credo you got working for you there, “me”.

      Oh, BTW, your “wierdo’s” and “Whats” would really be… weirdos and What’s. (the apostrophe is for the “i” in the shortened “What is the world coming to”… just saying…

  20. oh and one more thing.. who cares if its 9 or 1,000??? The fact is its out there and people are getting sick and some are dieing. I read your comments, sounds like some of you know so much we should put you in office to make all the descions… a bunch of 1st class know it alls… that wouldn’t know there ass from a hole in the ground.. I wish the president would come out on tv and tell you all that… then maybe they could do there job and get things done rather than worring about hurting peoples feelings…geeeeeeeeeez people need to wake up.

  21. lol, see one of the smart ones responded. I like that you style. Correcting errors and grammer. Must be a english major… see we need guys like you running this country, keeping sheep like me/us under control. Do you really think your opinions matter, that your voice will be heard? Well you can get caught up in all the bs, while sheep like me…spend time traveling the world, spending weekends at the beach house and winters sking.. TV is a waste of the mind.. and the news are lies half of the time anyway.. In my opinion know one know whats going on anyway.. we are all guessing and crossing our fingers and the end of the day.. but it sounds like your smart so keep up the good work…I’m just saying….

    • Well, me…

      You have to admit, you kinda left yourself wide open for a little light-hearted critiquing.

      I am not an English major, just a carpenter and as far as ‘running this country” is concerned, I can barely run a silly little free-be blog or a bank account, much less the mess this country is in.

      I don’t watch tv… and I hate to be the one to tell you this, but the news is lies ALL the time; at least that is the way I figure it.

      I am glad to hear you are doing well, I really am. I hope your success continues and all this blows over. Guessing is exactly what this is; just playing the ponies as it were. good luck to you.

  22. So you think the goverment has a conspiracy on the american people.. BAHHH BAHH BAHHHHH this sheep thinks you crazy!

  23. well played!! Have a great day!! I really like your style.. Good luck to you as well!!! And I mean that! 🙂

  24. Well hell, I thought there was going to be a big fight here. I brought popcorn an soda and everything. Damm,,,,what a let down……..

  25. Last nite, when I got home, I read the people home page news and a headline said “WHO SAID IT IS A PANDEMIC” I thought it was a question, i went into the story looking for who said that. then, after i could’nt find out WHO said that, i realized who, who was. get it?
    World Health organization. thats who……….

  26. […] to fight poverty > As Swine Flu Spreads, Conspiracy Theories of Laboratory Origins Abound > Only 7 swine flu deaths, not 152, says WHO > Pope apologizes for abuse at native schools > Global warming alarmists out in cold > […]

  27. […] to fight poverty > As Swine Flu Spreads, Conspiracy Theories of Laboratory Origins Abound > Only 7 swine flu deaths, not 152, says WHO > Pope apologizes for abuse at native schools > Global warming alarmists out in cold > […]

  28. What the Hell is it with all these weird comment headers? Are they trying to tell us something?

  29. […] Only 7 swine flu deaths, not 152, says WHO from the SMH A member of the World Health Organisation (WHO) has dismissed claims that more than 150 people have died […] […]

  30. how can we trust this bullspit the writter of this crap can’t even spell! organization not organisation. and there has been a US death. get your facts straight.

    • Karen;

      The article is from the Sydney Morning Herold and the Australian Associated Press, if you wish to go and debate someone in Sydney as to how they spell certain words, be my guest, but his assessment was so accurate, that Mexico did in fact admit that there had only been 7 confirmed cases when this story first came out. So that is, in fact, accurate.

      And the ONE U.S. death that you are harping on as some kind of “proof” is that of a young Mexican boy who had just come across the border and fell ill and just recently died in a Texas hospital. That’s the one U.S. death you are talking about.

      and this information is from an article written just 14 hours ago from Reuters News service, just in case you want to correct their spelling to.

  31. […] as swine flu. Another 19 patients have been confirmed as having swine flu but surviving. Although some insiders at WHO believe these numbers are seriously inflated and could be as low as single […]

  32. This is really another laughable attempt at fear mongering. I am so sick of all this “terror”, “violence”, “virus” bullshit designed to make people fearful or paranoid. Its an assault on your mind with real world consequences like these tax bills being passed under the table, which is the way this shit has happened in the past. I look at all terror threats and virus threats as a smoke screen. Politicians stopped caring about individuals a loooooooooonng time ago. The news is a sham; emotional opinionated bullshit. Few facts if any given to the public with pre-thought opinions attached to them. God bless the internet. At least its unbiased in the grand scale of opinion that is put out there for consideration.

    P.S. the world is a lovely place and 99% of people are cool. Living can get tough because of this shit but its important to remember the good things in life. Cause you will certainly never hear about that in the news

  33. […] (not the 159 reported elsewhere) and all those have been in Mexico (7) and the US (1). This is also blogged by someone here – slightly older data. In the UK, those diagnosed a few days ago are apparently getting better. […]

  34. What we all know -or should know- is that what we are told by government is rarely synonymous with real objective truth (if there is such a thing). But in a situation such as a flu pandemic governments benefit from downplaying the reality. A nationwide -or worse yet, world-wide- panic can result in a whole Pandora’s Box of crises which no goverment official desires to have to deal with. Among the “truths” that the public isn’t currently being told is that over 10,000 people have been reported to the CDC to have died from Influenzavirus A, or type H1, in the United States since January ’09. How many of these were actually the H1N1 Virus cannot be confirmed due to the fact that testing for this specific virus has only begun. The number of infections and resulting fatalities from Influenzavirus A is, in all likelihood, much higher than the reported 10,000+ because, according to the CDC, individual states aren’t required to report flu deaths that occur in people over 18 years of age; few death certificates actually list the flu as a cause of death; and many die from secondary complications several days or even weeks after being infected. Just because “confirmed” numbers are low doesn’t mean that the situation isn’t of a much larger scope. Keep in mind that confirmation has to come from the CDC, even though hundreds of cases of this particular virus have already been confirmed at local levels just in the last few days. It’s a slow and inefficient process, to say the least. It’s logical to conclude that thousands of people in the US are currently infected with this virus, and hundreds have already died. Furthermore, the outbreak is following an identical pattern to the “Great Plague” of 1918, with the same characteristics. Right now no one knows how bad this situation truly is, or how bad it may get. The only certainty is that the American public in general will continue to be in the dark until after this is all over, when the potential for mass panic has been dispelled. Then perhaps some real estimates will be released. Despite what you may think, whatever “hype” you’re hearing today is designed to help calm your fear. Reality itself can sometimes be a very frightening place.
    Good luck.

  35. I hope people start donating to these guys and everyone gets TIVO cause I do not care how many pig smells can be cured by soap the BOX (tv) can find a new venue for their good clean fun, have you seen the shows….. pew The place to be is on the net and cause everyone can share the house will rock! Anyone seen Frost/Nixon, great film but the beauty is their is always more to come. Lets get this party started, and pull the plug on TV advertising all together till News has some meaning again. Think about it, hidden coffins,, dude I remember everyone of my fallen friends during the VN conflict/occupation as now rendered by the world court and the real trouble is manipulation is waved in the timeline by AlterNet life cycles as alive as the flu victims that buy Theriflu over the counter or in health food stores and now it a school rape kit. You give anyone enough rope and they will hang themselves and when the gov got into the medical bizz hooking up with the schools and DNA and won’t speak about it on the news, just what else are we not getting?

  36. I think it important for people to remember that American English is a pluralistic form of a cumulative set of grammatic and spelling rules. In the UK, with a more ‘mature’ lingual style, organization is ‘organisation’. I will not pretend to use appropriate spelling at all times without an effective compensational skill, but I do caution myself to refrain from correcting others until I have verifed my own information.
    My alliance is not necessarily with that of the conspiracy theorists, however, their are some valid points made. But for those who wish to attack the current fiscal status, please verify your political history beyond that of solely documentable biased sources. If more voters approached decisions based on a thorough scrutiny of voting records, decision impacts, and demonstrated leadership qualities that align rather than patronize the electorate and adherence to the responsibilities of leaders as the articulators & stewards of the Constitution & its amendments (particularly the 10 Rights), I would hope that logic would expose sound election results beyond the marketing ploys. Reaganomics tripled the federal deficit, Bush Jr & Sr spoke for corporate America and left the rest of us behind-(Jr leaving a negative impact legacy on the public education system) and now a principled man is doing what he can to restructure and recreate America back to her former glory- before corporations ran the country instead of the common man. (BTW- Thomas Jefferson and our founding fathers were quite clear on the role of the electorate, education, and the purpose of the government and its limits.- Nonetheless, these guidelines were summarily disposed of.)

    Now to the initial point, this is flu season; the unfortunate reality is that people do die. The only US death, is really not a US death, it was a 23mo old Mexican “vacationer” whose family crossed seeking medical attention for their ill child- by location yes- but not by point of infection nor increased symptoms.

  37. Honestvirologist, if people are dying all over America from the Swine flu, then the death notices would be in the news papers… check them out. also as wide spread as the readership of the internet is, if people were dying from the flu.. it would be on the internet. That is the big difference since 1918… the internet is the ultimate communication tool.

  38. According to CNN, there are already 800 plus who are infected with this virus.

  39. According to MSN, the swine flu has relented in Mexico and is slowing down in other countries… I think ‘they’ will wait until sept to release it again…. the vaccine has not been produced yet.. they have to have time to produce the product that they want to ‘bug’ us with.

  40. actually the swine flu isn’t danger for most people.

  41. That is good news, Kesehatan, i hope I’m one of ‘most people’. I read that young people are more inclined to get real sick from the swine flu. It seems older people are tougher and more experienced in fighting the flu. Now, does that make any sense?
    During the flu season, the older generation are told to get the flu shot because they are more inclined to die from the flu… now they say older people are better as resisting a flu germ.
    What? Is that confusing or not?

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