Change™: Chiquita Death Squad Lawyer for AG

by Scott Creighton

The more things “Change™”, the more they stay the same. Eric Holder, former Deputy Attorney General under the Clinton regime, has been tapped to fill the Attorney General position in the Obama White House.

“…in the discussions over the past few days, Obama offered Holder the job and he accepted, the source said. The announcement is not likely until after Obama announces his choices to lead the Treasury and State departments.”  Newsweek

Holder though has some serious baggage holding him back; namely the controversial last hour Clinton pardon of Marc Rich, which Eric Holder signed off on. As bad as that is, it gets even worse.

Since 2001, Holder has worked as an attorney at Covington & Burling in Washington, D.C. In 2004, Holder helped negotiate an agreement with the Justice Department for Chiquita Brands International in a case that involved Chiquita’s payment of “protection money” to the United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia, a paramilitary group that has been designated a terrorist group by the United States government. In the agreement, Chiquita’s officials pleaded guilty and paid a fine of $25 million. Holder represents Chiquita in the civil action which grew out of this criminal case.”  Wiki 

Now that is the “official story”, that they had to pay blackmail money to these groups. However, there is currently a lawsuit underway from the families of 173 workers, who were killed by one of these paramilitary militia groups. Their story is that the company hired these thugs to repress workers rights in Columbia. The truth is a little more complicated.

“Between 1997 and 2004, Chiquita gave $1.7 million to the A.U.C., whose death squads destroyed unions, terrorized workers, and killed thousands of civilians. Chiquita’s top officials ­admit approving the payments…”   Conde Nast 

That’s right, Barack Obama, the man who spoke so eloquently in the last debate about not passing the Columbia Free Trade Agreement until more was done to bring the killers of the union workers to justice, has just announced that he is going to make the lawyer for one of the companies responsible for these killings, his Attorney General.

You can’t make this stuff up.

There are also allegations from a French NGO that Chiquita is exposing it’s workers to a dangerous pesticide. So the workers that don’t get killed by their Chiquita Death Squads, will slowly wither away from horrible illnesses.

There are also criminal charges pending facing some Chiquita executives, in Columbia. I’ll give you a hint; they don’t file criminal charges for paying “protection money”.

Were Holder to be vetted and become the next AG of the United States, he would be in a great position to assist Chiquita in getting these suits and charges dismissed.

 Change™ = another Globalist Clinton administration retread who puts the profit margins of big international conglomerates over the welfare of the common working man.

24 Responses

  1. They really need to get this info on the national media…. Obama’s supporters need to know this stuff….. he is sharpening a dangerous axe…

  2. I just went to and begged, pleaded the Obama Admin to please, for the love of peace and humanity, to pick Bill Richardson to be Sec of State and not that mean muslim hater Hillary. And someone for Sec of Def besides Gates. Remember ABC’s NH debate, the one where they wouldn’t let Kucinich in? They let Richardson in, he told them that we won’t solve anything until we get out of Iraq. Hope they will listen. Later, Thanks, Ron K.

  3. I am with you on that one, Ron. Richardson would be a much better choice for Sec of State. But I am afraid this script was cast long ago. Keep trying.

  4. Why is anyone even suprised? Some of us here knew months ago what we were getting from Obama. We have no representation in government. Remember what the people said back in 1775? NO TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION! And they put substance to that statement. Until we put genuine substance to our statements, we’ll not get anywhere. Until these elected representitive’s respect us, this contempt will just continue.

  5. I feel exactly the same, Scott. The more people cow-tow to Obama and turn a blind eye to his Clinton III staff choices, the worse it is going to get.

  6. I find this assocoation between Holder and Chiquita Int. particularly disturbing. I feel compelled to wage some sort of information campaign on this to certain corners. But I really have to weigh it all out in my head because, after all, does it really matter who gets what post in Obamas administration.

    When I reflect on all the negitive information, related to everything that is occuring all over, that has been posted here the last week, I think, it’s too overwhelming. There is too much wrong in too many quarters, not enough dessenters, and, like you said Willy, too many now cow toe’ing the Obama party. it’s too late now for the jumper cables.

    Willy,,,,,remember what I was saying about Obama several months ago about being the three headed hydra, Mr 666 himself, the Anti-christ? Which magizine was it this week running with that story?
    Isn’t that interresting……………….

  7. what… my jimper cables are no good?

    The anti-christ? Scott Humphrey, where did you read a thing like that?

    And yeah…. it is overwhelming….

  8. Ok, Ill tell you what I know, so you’ll understand what i think.

    going back to Obama’s initial victory putting him in his Ill seat in the house.

    The Illinois GOP brought in a black guy from out of state to oppose Obama by the name of Alan Keys. Never heard of him before, and ain’t heard from him since. His where abouts is unkown. The GOP thought they had it in the bag, but keys lost big time. BIG TIME! After losing to Obama, keys snapped! HE WAS PISSED!!.

    WELL, AFTERWARD, SLOWLY AT FIRST, BUT MORE AND MOREin time,people were commenting, and I really don’t know why,,but they were calling into talk radio programs, and writting comments in the major pring media that Obama should run for president!
    Now, bare in mind this is a JR congressman, no accomplishments, nothing what-so -ever, but there you go.

    After Kitrina, Obama, Bill Clinton, and George Bush Senior flew together down to New Orleans. To me, Obama boarding that corp jet, and travelling with these other two, constituted an impropreity and there you have Obama cohorting with the eneamy. Not long after this, Obama officially announced that he was giving serious consideration to seeking the Democratic nomination for president.

    I have always felt, that George Bush senior told Obama the political facts of life, and some sort of ritural took place on that flt. I know it sounds outlandish, but I just feel it in my skull an bones. willy, you pickin up what im settin down there brother?

    fast forward to the present

    Now look at what is occuring. The next Atty Gen is Involved in a collusion with a foregn company guilty of committing murder. This is Obama’s boy from Chicago. An individual as corupt as any individual you’ll presently find in the current administration. Change you can beleive in.

    When I see all the Obama worshiper’s, at how excited they are over their messiah, It all makes me thinK of JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR. EXCEPT, THIS AINT FUCKIN JESUS, IT’S THE ANTI JESUS. No honest public servant would ever pick someone for his cabnet who is colluding with others to commit murder of innocent human beings. But a lousey rat fuck anti christ cocksucker would select the likes of holder! Opps! I was just about to say something that we cant say any more about Obama.


  9. Ill never, ever, as long as i live, eat another fuckin chiquita banana. and i love bananas. but if there are no others then none for me.

  10. Scott HUmphrey, What you are saying is darn scary but it makes sense and that makes it even scarier. I worked once with a person who truely believed that the anti-christ was coming soon; she said that all the signs were evident; she was ready for the lifting of choosen souls who would not have to live in the hell fire years remaining on earth. This conversation happened about one year before Obama was elected president and she knew Obama would be elected. She didn’t call him the anti-christ but she implied it. she was a black woman and an intelligent person. She probably voted for Obama. She wanted the end to come so that she could meet her maker. She said it could not be stopped.
    Now… if many of Obama’s supporters believe what she does…. we live in a scary world ….
    I love bananas also… I’ll join you in not ever buying a chiquita banana again….

    What else can we do?

  11. Im not a religious person, what so ever. I have not been inside a church at all in this century. And I don’t desire to get into any religious debates. More or less, I think the whole notion of what were taught from birth, regarding religious subject’s, is bullshit. Most of it does not compute logically, scientificlly, or mathimaticlly.

    I have seen some events this past year, that fall right into place with respect to the circumstances leading up to the antichrist situation. It may be just coincidental. Im just one little cogswell cog in a world of spacely sprockets.

    This is as deep as Im going into this subject. Ill end with this thought.
    The whole religious notion that has been pushed upon us is a big pill to swallow on mere faith. Our faith, my faith, has been corrupted by all the impropreity committed by most of the major public religious leaders to include the sexual scandles by the preist’s, and the attempted cover-up of same. They didn’t really give a shit about the victims. They only cared about their image. And then, there were the money grabbers. Here now, we have religious leaders telling their congrigations that they will go to hell if they vote for either OBAMA, or McCAIN. As far as Im concerned, they have destroyed all their credibillity now.

    But we can still think for ourselves, and see the pattearn of events that is occuring, that falls into certain circumstances that fit into place with respect to the allegation of an antichrist.

    Is all this true? Hell,,,I don’t know. The lord Jahoeva does not communicate with me. He only recently communicates directly with GEORGE BUSH. And BTW, “GOD”, is not his name. Thats his job title. Amen
    I will now administer the Benidiction, and conduct the offering..


  12. Well, you know more than I do…. God is his job…now ain’t that something. Even most pastors don’t know that.

    I see what you are hinting at…. a group (?) is forcing the imprints of the coming of the anti-christ so that the mobs will follow in fear….. for what? they have to live on this earth also… unless a few old dying rich men are playing their last power play and want the world to non-exist after they die? Could we be in such a crazy situation?
    we need the ‘watchmen’ to come rescue the world…. do they drive black t-birds? or red ones?

    OH… the anti-christ drives one.

  13. Let me explain.

    praise god- lets pray to god- lets ask for gods forgiveness-

    now, let me correct this

    praise Jahoeva, who is “a” god lets ask for “the” god Jahoeva’s forgiveness lets pray to “the” god Jahoeva
    keeping in mind that his name is Jahoevah and his job title is god. that is his profession, that being a god. I don’t know what the pay scale is.
    so don’t fuckin ask.

    now, when you want me, by the same token, you don’t say, oh internet dweller, i beseech thee to come forth, you say, hey scott, bring your ass over here. see the difference? my job title is internet dweller, my name is scott.

  14. now now wait a minute, SCOTT….. let me get my trusty dictionary out here… wait it’s right by my computer here…

    ahhhh …. God: the creator and ruler of the universe (in
    a religious sense)
    also a ‘male diety’ …. or beings conceived of as supernatural or immortal…
    doesn’t mention being a job one could apply for.

    and Jehovah… another name for God… like maybe a nickname. or like you say.. the name for the real God.

    Now bring your ass over here, Scott, and beseech to correct me on this. You are saying Zeus and all those other Gods of past times have lost their job standing and Jehovah beat them out of the god field…. so when we pray to God, any of the older gods could be taking in our prayers and misdireting them… wow… no wonder I haven’t won the lottery… (no.. I don’t really pray for money… that is selfish and greedy) wait… it is time to be a little gredy…. I got to go..
    now that I have the right name to call up from teh heavens … who knows…..
    I don’t think Jehovah worries about being paid… He already owns all of us and the entire universe….

    Internet dweller… LOL… how much do you get paid?
    You get some crazy ideas and some wild explanations, SCOTT, but I like them

  15. Jan, I beleive it is stated in the bible that his name is in fact, Jehovah. perhaps that is the name people then gave him. hell, i don’t know.

  16. uh oh ….. Scott. I took your idea and looked it up in the Bible…. Jehovah:’He that is. I am.’ ‘The self-existence and external one.’ Hebrew word for God, generally rendered “Lord”.
    Not pronounced: but Adonai, “Lord”, or Elohim, “God”, substitued

    So now we both know…. I think… it is a smite confusing, but it seems the word for “God” in Hebrew is “Jehovah” or Elohim and they use “Lord” also for ‘God’

    NOw I don’t know who to talk to. Maybe being ignorant of some facts is a blessing…

  17. Hello Scott…. get your ass over here…. want to make a lot of money?
    I just read where Ill is preparing for the biggest tourist season of all times…..
    Yeah… you guessed it. Obama has made you all tourist famous.
    Get you some t-shirts that read “Obama walked here”
    and sell them suckers to everyone on main street. And Ill and then spread to the USA……
    They already have ones saying ‘Obama ate here’ and ‘Obama shops here’……
    wait… you might have to pay a portion to Obama for using his name…. uggg… unfair…
    Hey… use ‘The anti christ walked here’…. no, that wouldn’t sell ….. OK, just offer him 10% above your cost; and include your valuable time in your list of cost.
    You going to be rich! You might send me a couple of dollars for the idea or send them to Douglas so he can get his net back.
    What cha think?
    OH… Willyloman can make t-shirts with ‘Obama was discussed here’…. anything sells….

  18. OOOOOH your gonna hate me for this one Jan,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    Ill put OBAMA’S face on a t shirt, but make him look a little like megan, on excercist, and holding a crucifix up high, with the appropriate words that went with that scene in the movie. Do you remember what they were?

  19. Don’t remember what was said…. maybe Willyloman does….
    wouldn’t hate you, Scott … but we would miss you unless they have the internet for detainees in the undisclosed fenced in camps…. of course you wouldn’t be able to see with that black bag tied around your face and head…

    Just read that Juan Guerra was in court today and pounding his fist at the judge for allowing special treatment for Cheney and Gonzales…. I was so hoping that this prosecutor would be sussessful…. darn shame……

  20. The case probably has substance, but,,,somewhere,, in among this situation is some sort of local dispute, and Guerra is acting totally in an irrational manner. If his courtroom antic’s are too irrational he could be detained on contempt of court.

    Heres what i think. the case against the x ag and the soon to be x vp probably has some merit. but the problem is that perhaps it’s takes a crazy guy to pursue it, but guerra is just a little too ecentric.

  21. It had enough merit that the courts indicted Cheney and Gonzales based on the information given by Guerra.
    and hey… ‘they’ are going after Guerra with every dirty trick in the book, trying to get him to look bad… just knowing that kind of power is after you , could make you a little crazy.

    I feel for that man… he has courage.. I hope he gets them.

  22. So … here is where you’ve been hanging out SCOTT …..

  23. Hanging out with Jan … apparently NOT talking about religion 🙂

  24. Hey… nothing wrong with that, J Douglas! I think Scott is trying to find out who or what name I can properly call ‘God’ in order to get a proper resonse…. or maybe he is busy making t-shirts … Ill is getting ready for a money making year… tourist are packing in and ready to hand over money for anything with ‘Obama’ on it….. he’s gonna be rich…. oh oh… will that make our Scott one of those ‘elites’ that will be ruling us? will that change him into an unfeeling money grabber? I’m beginning to feel sad…

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