Still More Serious Problems With Jim Hoffman’s Revised (version 1.1) “A Hypothetical Blasting Scenario ” Makes His Recent Essay Remain Far From “Plausible”

by Scott Creighton

***UPDATE*** – Mr. Hoffman has modified his hypothetical scenario and published version 1.1 on his site.

I emailed a copy of my first evaluation of his work to all three of his email accounts yesterday morning as soon as I finished the essay. The night he published the first version, I stayed up till 4 in the morning writing my response because I knew that if Hoffman’s hypothesis remained as the “official” theory of how these materials were used to bring down the towers, that elements out there would use it to undermine the credibility of this movement in general. I also emailed a copy to Steven Jones.

Where Jones did reply, Hoffman never did. Hoffman simply made a few revisions in his labor estimates, and gave a little more detail about his proposed demolition process. And I have to say I am extremely disappointed. You see I had also offered to help Hoffman configure a more realistic manpower estimate in an email I sent him later in the day but he never responded. What he did was change his estimates to a “believable” 6 tiles switch outs per minute per man. That’s the big change.

Problems I still have with his highly unrealistic “Plausible hypothesis”

“This is just the sort of wackiness defenders of the Official Story harp on to show how gullible and incompetent we conspiracy theorists are supposed to be.”  Jim Hoffman, 2006 interview – Salon

1. Hoffman concludes that Jones’ essay proves there were two types of theritic material in the towers, an incendiary type and a high explosive capable of generating enough detonation velocity to pulverize not just one floor above the tiles but also the floor below it. That is a great deal of detonation velocity per 20″x20″x.125″ of his nano-thermite material.  Of course he offers no math on the detonation velocity output of this material nor does he figure the energy needed to achieve this.

And of course all of this is based on Jones’ finding of a set amount of “unexploded” thermitic material, which begs the question, if there was THIS much UNEXPLODED material still in the dust and rubble of the towers, exactly how much was actually EXPLODED and how much, by volume or by mass,  must have been installed in the first place?  But none of that is addressed by Hoffman.

2. Perhaps Hoffman doesn’t come up with a number because Jones is still unable to discern even the exact ORGANIC compound that is present in his samples.  This is a big issue as that it is that very ORGANIC COMPOUND that determines whether or not a shock wave could have been generated in the first place by this material, and what the detonation velocity would be.

In short… how can anyone presume to put forward an theory of demolition design without knowing or stating how much of the material would be required to effectively achieve the results that we saw? Without knowing the detonation velocity per mass unit, what we have is just unsupported speculation.  Is that what we need? More unsupported speculation?

3. Hoffman has now revised his numbers abit, where the labor and manpower needed to achieve the pre-demo rigging is concerned.  Previously he stated that 1 man would have to switch out 10 tiles per minute, 600 per hour, 4,800 per day –  and 20 men working 50 hours each to finish the project.  I pointed out that men can’t move a ladder into place, climb the ladder, remove the old tile, replace the new tile-bomb, and then climb down the ladder in 6 seconds… so Hoffman revised his numbers.

Now Hoffman is saying that 1 man would have to switch out 6 tiles per minute, 360 tiles per hour, 2,880 per 8 hour day with 30 men working 56 hours to (per tower) to complete the project. That means (his “realistic”? revised idea is) each man would have to move a ladder into place, climb the ladder, remove the old tile, replace the new tile-bomb, and climb down the ladder in his revised estimated time AVERAGE of… 10 seconds… giving these guys a full 4 extra seconds to complete the task.

It’s clear to me that Hoffman has not worked on a commercial jobsite before and seen the pace the average worker moves at.

Now remember, stilts could be used on floors that are clear of tenets and furniture and that would improve the speed somewhat, but when working in stilts, the worker can’t reach the floor or a box containing the “bomb-tile” so he has to have a ground worker assist him, which means they are now accounting for 2 men and not one, which means they have to move TWICE as fast to maintain Hoffman’s presumed schedule.  Also, on occupied floors, stilts could be used only in the areas where there is a path through the cubicles… another individual would have to be using the ladder or moving around on top of desks and file cabinets, ect.  And of course all the other old tiles have to be packed up for removal, the desks have to be cleaned after the dust from the 20 year old tile falls on someones desk… there are a lot of factors to take into consideration, and they ALL make Hoffmans projected time-line completely unrealistic.

4. 1,800,000 individually wired separate tile-bombs each complete with it’s own receiver AND igniter device…

5.  “undocumented workers” – Hoffman’s theory here is that 30 undocumented immigrant workers prepped the towers for demolition. Hoffman makes this rather unbelievable statement, and he has left it in his revised version of this paper – “The labor-intensive portions of the operation might be made more secure by using undocumented workers who are naturally dis-inclined to raise questions about the work.“.  Aside from the fact that this sentence could easily be misconstrued, his idea is that we now have 30 illegal aliens running around, still at break-neck speeds,  installing 1.8 million tile-bombs.

The fact that they don’t know how to handle explosives or that they are even handling explosives is apparently alright with Mr. Hoffman.

The fact is, there are very few professions in this world with the exception of the medical field and engineering (that’s structural, Mr. Hoffman, not software) where more care is put in CONTROLLING every aspect of the process from start to finish. Control is the key element of “controlled demolition”.

Someone putting this much on the line, a person who is a controlled demolitions expert and therefore a control freak in the first place by profession, IS NOT GOING TO HAND 1.8 MILLION SEPARATE BOMBS TO UNDOCUMENTED, UNTRAINED, UNSUSPECTING WORKERS TO RUN AROUND AND SLAM INTO PLACE AS FAST AS THEY CAN.

Since I mentioned this point to Hoffman in the first place and he seems to refuse to reconsider it, makes me wonder if Hoffman really has any idea about the process or the people involved in the controlled demo industry. We are not talking about installing ceiling tiles. We are talking about installing sensitive explosives and the DETONATING equipment attached to them.

Anyone designing a task of this magnitude and level of required secrecy would NEVER set as his foundation, 30 undocumented, non-English speaking, untrained and unsuspecting laborers setting 1.8 million individual bombs.

The idea that Hoffman has now presented twice… is stupid.

6.  Fire Extinguisher bombs… do I really have to say ANYTHING more about this?  He suggests that one of the high-explosive type “kicker” charge theritic bombs would be disguised as “fire extinguishers” and left on occupied floors.

Meaning that if someone were to need to grab a fire extinguisher on that floor for one of any NUMBER of possible reasons before they detonate the place, that they would actually be YANKING a wired bomb off the wall, and running with it TOWARDS A FIRE.

Do I really need to tell anyone here just how silly that is? Do I really need to say that a DEMOLITION EXPERT designing this process would see the problem with that idea?

7.  Plane Have to Hit At Exactly the Right Location…  One thing about the pre-staged radio controlled demolition theory is that it wouldn’t matter where the planes hit the buildings as that the computer controlled sequence could be programed at any time prior to the demolition process to start anywhere.

Thanks to Mr. Hoffman’s theory, that is now out the window. Now, according to his theory, the planes had to hit exactly at those locations. No tolerance for wind speeds or cross winds or any of that.

This assertion does us a disservice I think. And again, no one is going to set this whole thing up and then have the plane miss the right floor and then have to start the demolition process 20 floors or so away from the strike zone. It’s no plausible and it’s just not practical.

8.  Still doesn’t address the core columns under the impact area.  90 floors of 47 massive steel columns, with diagonal cross bracing and “I” beam floors supports and lateral beam supports all getting larger and stronger the lower you go… and Hoffman’s theory still doesn’t address how these were demoed.

And the problems with this “plausible theory” go on.

The fact is, Jones himself suggests in his work the following;

Having observed unignited thermitic material in the WTC residue, we suggest that other energetic materials suitable for cutter charges or explosives should also be looked for in the WTC dust. NIST has admitted that they have not yet looked for such residues.”  Steven Jones

I would suggest that this advice from the Jones essay be followed as well.

Hoffman is attempting to form his hypothesis around incomplete data. Nothing wrong with that I suppose, but when you do that you need to be as realistic as possible within all the other parameters that you can.  Hoffmans revised work still doesn’t do that… at all.

This is just the sort of wackiness defenders of the Official Story harp on to show how gullible and incompetent we conspiracy theorists are supposed to be.”  Jim Hoffman, 2006 interview – Salon

4 Responses

  1. It sounds like more no planer stuff to me … debunkers must need more fuel … “You believe in the laws of physics!!? … I suppose you believe planes didn’t hit the buildings either you America hatin piece of shit!!?” … It’s the first thing “debunkers” try to hit you with … Now the second thing they’ll go for will be … “I suppose you also think a handful of untrained undocumented workers swapped out and wired every ceiling tile in the entire complex without anyone noticing at an average of six seconds apiece … you America hatin piece of shit”

    speculation is one thing … Hell I’ve done it myself on occasion … but obviously trying to put in a many “debunker” loop holes as possible while doing so is insulting to say the least ….

    I don’t think “exploding ceiling tiles” is how it went own at all … Even if it was I would estimate a minute per tile at least generous I know but you have to be when estimating … This guy has obviously never worked with ceiling tiles before let alone wired one to explode … Hoffman has to be throwing the “debunkers” another soft ball since they desperately need one ….

  2. They are doing this willy so debunkers can lump our theory in with it and discard both of them …

    Well there is a big difference between a couple of guys running Rdx … A case in which only the removal of a few tiles would be required … running some wire for a few hours then replacing the exact same few tiles ….

    and removing EVERY TILE and replacing it with a new one … then wiring ALL of them together … Then cleaning up the mess that would make ….

    • You are absolutely right, JD. And Hoffman isn’t the only one.

      Funny thing is, there is clear record of a “fiber optics” upgrade they started in late 1999. The security company did that. The “fiber optics” cables were for the new security system. They started running these cables about the same time the Project for a New American Century wrote “Rebuilding Americas Defenses” calling for a “new Pearl Harbor” and about the same time they removed the restrictions put in place in 1933 in the Glass-Steagall Act and the same time the Vulcans were meeting to plot Chimpy’s “foreign policy” plans with a guy who’s company made remote control flying systems…

      and of course there is no record at all of a huge “ceiling tile replacement” project…. hmmm…..

      And now we are supposed to be looking for the magical “ceiling tile bombs” and the secret government agency that made the nano-thermitic film? Really? Installed by illegal aliens who didn’t know they were bombs? That’s the “plan” we are supposed to buy into? Bombs disguised as fire extinguishers? Really? Wow. You gotta admit, that is funny.

  3. It is …. funny …. 🙂

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