And Another Thing, Jim Hoffman…

by Scott Creighton

Another glaring problem with Jim Hoffman’s revised “Hypothetical Demolition Theory”.

Jim Hoffman’s Wiki page says that the man worked “applying scientific visualization of mathematics” which makes this next problem I found in his hypothesis even more stunning.

Hoffman makes the following claim in his paper…

“We know that the Towers had only two types of ceiling tiles: 20-inch squares for the tenant spaces and 12-inch squares for the core spaces. An estimate of the number of tiles per tower is 12,000,000 large tiles and 8,000,000 small tiles.”  Hoffman

This is basic math folks, surely not even childs play for someone with Mr. Hoffman’s background. And yet, somehow, Mr. Hoffman publishes his paper on his site missing the mark by a factor of about 10.666….

The towers were about 207′-6″ x 207′-6″ square. That itself is a little large for the floor footage that we need because that number is based on the center to center measurement from the opposing exterior columns. So my figures will be slightly off, but as you will see, not nearly as off as Mr. Hoffman’s.

I drew this up very quickly so you can see what we are talking about. It’s based on the 67th floor plan taken from the high resolution architectural plans that came out in 2007. Take a look…

Typical Floor Plan w/ Ceiling Tile Layout Detail on Right

Typical Floor Plan w/ Ceiling Tile Layout Detail on Right

(click on image for larger view)

To find the square footage of the floor space of the areas, you simply multiply length times the width. it’s not hard.  Basically what you come up with are the numbers you see above,

total area for each floor is 43,056 sq ft

Total tenant area per floor is 30,589 sq ft

Total core area per floor is 12,467 sq ft.

Since each tower has 110 floors, you multiply 110 times each type of floor space and that tells you the total ‘tenant” and ‘core” floor space for each tower.

Total tenant floor space per tower = 3,364,790 sq ft

Total core floor space per tower = 1,371,370 sq ft.

Now if the 20″x20″ “tenant” type tile has a 2.99 sq ft. requirement (with “T” grid support, then you simply divide the total “tenant” space by the space required for one tile, and you get the estimate, per tower, that Mr. Hoffman suggested as being 12 million tiles… what you end up with though is…

Tenant tiles per tower =  1,125,347

So Mr. Hoffman’s estimate misses that mark by about… 10.875 million? Is that about right?  And you can do the math for the 12×12 “core” tiles yourselves…

Personally, I would change that little figure myself Mr. Hoffman, before someone else mass emails the link to the essay. And hope Popular Mechanics hasn’t seen it yet…

***UPDATE*** Since I just received an email from someone trying to suggest Hoffman missed a decimal in his “tenant” tiles number, I decided to take a look at Mr. Hoffman’s  “core” tile number of 8 million to see if that could be the same thing. (note; the difference factor is 10.666, and not a factor of 10 that a missed decimal might have caused… but, who’s counting?)

Total core floor space per tower = 1,371,370 sq ft.

“core” tiles are 12″ x 12″ (required spacing 12.75 x 12.75) for a sq ft per “core” tile of  1.13 sq ft.

Divide 1,371,370 by 1.13 and you get = 1,213,601 “core” tiles per tower. Not 8 million like Hoffman has stated.

The difference is a factor of 6.6.  And that is not a slipped decimal point.

2 Responses

  1. yeah…. Hoffman was way off! Unless he got his figures from the amount of tiles charged to the client as part of the builing costs…. funny…. a huge over charge…

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