Face of the “New Democrats” – Arlen Specter Gives The DINOs Absolute Control. God Help Us All…

by Scott Creighton

Normally, after 8 years of CheneyCo, I would be pleased to see the dems in control for at least a couple years.  But I’m not brain dead, nor am I blinded by or easily distracted by, cheap partisan theatrics that feel like they’ve been written by a lazy and unusually dull high-school student.  I’m  smart enough to know that since 2007 (and even before that) the DLC, the Blue Dog Dems, and Clinton’s “New Democrats” have been rabidly aiding and abetting the vast moral decay that has taken hold of Washington lo these past several years.

I won’t bore you with another explanation of what the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) is or what they support; suffice to say, they just love NAFTA, the Security and Prosperity Partnership,  unrestricted free-trade, the privatization of every dime in the government that doesn’t end up in their pockets, No Child Left Behind, the Help America Vote Act, torture, warrentless wiretapping, big business (they REALLY love Big Business), AIPAC, and war.

Those “New” democrats just love them some war. Can’t get enough of the stuff.

Well, if that doesn’t sound like “democrats” to you, you’re not alone. Cus they aren’t. They’re Democrats In Name Only (DINOs).  That might explain their attraction to Arlen Specter.

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Gore “can’t remember” if he worked with Ken Lay on the Carbon Tax Credits Plan in 1997?

In a House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee hearing yesterday, Al Gore gave a rather remarkable answer to a legitimate question posed by one of the committee members about whether or not he and Ken Lay started laying the ground work for this “Carbon tax Credits scheme” in meetings they held in 2007. EDIT: 1997

“Well, lotta people met with him before everyone knew he was a crook.” was Gore’s response.  He also stated that he “couldn’t remember” if he and Lay worked on the carbon tax credits plan.  He was visibly shaken once this line of questioning started.

He also seems to have lied about whether or not he is partnered with a former Goldman Sach’s CEO.  He is.

Watch it yourself and see what you think. I have to run for a minute or two.

Then check out the Infowars story on Truthnews

The Pandemic That Wasn’t: Killing Two Birds with One Bug

by Scott Creighton

What a coincidence! Once again a national emergency occurs just in the nick of time for several pending issues to get in under the wire. Namely;

1. close to a billion dollars funneled into the “pandemic preparedness” for-profit industry and;

2. the senate confirmation of yet another DLC (read as “republicanistic NAFTA free-trade loving globalist Clintonista democrats who just can’t get enough of the Iraq War, the Af-Pak War and all the profits wars stand for“) appointment for Team DLC Obama Brand.

Team DLC Obama Brand!

Team DLC Obama Brand!

The “Pandemic Panic!” news hype of 2009 is almost over. But luckily for the DLC-rich Obama™,  it can still be used to secure a couple of initiatives for the current administration that were proving a little troublesome in the recent past.

Way to go, swine flu! Just hang in there a little longer, would ya, so Team DLC Obama Brand (and their republicans in disguise)  can put the finishing touches on Friedman Free-Marketing Miracle of America.

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