Job Creation/Loss Since Jan. 2007

Slate put up this great interactive map showing specific counties job numbers by month compared to the previous year, for the past 2 years.  It runs a little slow on my computer, so I took a sampling of the months and made screen-shots out of them.  If you want to know what economic terrorism looks like, consider.. it took just two years to go…


Two short years of Bush’s economic plans combined with the Blue Dogs/ New Dems complicity.  This was a bi-partisan effort that is for sure.  Pelosi, Reid, Hoyer, Dodd, Frank, Clinton, and Biden all have their finger-prints on this disaster just like Cheney, Rice, Paulson, and Bush.

If you want to see the month-by-month screen-shots, check them out after the break.

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Perhaps the Billboard Comparison Wasn’t Blunt Enough for Most of you to See the Propaganda… Try This One Where Israel Attempts to Sell the People Of India on the Notion That they are Israel’s Bitch…

Dancing around weapons, promising to “protect” their new bitch, India… Israeli missles – Indian traditional dancers, and “Rico Swuavee de Israel”… with such classic lines as…

IsraelWe’ve been together for so long, trusting friends and partners

India – I need to feel safe and sheltered, security and protection

commitment and perfection, defense and dedication…

IsraelI promise to defend you, fullfill your expectations.

Shield you and support you, Meet my obligations.

India – I believe in you… friends and companions…

IsraelCommitted and strong…

Both –  We will stand united, protect our bond…

Non-Violence in Palestine; Timing and Intentions

(“Some may suggest that non-violent resistance in such situations is the embodiment of the dignified struggle. Others might call it surrender.” Goddamn right.)

by Ramzey Baroud, Atheo News

When one speaks of or advocates non-violence, does he promote such an idea because he believes that historically it has been a more effective means of liberation, or is it purely because he thinks that it is a more self-respecting means of struggle?

In recent history, many advocates of non-violence have been celebrated as modern day icons. From Ghandi to King, songs are written in their honor, their life stories fill the pages of our children’s history volumes as noble examples of which everyone must aspire to emulate. Holidays are instituted in their honor and around the world; streets and boulevards carry their namesake.

Why is it that the “establishment” goes to such great lengths to lift up these individuals? Where are the holidays commemorating the life and sacrifices of Malcolm X, where are the stories of Crazy Horse or Geronimo? Could it be possible that these figures remain in the shadows of pacifists because their ideals shook up the status quo just a little too much? When the “establishment” celebrates individuals for their non-violence, could that be another way of recognizing them for making just enough commotion, but not too much commotion?

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How Can You Trust The Cowardly BBC?

The BBC Trust is now a mouthpiece for the Israeli lobby which abused Bowen

by Robert Fisk, ICH

The BBC Trust’s report on Jeremy Bowen’s dispatches from the Middle East is pusillanimous, cowardly, outrageous, factually wrong and ethically dishonest.

But I am mincing my words.

The trust – how I love that word which so dishonours everything about the BBC – has collapsed, in the most shameful way, against the usual Israeli lobbyists who have claimed – against all the facts – that Bowen was wrong to tell the truth.


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