Can The Israeli Military Get Away With Shelling The People of Gaza With White Phosphorous Rounds? Yes They Can!

gaza-strike-29As you can see from this photo that is accredited to an Israel artillery round fired into Northern Gaza yesterday, this certainly appears to be a White Phosphorous (WP) round.

Israel used WP rounds against Southern Lebanon in 2006. They are indiscriminate killers, as that the gas released from the explosion, burns exposed flesh, and the lungs of the victims, whichever way the wind blows.  Pictures of Lebanese victims of the WP rounds of 2006 are easy to find.

gunships-firing-wp-rounds-3White Phosphorous shells are therefore considered chemical weapons, and are outlawed by most civilized nations.

white-phosphorous-test.Heres one being used in Vietnam, by our own troops. Thanks to one of our readers for pointing this one out for us.








This photo is a test of White Phosphorous rounds conducted by the U.S. military in 1921 on the USS Alabama.

As you can see, the similarities between these two pictures are striking.

Israel has admitted to using WP rounds in Lebanon in 2006 against what they called “military targets” and the U.S. military used them in the battle for Falujah.

The results of those weapons on the children of Lebanon are too gruesome for me to post. The thought that Israel is using this kind of weapon again, is beyond imagination, to me.

This is not the first photo I have seen since this illegal attack on Gaza began, that has these white streamers trailing a glowing ember… I am currently looking for the other photo, and when I find it I will put it up with these.

gunships-firing-wp-rounds(Will that didn’t take long to find…) ABC News has a video that includes an Israeli gunship firing a White Phosphorous round in support of the ground troops as they move into Gaza last night.

These photos are stills taken from that video.






.There is a video on Youtube from Democracy Now, about the 2006 Israeli  bombing of Lebanon. At 2:42 in the video, you will see a film of what Israel has already admitted to being, White Phosphorous munitions going off in Lebanon.  It looks exactly like these shots…


11 Responses

  1. Thank you for this. Makes us think.
    I just saw the youtube video of the attack in Gaza market. i just could not put it up on my blog. It is too raw but sending it to you incase you have the stomache to watch it.

    We are demonstrating constantly to put an end to the massacare

    • no2wars…

      If it is the marketplace video I saw yesterday, I put a link up to it here earlier… but they kept killing the Youtube feed…

      Are you saying it is back up? I will definitely put it up here if it is. Thanks.

  2. American Everyman your tax dollars are not only paying for GBU-29 but also Dense Inert Metal Explosive (DIME) or in common layman term “Depleted Uranium”, you see it was first tested in Fallujah and you and your country folks just cheered them on, it happened in Lebannon 2006 and you kept quiet and ignored the outcry, now American Everyman what you going to do, shake your head and mutter, mutter. Come on American Everyman lets see some proactive action. What choice has a Gazian have he/she either dies or horrific death or live with luekemia/cancer for the rest of his handicapped life!

    • I have done several stories on Depleted Uranium, Swindler. You see, this is what happens when you don’t actually read what is in front of you.

      “mutter mutter”? “proactive action”? jebus crip on a Pringle….

  3. Hey Swindler, what you doing about it? Don’t see any news about your heroic actions to save anybody. at least Willyloman is getting the details out to people and he does go to protests and write senators and phone reps and lord knows he gets angry about the brutality of Israel. You a Zionist, Swindler?

  4. For anyone with the slightest doubt that the IDF is using illegal weapons against civilians, compare these two photographs, which depict almost identical war crimes:

    white phosphorus shell exploding in Vietnam, 1966

    white phosphorus shell exploding in Gaza, 2009

  5. That’s a great pic Milosevic. Thanks.

  6. That stuff is horrenous… since it doesn’t burn buildings, everyone is safe if they are inside? If the stuff is laying on the ground, how long a ‘life-span’ does it have? When is it safe to walk on that ground?

  7. Listen to this all:
    Number of US soldiers killed in Iraq is 4223 over a 5 year period. Almost 900 killed a year.
    Israel has managed to slaughter almost as many Palestinians in Gaza in 2 weeks is 770 (8th Jan 2009).

  8. hey Willyloman -> the marketplace video has been taken off of Youtube. Anyway to get it to us?

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