The Only Thing that has Changed… is You.

Images of change…

Rainy Day on Wall Street

On Rainy Day on Wall Street...

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Sanders and single-payer

by S. King, MD. from the Berkshire Eagle

Sen. Bernie Sanders, a Vermont Independent, has just introduced a single-payer health care reform bill into the United States Senate. This legislation stands in sharp contrast to the reform models offered by the White House and Sen. Max Baucus, which are similar to our current Massachusetts reform. Unlike Massachusetts, the Sanders bill would eliminate the many private insurance companies and create a “single payer” to administer health care funds.

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When the Peasants Come Knocking

What a joke it is to these people, these “progressive” champions of “change”, when the peasants slip past the tricked-out Blackwater type police they employ with our money.

Quick!  Shout incoherently as they try to speak as to drown out the inconvenient facts they are libel to say!

Then laugh it off, as if public service will always bring such “nuts” out of the woodwork, regardless of how many millions you pocket helping the giants of finance rape and pillage the nation. Oh what a laugh we will all have!

Did that guy say he was out of work? haahaahaahaahaa. It is a grand joke, is it not?

Here, progressive Obamaites… here is your fucking “change”.

Living Large and in Charge

by Robert Sheer, Truthdig

Livin Large on the Public Dime

Livin Large on the Public Dime

Not surprisingly, Lawrence Summers is convinced that he deserved every penny of the $8 million that Wall Street firms paid him last year. And why shouldn’t he be cut in on the loot from the loopholes in the toxic derivatives market that he pushed into law when he was Bill Clinton’s treasury secretary? No one has been more persistently effective in paving the way for the financial swindles that enriched the titans of finance while impoverishing the rest of the world than the man who is now the top economic adviser to President Obama.

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