Sunday Doodles

How messed up in the head am I? This is how I spent this beautiful Sunday…

WTC North Detail Section

WTC North Detail Section

[more doodling after the break]

These are based on the Architectural drawings released in 2007, as well as from this photo of the interior of a typical office space in the towers.

Typical "open" style office interior WTC North

Typical "open" style office interior WTC North

(notice the space above the door header from the trim to the ceiling. This is how I figured the ceilings were roughly 7′-6″.  Also notice how the window openings go all the way up to the ceiling and beyond.)

WTC North Cross Section

WTC North Cross Section

Phoenix Cross Section

Phoenix Cross Section

It’s been requested that we take a peek at some of the contruction photos from back when they were building these.

Core Rising

Core Rising

This one is a close up of the core itself. As you can see, it is immense… housing 4 full construction cranes. It’s also a good pic to view the web-like tension and compression beams that span the openings.

The one below is the classic view showing the relationship between the core and the open office space that it held up. Clearly the core is a massive system.

Core to Tower ratio

Core to Tower ratio

It should be noted that the elevation cross section that I drew is of the “short” side of the core.

The exterior columns don’t appear to have been “cut” so much as they were “cut apart, at least to me it looks that way.

The exterior columns were made up in sections consisting of 3 columns, 3 stories tall (12′ stories) welded with the spandrels and with a mending plate, to bolt and weld to the next one.

Installing a Section of Exterior Webbing

Installing a Section of Exterior Webbing

As you can see, this process made the fabrication go pretty quickly.

The square holes at the top of the beams in each section allowed for the steel worker to reach in and fasten the rated bolts, fixing one to the other in a “butt” type joint. As the section was lowered, the right side would lap over and the left would slip behind; they would bolt those connections, and the welder would come in behind and weld them.

As you can see, the spandrels would always be inside the floor system, and the joints would be “exposed” at about waist high.

It is for this reason that I don’t think these were “cut” with cutter charges at all. I think the floor systems were demoed leaving nothing connecting the interior and exterior columns, then the interior ones were blown out (all taking place less then a second of one another).

What you would be left with is the full weight of the remaining upper sections resting on the exterior walls only, with the massive strength of the core gone.

Then, less than a second later, as the concrete dust and molten metal from the trusses is forced from the window areas as the center core is blown out, cutter charges are used on the spandrels flanges, blowing them apart and cutting the sections of exterior columns free of each other (except for the bolts in between).

That is why so many of the exterior column sections remained intact, and why I believe, some were shot 400 feet or more into other buildings.

Now, knowing all of this, the following is how they tried to explain the towers;


BBC Presentation

BBC Presentation

a) Look at the graphic (left) published by the BBC on September 13, 2001, which supposedly illustrates the structure of each tower, and compare it to the above description and images.

b) The 9/11 Commission Report, while acknowledging the perimeter columns, makes the following (under)statement about the tower cores:

“The interior core of the buildings was a hollow steel shaft, in which elevators and stairwells were grouped.” (p. 541).

c) The PBS/NOVA documentary, “Why the Towers Fell” (2002), displays the perimeter and core columns waving like reeds in the wind (in the absence of the floor joists), completely ignoring the extensive cross bracing. 911 Truth DK

Now, if you want to see the “Mac-daddy” of WTC contruction dis-information, this is a graphic produced based on that PBS/NOVA tripe. Remember, this is NOVA now…

How many problems can you find in this picture?

How many problems can you find in this picture?

7 Responses

  1. will,

    I was under the impression that the government’s explanation for the sudden and rapid collapse of the towers was the fact that the building was like a tall stack of pancakes held up by flimsy supports on the outside. When the top floors started to collapse, the supports for the next floor below them could not hold the weight, and then they kept falling one on top of the other, etc.

    I also thought that the buildings were more like a fir tree where the central core held up the floors like a pine holds up the branches. If one floor would collapse on another, this would not mean that the central supporting core would itself collapse.

    I do not get either idea from the diagrams you have here.

    Can you write a little bit about this?

    You have a photo, I’m sure, of the core being built when the buildings were originally put up. The central core looked pretty solid to me. I think that was the point of that photo, that is, to suggest that you’d have to blow the core apart before the limbs would collapse.

    • That is exactly the point, Steve.

      FEMA’s first attempt at explaining the “collapse” of the towers amounted to the “Pancake Theory” you are talking about. But thanks to the good work of many people, many “Truther nut-jobs” they had to revise their accounting. Since you asked, give me a minute and hit refresh on this page… I will put up the construction photo that you are talking about that shows the “Core” system under construction.

  2. Willy, don’t forget to show him the photo where the firemen are standing, with the massive center core steel beams behind, with the molten steel slag and the angled, jaged cuts, you know which photo im talking about?

  3. I will look for that one later, Scott. I know the one you are talking about. Dr. Steven Jones included it in his paper, “Why Indeed did the WTC Buildings Completely Collapse?”. It’s a good photo. I want to find the full size one though. The one that gets most circulation is the cropped one.

  4. Is that kinda what you were getting at Steve?

  5. I think he was refering to a photo of the construction with the dore showing. I think the photo I was refering to has more impact to show the massive size and thickness of the stell core componets, as well as the melted jagged , how can I say it, the cut and the molten driping slag which will show that this was not meirly overheated steel that warped, but will actually appear as if it had been cut through and halved by a cutting torch. And actually, (I must add) that steel was way to large and thick for any cutting torch but yet, clearly, it was turned to molten liquid, a total impossibillity from that fire. That photo is a damming peice of evidence!

  6. […] an update on the WTC drawings that I am doing (more here).  I am modeling a 12 floor section of the Trade Centers and my little computer here […]

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