Soccer Fans get even with Riot Police

What ever happened to “Never leave a man behind”?

Now I want you to watch very carefully what happens. Isn’t there a code about not leaving a fallen partner behind?

These cops get this guy on the ground and then ONE or two of them take some shots at him while he is smothered by 4 officers.

When the melee starts, the ones that were brutalizing the “suspect” RUN OFF THE FIELD LEAVING THEIR FELLOW OFFICERS LYING ON THE GROUND, STILL BEING ATTACKED!!!

If it wasn’t for other civilian spectators standing over the fallen cop and protecting him, he may have been killed.  You can see the other cop being escorted off the field by still more helpful civilians protecting him as well.

All this, while the cowardly bully that beat on the “suspect” and started the riot in the first place is safe in the dugout somewhere and his fallen partner still on field.

One Response

  1. even when it ws over, people wwere still coming down onto the field…. those cops didn’t have guns…. so it was an equal face off…….well, except for the sheer numbers of angry people. And all that guy did was to run across the field with a protest sign.
    When I was young… sometimes at fotball games, a guy woudl run out onto the field with a sign to protest something … people would just laugh…. he’d stand a moment and then walk on off…. nobody tried to kill him or anything.

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