US Envoy Writes of Israeli Threats

by Barbara Crossette, The Nation

In the wake of the accusation by Chas Freeman that his nomination to lead the National Intelligence Council was derailed by an “Israeli lobby,” a forthcoming memoir by another distinguished ambassador adds stunning new charges to the debate. The ambassador, John Gunther Dean, writes that over the years he not only came under pressure from pro-Israeli groups and officials in Washington but also was the target of an Israeli-inspired assassination attempt in 1980 in Lebanon, where he had opened links to the Palestine Liberation Organization.

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Resist or Become Serfs

(fuck rebooting. “Once more into the breech, dear friends. Once more..”)

by Chris Hedges, Truthdig

America is devolving into a third-world nation. And if we do not immediately halt our elite’s rapacious looting of the public treasury we will be left with trillions in debts, which can never be repaid, and widespread human misery which we will be helpless to ameliorate. Our anemic democracy will be replaced with a robust national police state. The elite will withdraw into heavily guarded gated communities where they will have access to security, goods and services that cannot be afforded by the rest of us. Tens of millions of people, brutally controlled, will live in perpetual poverty. This is the inevitable result of unchecked corporate capitalism. The stimulus and bailout plans are not about saving us. They are about saving them. We can resist, which means street protests, disruptions of the system and demonstrations, or become serfs.

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Time to Reboot

by Scott Creighton

What a weekend.

For those of you who read this site, and for those of you who comment on it,  I want you to know that I have received a great deal from you, and I thank you. I don’t mean to be cryptic or melodramatic or both, but due to recent events I think I need a little break. (and no. this is not about the Sisk issue.)

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