MSNBC:No Confirmed Trace of OBL Since Dec. 2001. What? Wait a Minute…What Did You Say?

by Scott Creighton

Tis the season for all the MSM to put on their sorrow caps and their lapel pins and replay all those videos, day in and day out, then fret and pout over the events of 9/11.

MSNBC (and I am sure all the rest of the MSM sources) have briefly and superficially turned their attention back to 9/11 today. Tons of stuff on their site about that fateful day. Nothing about the ridiculous WTC 7 explanation from NIST; nothing about failed efforts to protect us by those tasked to do just that (in fact, they are having a live call-in with Roger Cressey at 4pm today where we can ask him pre-approved questions about the terrorists. That’s funny huh? the guy who failed to stop 9/11 with all that intel we had at the time, is going to talk with us about… terrorism.). This article deals with the fact that bin Laden is still out there, somewhere, and why. It talks about the renewed efforts to find bin Laden by bombing the crap out of villages in Pakistan with unmanned drones.

I am not exactly sure how that is supposed to work. Maybe they feel that if they just keep blowing up innocent civilians and their homes, then eventually the people of that region will realise that America is a wonderful place and they will stop helping bin Laden, or something like that.

Anyway, according to their story, the military leaders are starting to understand that this might not be the best way to find him. Brilliant, huh?

But, as is often the case when one looks to deceive over and over again, with one lie laid upon the carcass of another, a glimmer of truth pops out inadvertently.

In an effort to explain why, after all their heartfelt efforts, they haven’t found bin Laden at this point, MSNBC makes the following statement;

There has been no confirmed trace of bin Laden since he narrowly escaped from the CIA and the U.S. military after the battle near Tora Bora, Afghanistan, in December 2001, according to U.S., Pakistani and European officials.” MSNBC 

So what about all those videos and audio recordings where bin Laden admits he planned 9/11?  Well, it seems their authenticity haven’t been confirmed and will not be confirmed if they haven’t by now.

 That is kind of the next best thing to saying they are fake, without really doing so.

So all that info we have on bin Laden, since Dec. 2001 is unconfirmed? I guess that explains why the FBI didn’t list 9/11 in the charges against Osama; no evidence. Hmm.

But the article goes on to explain in great detail why we have failed at this point to capture public enemy number 1. But they left out one or two little details in their story…

or perhaps this little gem…

You think MSNBC will replay those classic clips for the general population today?

Or perhaps, MSNBC would care to delve a bit deeper into this clip from David Frost’s interview with Benazir Bhutto where she talks about the man who murdered Osama bin Laden. (starts around the 2:10 point in the video)

Now that would kind of explain why there were no credible leads to go on, now wouldn’t it? That would also explain why Bush isn’t that concerned. You would think that someone in the “press” would get a nose for a story on this one. Oh, yeah, I forgot… look what happened to Benazir.

5 Responses

  1. Now that takes the cake and the ice cream…… who would have believed they would try to bring up Bin Laden now…. and right before the elections…. ahhh right Willyloman, Scare tactics…

  2. Now wait a minute,,,,I thought you could run,,,,but you couldn’t hide!

  3. Bin Ladin isn’t hidding but he is just like bush said… he is ‘isolated’ ….. in a casket….. maybe the burial place is hidden from view of reporters….

  4. He had kidney failure when all this started. And never forget he claimed no involvement what so ever in 9-11. Certainly enought reasonable doubt to suspect something other that what we’ve been led to beleive.

  5. KIdney failure, huh? Probably from eating too many mcdonald’s apple pies….. sorry, had to put that in.

    sure… your right about resonable doubt….. very right…

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