First Suicide Terrorist in Gaza? Book of Judges and Talmud Hero, Samson

samson-2He killed a lion and wiped out an army with a jaw-bone (insurgent?)…. and …. he destroyed a temple, in Gaza, killing thousands of civilians.  For what you ask? They took his eyes. That’s it.

Then Samson prayed to the Lord, ‘O Lord God, remember me, I pray thee, and strengthen me, I pray thee, only this once, O God, that I may be at once avenged of the Philistines for my two eyes.‘ (Judges 16:28).” Wiki

“Samson said, ‘Let me die with the Philistines!‘ (Judges 16:30) Down came the temple on the rulers and all the people in it. Thus he killed many more as he died than while he lived.” (Judges 16:30).

Look at how the people run as the Temple falls on their heads. This is a Hebrew story, told to little children.  Nice, huh?  How a Jew became a hero by killing thousands of civilians in Gaza.


And if you look behind the rather shifty-eyed Delilah figure, you will see a booklet with a picture of the “terrorist act” right on the front cover.

And look! it even comes with a “break-away” column!  So your children can pretend they’re killing the Philistines!

“Look Mommy! I’m just like Samson. I killed thousands of godless heathens!  God loves me!”

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  1. So Gaza was the land of the Phillestines, plus the land surroundig it, for as far back as Sampson.
    I remember that story….. he was a hero… don’t remember why… but he was mad about something.

  2. Samson is the correct spelling. If it’s SamPson, you must be talking about William SamPson. Samson talked in riddles. Pee isn’t that serious.

    But it’s the difference between SHRINKING or SINKING.
    HR is Human Rights
    Not Home Run
    Or Human Resources

    It could also stand for Hostage Release.

    If L-Annoy the Pee is in your BADDER. I’m not sure Who’s Bladder. I’ll stay away from the Warr-Anti.

    Too many word games.

  3. One of my eye’s are in Southern Thailand.

  4. this does not mean that philistines did not do anything bad to him.

    Why do you focus in the things that happened biased-ly?

    • ok, real quick… the story of Samson is a “parable”. It’s a lesson told to children in the form of a story. “a short allegorical story designed to illustrate or teach some truth, religious principle, or moral lesson.”

      Samson wasn’t real; he didn’t pull down massive stone columns with his mighty “pecs” and kill thousands of Philistines in the process.

      Now, that said, I call attention to the story simply to remind people that the notion of the “suicide” attack didn’t in fact originate with the Palestinians.

      It’s actually a perfect example of what I am saying when you point out that the ‘philistines” had done something “bad” to him to start with, implying that what Samson did was justified as retaliation. He had an “excuse”.

      Do you hold that same truth as self evident when the Palestinians attack Israelis with a suicide bombing?

      Would you say that, because I wouldn’t. I don’t think anyone should target civilians at any time (and that includes the U.S., my own home country).

      So I am not being biased; I am simply pointing out the hypocrisy of the story of Samson. How some view it as wrong and even “evil” for Palestinians to target civilians, yet the parable some of them tell their children at night features an Israeli man doing the exact same thing, and becoming a legend for it.

      Do you see what I am saying? If you are going to teach your children that suicide bombings are wrong no matter what the “excuse”, don’t go and buy them a Samson toy, complete with folding columns and pictures of suffering and dying civilians. Tends to send a confusing message to the young.

      That’s what I am saying.

  5. It appears that the author of this hasn’t read the Bible at all.

    Samson was reckless yes. He acted on emotions. Hmmm – show me a person who doesn’t do that and I have a body of water I want to see you walk across.

    The Book of Judges. Samson was married to a Philistine woman. He shows up at the place where his wife is with a young goat. He tells his Father-in-law that he’s come for his wife for intimacy and the man turns Samson away telling him that he gave his wife away to a companion of Samson’s because he assumed that Samson hated her. Samson is angered and makes the statement “This time I shall be blameless regarding the Philistines if I harm them!” So he goes out and burns their crops within an undisclosed amount of time.

    The Philistine’s retaliate and burned to death Samson’s wife and her father. (No terrorism there – burning people alive sounds pretty social to me). So Samson acted with revenge to kill 1,000 Philistines. God didn’t ordain any of this and was greatly moved. Yeah, more Bible readings.

    Check this out:

    b. I will surely take revenge on you, and after that I will cease: We have here the bitter story of retaliation – of trying to avenge wrongs done to us. Retaliation is a never-ending story, and one that never wins in the end. Those who trust in God must be able to say, “Retaliation belongs to God. I’ll let Him settle the score.”

    i. Much of the war, disaster, deep-seated hatred, and pain in our world come from this instinct to retaliate. But Jesus told us to not retaliate an eye for an eye, but to take control of the situation by giving even more (Matthew 5:38-42). When we do this, we act like God, who did not retaliate against man for his sin and rebellion, but instead gave His only Son to die for man.

    If you’re going to paint the picture of a man’s anguish to make him an example of your ill-attempt to place blame on him for his actions, take a good look at your own life and ask yourself if you making any efforts in this world to bring solution and resolution to a war-torn world. It would appear not.

    Anyone can blame. It takes people of character and integrity to ask for forgiveness and choose to work toward peace.

    • So I take it you have no problem with the “terrorists” strapping bombs to themselves and blowing up innocent people… as long as they are “in anguish”? is that what you are saying? If someone has suffered, they can’t and shouldn’t be held accountable for their actions? Does that hold true for everyone in the Middle East, or just Samson?

  6. […] Unlike Israel, a nation spiritually guided by suicidal biblical and historical narratives such as Samson and Masada (2), Iran’s military nuclear project can only be realised as a defensive one. Iran […]

  7. He didn’t just want to kill them for them gouging out his eyes. he had been in a life long war with the philistines. I think this story could relate to a current war hero story rather than a terrorist one. Its a person who is being tortured and about to be executed in front of thousands of people. In his last moments, he gets enough strength to kill all the people who were about to watch him die. Nothing like suicide bombing..

  8. of course it was a suicide attack.

    “He killed more Philistines in death than he did in life”

    That’s the story. And yes, he is portrayed as a “hero”… what does that sound like?

  9. willyloman, you are being a complete ignorant with your thread and replies. In case no one told you, Samson was an Israelite – Jewish. Suicide bombers are people that believe in ISLAM. Jews dont believe that if they kill themselves and their “haters” in the same time they will go up to heaven where 72 virgins await them, thats Islam. If you r jewish, its forbidden to commit suicide – no “spiritual” gain is offered. trust me, im Jewish.

    The story of Samson is not even close to what you think it is.
    I can sum it up for you pretty easily:
    The reason Samson started killing Philistines is because he was married to one, and she cheated on him with his best man. he burnt some crops because he was angry. when the Philistines realized he burnt the crops because of that, they killed his wife AND her father. smart of them, huh? He then avenged his wife’s death by killing some of the Philistines that killed her. probably not the smartest move on his side, cuz now the Philistines just wanted him dead. The whole Delila thing happened and he was captured and they poked his eyes out. they brought him to Dagon (Gaza) to execute him publicly and on his last stand, chained to a pole after his eyes were stabbed he committed what you call “The first suicide attack”.

    I suggest next time you write a strongly worded post like that you will do your background check so u can actually make sense.

    and on a different note, why would you even post something like that in the first place? Hate brings Hate my friend. Try the way of love and compassion. Thats what Jesus would like you to do, and so will Buddha, Muhammad, Allah, Elohim, Jah, God or any other religion.
    What all people have in common is the will to co-exist and I hope u realize this. I live in Israel close to the Gaza strip (its 25 mins of driving from my house) and if I can see this after my house has been bombed for 7 years straight, i believe you can as well instead of spreading hate through your misinterpretation of a biblical story.

    With much love,

  10. Samson brought down the tower of babel, Do a little research
    and you will see for yourself.

  11. every kid in Israel know that story, and the people In the story were plishtim, In that time we were their slaves, and they ment to kill him so in is last moment he destroyed their tample and they left us free for 20 years so yes his a hero for me,Idiot

    • so let me get this straight. the Jews were the slaves of the “plishtim” and so that justified Samson targeting civilians in a non-military non-combat situation? What exactly do you call the Palestinians whose homes have been stolen and who have to work for Israeli companies in the West Bank for next to nothing? What do you call them?

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