NIST Finally Reports What We Knew All Along, Building 7 Fell At Free-Fall Acceleration

(NIST quietly does an about face in their computation of the speed of collapse of Building 7. Watch the engineer for NIST as he tries to spin the science in order to make their story seem to hold water. The remarkable thing here, is this is a scientist, not a politician; so watch how uncomfortable he is lying in public. He knows, that this could mean the end of his career if NIST is ever investigated. And it shows)

If you know someone who is “on the fence” about our call for a new investigation, show ’em this. Then ask them why they think the engineer for NIST is clearly lying about this explanation and if that bothers them in any way.

A scientist should NEVER squirm when trying to lay out his conclusions. If he does, then you can bet, he doesn’t believe it and you had better get a second opinion. I suggest AE911Truth . These engineers don’t squirm when they present their conclusions.

“NIST has now officially accepted that WTC7 came down with the acceleration of gravity, but they still couch it as a phase in a 5.4 second interval they claim matches the 5.4 seconds required for their model to collapse 18 floors. The starting point of their 5.4 second interval is totally arbitrary. This new video highlights the August 26 technical briefing and allows Sunder and Gross to shoot holes in their own feet. Part II, which is planned to come out in a week or two, will go into detail about the implications of freefall. A list of bullet points has been compiled on that topic already, but if anyone has a special take on it that they would like to feed into the mix, please contact me at
David Chandler,

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  1. This must be the crack in the dam that will bring it down! and DAve Chandler and other 9/11 Truthers are hot on it… they’ll widen that crack until the dam completly breaks. This is great news.

  2. Here’s my impression of these guys here:

    “How do we explain WTC 7 building falling at free fall speed you say?? …. Well … first of all ….. I just want to point out that there’s this thing called …. gravity …. ahhhhhh …. yes …. and this …. “gravity” ….. effects everything on the earth …. including the WTC 7 building … huuuuh …. what was the question??”

    I think it’s hilarious ….

  3. Seriously, Jack, look how he sways back and forth. This is a classic symbol of being nervous. This is one of the reasons I smoke so much. I think it’s obvious to anyone paying attention for the last 10 years that 9/11 was a plot by bankers to delay the coming financial crisis. The amount of records destroyed there… too convenient.

  4. Anonymoose, that may be part truth in what you say but 9/11 propelled us into a war that made big profits for many of the global bankers and their biggest customers…. it started the big push for global profits and banks…. it is all tied into 9/11.

  5. I think reddit is unfair in alowing people to run down a new listing…. all those loyalist go there and click ‘down’ on whatever they don’t want people to read… something good just doesn’t stand a chance.. it is a good thing there are about 1000 blogs out there that take new articles….
    now you got something to do little Loyalist. You can go to all of them and run ratings down …. have fun…

  6. I haven’t had any luck with readit or stumble upon … I assume I’m doing something wrong in the act of posting somewhere ….

  7. Let me get this straight. You start the timer when the corner starts falling and NIST starts their timer when the top of the building starts falling and you are surprised that you get different fall rates? Am I missing something? This is ridiculous.

  8. Whether you start the clock from the top of the building Or the corner really doesn’t matter … The corner fell at free fall speed Period … Nist just admitted WTC 7 fell at free fall speed … So either way there’s no way the corner of that building could have possibly fallen so fast through the path of most resistance without controlled demo Period … Seriously What’s to be so confused about?

    Why the corner?? … One it’s an easy point of reference … Two people like you like to forget that Nist withheld the video your referring to until recently when they thought it would be convenient for them … our investigations started years ago with no funding and the original video in which the top of the building is obscured from view … But as I said it really doesn’t matter … Small Fires in the file rooms on eleven, twelve, and part of thirteen(which just so happens to be exactly where all of the SEC files were located … EXCACTLY … look it up) did not bring down a forty seven story double steel framed bunker … Get confused about that … How could burning SEC files(Enron investigations included … as well as the investigations of half the people now involved with the bailout that I’m sure your a big fan of) do all that damage??

  9. Confused

    What you are missing is the fact that NIST has revised their previous position…

    … now they admit that the building fell, at least for some portion of the “collapse”, at an accelerating rate consistent with the rate of gravitational acceleration.

    Previously, they had adamantly denied that fact; stating that the building collapse time was 40% more than the rate of gravitational acceleration.

    This is a big turn around for them, because every physicist knows that for a building to do that, even for 3/4 of the collapse time like NIST now claims, that means that the structure below offered NO RESISTANCE to the falling material from above. This is impossible without that material being moved out of the way.

    An office fire CANNOT move welded and bolted steel and formed-reinforced concrete, out of the way like that.

    That is what NIST is down-playing here.

  10. What im wondering, is, why would they even bother revising their original clains? What are they up to? For every one of their actions, I suspect, they have a desired reaction.

  11. […] NIST Finally Reports What We Knew All Along, Building 7 Fell At Free-Fall Acceleration (NIST quietly does an about face in their computation of the speed of collapse of Building 7. Watch the engineer for […] […]

  12. #38 0n top posts … Good job my friend …

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