So, Who Wants To Wipe Someone “Off The Map”?




As Rob Kall over at OpEdNews tries to shape the story about the Israeli bombing of Palestinians in Gaza, he conveniently forgets 90% of the story, as he tries to, like Condi Rice and Nancy Pelosi, cast the blame for this atrocity on the victims.   What Kall is forgetting (or simply omitting?) is that Gaza has been under siege for 18 months in a clear violation of the Geneva Conventions’ Article 33 (classified as a War Crime).  This, after Israel, by right of what someone claims is “God’s will” has been slowly removing a people from their sovereign nation, by violence and starvation,  for 60 years. Mr. Kall forgets to include that part of the story.

He tries to assert that America would do the same thing to Mexico, if they sent homemade projectiles over the border into Cali.

As I monitored the report that Hamas had ended the truce with Israel and of rocket bombs being fired into Israel, I was saddened, knowing the Israelis would not tolerate this. Sure enough, the call for a response was huge, just as it would be in any nation. Rob Kall, (progressive?)

gaza-strike-15If America wiped-out hundreds of Mexican cops and civilians, and injured another 1,400, all because a few angry Mexicans lob PVC and scrap pipe projectiles into our country, that didn’t even hit anyone… yes, that would be wrong and it would be a violation of the Geneva convention. But yes, Rob, I wouldn’t put it past this criminal regime to do something like that. So what the war-monger Bush does in a hypothetical situation justifies Israels criminal behavior? That’s an odd point of view for a liberal “progressive” now isn’t it?

The good news is that the “spin” article Kall put up on his main header, got about 165 comments thus far, and 99% of those, disagree with Kall.

This justification for slaughter is sad coming from you, Rob. Gaza is blockaded and has been for a long time.  Israel is shooting into a cage.

Your pro “Z” attitude is revealing, Rob. (According to Rob’s guidelines I am not allowed to use the “Z” word).  I had suspected over a year ago, when Rob refused to print my article on McCain/Huckabee and their connections to Israel that Rob had a pro-Israel (pro “Z”)agenda.

and my personal favorite(curious that you can’t use the “Z” word at a “progressive” site, when our vice-president elect calls himself a Zionist…)

War crimes: Geneva Convention 1949 Article 33 ; Collective punishment, – eg in reprisals, – attacks on innocent civilians – punishment for an offense he or she has not personally committed.

After clearly being hammered on this thread by the vast majority of his readers, Rob does what people who have this point of view often do unfortunately, he starts accusing people of Antisemitism and then, when that also fails, he takes the thread off the main header page. He hides it.

gaza-strike-16So, Rob Kall attempted and failed to “shape the story”, like he advertises on his site that he can teach you to do for a couple hundred bucks per video tape.

His sophomoric attempt to spin this horrendous atrocity to make Israel look like the victims and their actions to be just like “any other nations” blew up completely on his own site.

I am glad I quit contributing to OpEdNews.

I knew what Rob Kall was all about, then, and hopefully he has exposed himself to more of his readers with this latest pathetic attempt of his.

This is the trouble when your readers are smarter than you are and your position is fundamentally dishonest.

Rob Kall makes money with his websites, and that is ALL they are about. OpEdNews is no different.

Hopefully more of his loyal readers, the ones who are really progressive liberals, will see this man for the charlatan that he is, and stop visiting his site and stop contributing to his pocketbook by writing articles for him for free, while Rob cashes the donation checks he asks for everyday in his emails.

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  1. How inthe world does a parent stand to see their children so badly treated and having to live in such a dreadful situation? It would be enough to drive a person crazy.

  2. I wrote one story for DROPDEAD news and Kall before moving on.

    He tried to ban comments about Israel/Zionists and did, until a shit storm erupted and threatened his revenue stream.

  3. Greg;

    Took me a little longer I am afraid. I’m a little “slow” sometimes. 🙂

  4. Piss on DROPDEAD and Kall. This blog is one helluva lot better and more informative.

    Excellent pic on what the US would look like if we had been occupied by Israel.

  5. Don’t buy anything from Rob Kall. Let the Defense Department pay for his psychobabble as they did in ’04 and ’06 through contracts with his Futurehealth Inc biofeedback company.

    What is happening in Gaza is the same genocide and ethnic cleansing that has been going on for 60 years with an extra hard (final, Israel hopes?)push, which some not only justify but sickeningly celebrate – “A Wonderfil Chanukah Gift”

  6. Zionazis genocidal nature is evident from the history pages…

    “In the face of sufferings of Afro-Americans, Vietnamese and Palestinians, my mother’s credo always was: We are all holocaust victims – Dr. Norman G. Finkelstein, in his best-seller, The Holocaust Industry.

    “Leading the cry: We are God’s Chosen People, are the Zionist/Marxist (Ashkenazi) Jews, who for political purposes chose Judaism and who don’t have a drop of biblical Jewish blood in them (they’re Khazarian Turks). The Judeo-Christian ethic we hear so much about in America is a big joke – the result of an intense Zionist propaganda campaign,” – Jack Bernstein in his book The life of an American Jew in Racist Marxist Israel.

    Early in 1935, a passenger ship bound for Haifa in Palestine left the German port of Bremerhaven. Its sterm bore the Hebrew letter for its name “Tel Aviv” while the Nazi swastika banner fluttered from the mast. And although the ship was Zionist-owned, its Captain was a National Socialist Party (NAZI) member. The mentioning of this old episode is to show that the ZionFacist, who spend tens of millions of dollars annually to brainwash the western generation about the evil history of Nazi-era and Hitler – were in fact themselves collaborated not only with Hitler’s Third Reich, but some 150,000 German-Jews were part of Nazi Army.

  7. Rehmat1;

    let me see if I get this straight; one boat, obviously could have been siezed by the nazi Party as they siezed many other things back then, just happens to have the name Tel Aviv… and that proves… Zionist collaboration with the Nazis?

    Or the fact that Jews served in the army in Germany? We have all kinds of people serving in our army now. Does that make all of their demographic groups “collaborators”? Are all American Indians “collaborators” with the rogue Bush administration just because a large number of them have no other option at the age of 18 but to join the military?

    Will someone come by later and blame the American Indians for the illegal invasion of Iraq because some of them were in the army?

    I hate to be the one to point this out, but these aren’t causal relationships. There were gypsy’s and homosexuals in the German army as well. Are they “collaborators” too?

    Holocaust denial will not be tolerated on this site. I am not saying that that is what you are doing, but the facts of what happened then are not in question. Just because someone NOW is conflating the facts around the Palestinian issue in order to further their Zionist agenda, does NOT mean that Hitler didn’t do what he did then. The Zionists were NOT behind the Holocaust.

    Now that said, any chats about current evidence; the history of the Zionist movement, or the State of Israel’s attempt to create their “one state solution” is just fine here. I am certainly not “pro-Zionist” in ANY way.

    But chats about Ziclon-B blue stains and ultra-sound investigations turning up no graves… though someone somewhere may think this proves something, this site does not. What happened, happened. Some small faction may have tried to hijack that history to justify horrendous acts, but the fact remains, what happened, happened.

  8. What Israel is doing to the Palestinians is no different than what Hitler did to the Polish people prior to and after he invaded Poland, which of course launched WW2. He could invade with impunity, because he possessed one of the most powerful military machines that the world had ever witnessed. Europe was aware of what he was doing, but he threw them the middle finger and basically said..”If you don’t like it, then try and stop me!” And the Allies were forced into declaring war (Sans America at that time) although I am not sure that they were convinced that they could defeat Hitler at the time…Well, we know what happened 6 years later and Germany lay in ruins.

    Fast forward to 2009.

    Israel (with the unconditional backing of the U.S.A.) has invaded Palestine, has committed unspeakable acts of aggression and have violated every known Humanitarian law in their relentless pursuit to “wipe the Palestinian people off the map.”(I apologize for stealing one of the Israelis famous monikers that they falsely claim was made against them by Iran) They haver raised the middle finger in defiance and there position is the same as Hitlers was: “If you don’t like it, why don’t you try and stop us?” We have the unconditional support of the most powerful country and it’s military resources, and they will defend us as if we were the 51st state of their Republic”
    The UN means nothing to Israel. The very International body that was established primarily to avoid the kind of enemy (Germany) that almost eliminated the Jewish race from the face of the earth, is viewed with disdain and abject hatred by Israel and Jews around the world. Why? Because they inconveniently pressure Israel to stop perpetuating the horrendous treatment of the Palestinian people and the collective countries of the world think that Israel should withdraw from Gaza and the occupied territories. Despite decades of being kept in the dark about American Foreign Policy, Americans are slowly but surely starting to understand just how toxic the Israeli/Palestinian situation is for this great nation, and they are becoming more aware and educated about how America is enabling Israel and that we are perceived as Muslim haters and walk in lock step with Israel on almost every single political issue. This despite the fact that America’s founding principles of working in harmony and perusing peace with other Nations is almost in direct opposition to what Israels goals and objectives as a nation are. They have been in violation of multiple International treaty laws almost since the day of their inception in 1949. Israel is reaching a very unstable position on the International stage. When viewed against the reality of what the Israelis have done to the Palestinians, (particularity in the recent Gaza massacre) the effectiveness of labeling anyone that criticizes Israel has been greatly diminished due to the “cry wolf” syndrome. Israel has lost it’s once great and powerful negotiating tool. And the belly of the beast has been exposed. The Roman thought that they were invincible too. Israel controls it’s own destiny..and time is running out.

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