The Panama Deception – 1992

If you think Afghanistan or the Gulf War was the first Shock and Awe of the Bush Dynasty (w/ Dick Cheney and Colin Powel and a host of familiar characters),  think again.

Delta Forces going in and attacking U.S. citizens to make it look like Panamanians did it, the “Hard Chargers” deliberately provoking Panamanian soldiers and civilians in the hopes that an international incident would result… these were the tactics of our forces in Panama. They are not under dispute.

When the occupation first began, U.S. forces raided the offices of organizations and teachers who had been critical in the past of U.S. policies and intervention.”  One such writer was arrested and detained for 18 months without a single charge being leveled at him. He was just held in custody, because they didn’t like what he had to say. The “they” I am referring to, were the U.S. occupational forces.

“Though Bush Sr. said that part of the reason to get rid of Noriega was to stem the flow of narcotics from Panama, the Government Accountability Office said that cocaine flow through Panama nearly doubled in the two years after the invasion. And the installed Presidents wife had family ties to the cocaine industry.”

Hope Abandoned: Obama Protects CIA Torture Memos

(Bush’s lead guy on torture and a key figure in the fabrication of “evidence” prior to the Iraq War, Stephen Kappes, is now 2nd in command in Obama’s CIA)

by Chris Floyd, CounterPunch

It was obvious from the moment that Barack Obama appointed Leon Panetta to head the CIA that there was going to be no serious investigation — much less prosecution — of the high crimes of torture committed by the agency at the order of the Bush White House. Panetta, a Clinton retread (who actually began his career in the Nixon administration), has always been a bland, feckless, obedient servant of the Establishment; he has no outside power base, no pull, no heft, no popularity — nothing that would enable him to grab hold of the CIA with both hands and clean that fetid, blood-encrusted house. And of course, it was precisely this kind of powerless figure that Barack Obama wanted in the post.

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Understanding False Flag Terror: An interview with Annie Machon.

(It’s been over 10 years since Annie Machon and David Shayler resigned from MI5, to blow the whistle on an act of False Flag terror by British intelligence in Libya, and other deceptive practices by intelligence agencies in the UK and abroad. In 2006, Machon gave a Keynote speech at the landmark Chicago 9/11 Truth Conference, introducing her story to a wider audience. In 2006-7, Machon organised three UK and European tours for William Rodriguez. She traveled and spoke with him at over 40 engagements, last year she spoke in California. She has also organised European speaking tours for Richard Gage and David Ray Griffin, and shared a platform with Cynthia McKinney in Amsterdam in 2007. Starting in May, Machon will be speaking at a number of places in Canada. To learn more about this speaking tour, and to possibly add your city to the itinerary, please contact Elizabeth Woodworth: elizwood(at) or Patrick Borden: omtrayumbakam(at) -rep.)

911blogger: Ms. Machon, what is your current relationship with David Shayler? Do you still believe that Shayler had a genuine breakdown, or was his breakdown perhaps premediated, with the intent of making 9/11 Truth advocates look batty?

Machon: David and I separated almost three years ago, and I’m now living in Germany with my partner and Molly the cat.

I have very little contact with David now, which is strange after the intensity of our years together, when we blew the whistle, had to go on the run around Europe, watch as our friends, family, supporters and journalists were arrested, live in France for 3 years and survive two high-profile court cases.

It’s a shame it all happened just before the internet, electronic media archives, and youtube were endemic – otherwise people would be able to see, at the click of a mouse, just how big a scandal it was, what we went through, and how vicious the response was from the government and intelligence agencies. The story has been largely forgotten and spun by the media, and my book (which described the full case) was buried.

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The Global War on … “Piracy”?

It’s so ridiculous, it’s such a joke.  The bullshit that these people are forced to utter to us just has to make them laugh out loud occasionally. Oh, here’s an example now… Shillery talking about the latest “piracy” off the coast of Somalia

I guess this global effort wouldn’t have anything to do with protecting your Walmart trade lanes, now would it? Or maybe choking off their competitors? Maybe even using shipping lanes as a weapon to force nations to succumb to our International Monetary Fund demands?  Unbelievable.  We are now the East India Trading Company.  “terrorists”… “pirates”… what’s next?  gobblins?

But if you want a little clearer view of what this is about…

Somali pirates have accused European firms of dumping toxic waste off the Somali coast and are demanding an $8m ransom for the return of a Ukranian ship they captured, saying the money will go towards cleaning up the waste.”

20 years or so of using the coast of Somalia as a toxic dumping field…