Cheney Sealing the Deal in the Caspian Sea Basin;His Eight Year Plan Finally Paying Off

by Scott Creighton

In a recent article, 9/11, Afghanistan, Iraq, Georgia, Iran, and Pakistan; The Vulcan’s Path to The Caspian Sea Basin, I laid out a possible thru-line for the current administration.

Since meeting with his energy commission staff, and even earlier in some ways, it has been clear that Cheney and the other oil interests of this administration have had only one thing in mind since then; oil and Liquid Natural Gas profits and laying claim to more and more energy producing territory for the companies that support them.

Well, as they wind down their administration, it seems they aren’t even pretending to hide this fact anymore.

While “progressive” bloggers fret over what religious incantations Sarah Palin recited today,  Cheney is off in the Caspian Sea basin meeting with oil companies like Chevron and BP and solidifying the spoils he worked 8 years to collect and Condi Rice is giving press conferences promising to give one billion in aide to Georgia next year.

That’s one billion dollars… to a country that attacked people in South Ossetia, that it claims are it’s own citizens. Sound eerily familiar?

All of this while they let our public school systems decay into rotting husks so that the owners of the privatised charter schools can reap the financial rewards. More socialists paydays for the ultra-rich at the direct cost of the tax-payer, the working poor, and the underclasses.

There has never been a more corrupt administration and congress than we have right now. And there has never been such a cowardly and complicit media.

The following is from Bill Moyers Journal.


“Fifty million American children went back to school this week. But as reporter Sam Dillon writes in the “New York Times”, more of them than ever are homeless and poor enough to need free meals. Mortgage foreclosures are throwing hundreds of families out of their homes each month. With fuel and food costs rising, with tax revenues falling, school budgets are in retreat. Detroit, for example, has laid off 700 teachers. We’re not talking about just a few isolated places. This is nationwide.

Across the country schools are shortening the school week, cutting bus stops or eliminating bus service altogether, canceling field trips, and hiking the price of cafeteria lunches. You can read Sam Dillon’s story on our website at Then look around where you live, and see if there’s something you and your neighbors can do to help struggling schools in your district.

Also on our site is a map showing the whereabouts of Vice President Cheney. To the relief of many Republicans, he was a no-show at their convention, but now he’s popped up in Central Asia, the vital crossroads for oil and gas from the Caspian Sea. No sooner had he landed in one of the former Soviet republics than he met with two giant oil companies – BP and Chevron.

Meanwhile, back in Washington…

The Bush Administration was announcing an increase in American aid to Georgia by more than 1500 percent.

From 64 million dollars this year to one billion dollars next year. A billion dollars. You can only wonder how many American kids a billion dollars could put back on the buses, back in class, and back in the cafeteria line. If you noticed that these important issues were not discussed very much at either convention, you’re not alone.”  Bill Moyers.

How many teachers would that put back to work? How many small business loans? How many gym teachers and coaches? How many dance programs would that fund? How many field trips to Washington or Jamestown? What does it buy us in Georgia? It buys Rockefeller’s company safe access to more profits, that’s what. It doesn’t buy us cheaper oil, and it doesn’t keep America running. That’s just a plain lie, and we know what lies sound like from these thieves, don’t we?

And where is our beloved savior, Obama on these issues? Well, he wants to hand over more off-shore drilling rights to the big oil companies; he want’s to expand our military involvement with Afghanistan and Pakistan (right where the Trans Afghan Pipeline must go); and he wants to send more money and military support to Georgia. Change? Some might call it that.

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