NYT Changes Anthrax Story…As I Was Reading It!

by Scott Creighton

****UPDATE**** they have completely REPLACED the article they had, with one from the AP!!! The exact same article that Fox News has on there site!!! and the AP is still editing it, they just added a comment from Dana Perino.

*****UPDATE 2**** The NYT has just replaced the AP vesion of the story with one written by the same two people that wrote the first version of the one I read and reported on this morning. They posted it at 10:30pm this evening but the article itself says it is published on Aug. 2 2008.

****UPDATE 3**** Rumor Control! These are the Facts! new NYT article talking about Dr. Ivins being a serial killer and a “homicidal maniac” exposed as being based on ONE “court document” filed by someone AFTER SHE SPOKE WITH THE FBI, JUST 2 DAYS BEFORE DR. IVINS “SUICIDE”!! Including photocopies of the actual restraining order filed by Ms. Duley.

This is a GOOD article. I suggest you you take a look at it. It bring up some very interesting points about whether or not Dr. Ivins even had access to weapons grade anthrax, and whether he had the ability to create that level of weaponized anthrax from the spores he used for his tests. The fact is, that Dr. ivins worked on vaccines, NOT producing weapons grade anthrax.

The NYT article also delves into motive; as in, he had none. Plus, why would this guy pick those targets. It’s a VERY good article. Let’s hope it stays around for a while.

read it while you can, here.

***UPDATE*** New DNA Evidence Links to a Flask

After finally ridding my computer of the horrible XP Antivirus bug (don’t even roll your curser over those ads! If you got it, let me know, I can tell you how to fix it) I was having some coffee and reading the news.

All over the MSM sites was the anthrax story being finally solved (just after the main suspect was found not guilty, I might add. what a coincidence! And this new suspect “killed himself” so there will be no investigation. Case closed! My story to follow this) and I was reading the New York Times article which had some interesting facts that the other MSM sources didn’t.

Guess what? That 2 page story, as I was reading it, when I went from page one to page two, refreshed page 1… because that is all that was there. THEY REPOSTED THE STORY WITHOUT THE ODDITIES THAT THE OTHER MSM DIDN’T HAVE!!!

They shortened the story to one page by taking out some KEY information that they had originally posted with the story. I knew I should have copy and pasted it! (If anyone still has the original, please let me know!)

What they took out was very interesting. They quoted a doctor, who worked with the guy who is now being accused of the anthrax attacks, as saying he didn’t think the guy did it. They took that part out!  They also took out the part where this guy received the highest Pentagon award a civilian can get for his research into an anthrax vaccine to be given to our troops in 2003. They took that out!And they also took out the part where this guy was cited for testing areas outside the restricted area for anthrax spores. And he found them, in someones secretary’s desk and keyboard! Remember how this stuff was found on the mail from the drop box? It bleeds through the envelope. So, when he found it in someones secretary’s desk and then on her keyboard, that might be a good place to start looking for the culprit. But they took that part out!

But they did add one thing. The reason I was reading the story again was because I was/am working on a story about the one thing they missed: motive. The guy had no motive and the original story lacked any mention of a motive….

Nowhere in the first story and many other MSM versions of this do they mention a possible motive. Nowhere. Well, it seems whomever is checking up on the “official” stories out there caught that little tidbit as well, and they have now added one. On line now in the story that was NOT in the original;

“Authorities were investigating whether Ivins released the anthrax as a way to test his vaccine, officials said.” NYT. 

There we have it! The “official story” complete with motive from the ghostly, unnamed, who the heck were they… “officials”. Because that is what “they” said.

The problem with that? It makes no sense!

How could he test the vaccine that he hadn’t GIVEN TO THOSE PEOPLE???!!! He didn’t send a vaccine to the reporter in Florida! He didn’t give it to those Senators! This is ridiculous. Moronic! Pathetic “thought police”, Ministry of Truth propaganda! It is offensively stupid.

And there it is, for all to see with some poor writers name on it. After he produced a good piece of journalism on the very important subject of who used anthrax against our press and our legislature, and then this is what happens when the Ministry of Truth gets ahold to his story. They chop it up, censor it, and put it out there for the MSM pundits to regurgitate for the masses.

That’s it! Case closed! The guy who “killed himself” did it and there will be no further investigation into the matter. You will accept this, write this and only this. And you will NOT INVESTIGATE further than what the “officials” tell you.

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  1. Early this morning, I was reading this on people pc.com news page. The sentence regarding the alledged motive had not been included at that time.
    I don’t except any of the story as factual, I think some innocent person has been murdered, and that is what ill beleive until such a time as coroborated information becomes otherwise available.


  3. America’s Old Gray Lady nothing but a cover-up machine.

  4. Check out:

    I read it this morning. Obvious question: Were orders issued from the president or vp’s office to initiate these mailings? As Bushco was mouthing about Saddam Hussein “He used chemical weapons on his own People!”, was the White House using chemical weapons on us?

    I’m not sure I’d bother Congress to investigate this possibility though. They won’t. They’re too busy avoiding / evading impeachment at the moment.


  5. David:

    I am reading that now. It is a great article. I like it so much I am going to hijack it and put it up here.

  6. CNN’s gimmick under the auspices of none other than Wolfman Blitzer himself was even more outrageous:

    They brushed over the earth-stopping fact that the attacks came from an American military facility
    and went into a boogabooga, dangling a fictitious Osama scenario..

    Yep…Never mind the anthrax attack was am inside job…over there…over there….the cave dwellers have..uh…space beams now!


  7. Remember Powell slowly and deliberately holding up vials of anthrax, post-event, in an attempt to
    whip up Iraq attack sentiment?…..I do….I will make sure I never forget it.

  8. Everyone who knows anything about this story knows that Lt. Col. Philip Zack is being protected…he should be swinging from a flagpole for his crimes.

  9. Hatfield got payed for not divulging the fact that the antrax attack was an inside job. He did it and got payed for it. Now we are being disinformed that a lone nutcase was responsible. I imagine that those who are covering this up are in fear for their lives.

  10. […] NYT Changes Anthrax Story…As I Was Reading It! by Scott Creighton ****UPDATE**** they have completely REPLACED the article they had, with one from the AP!!! The exact […] […]

  11. I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve linked to your blog.

    You are absolutely correct that this whole thing does not add up – unless from the standpoint of the FBI just wanting it all to go away.

    And yes, Hanover Fist – Zack should be swinging from the nearest flagpole, or large tree for his crimes.

    Thank you for such a good catch and great post!

  12. Be my guest Buffy.

    And if you have a chance, catch Glenn Greenwald on the Rachel Maddow show tonight on Air America at 8:30pm. the link is…


    Greenwald did a great article on this story.



  13. I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve linked to your blog on mine, if you could please delete post 11 for me as I linked myself wrong.. argghh long day!

    I just want to thank you for such a great catch, and pointing out the deleted items in the NYT. There is something very wrong going on here (like everywhere else it seems). How convenient that the FBI can now ‘shut their case’.

    Oh and Hanover Fist – you’re right – Zack should be hanging from the nearest flagpole for his crimes, he is one very twisted individual.

    Thanks again, and sorry for my typo.

  14. Thank you Willyloman, I’ll try to check that out – I’m off to explore your great blog here some more!



  15. July 31st, 2008, 3:09 pm
    NBC Hires Luke Russert as a Correspondent
    By Brian Stelter

    Luke Russert after a memorial for his father last month. (J. Scott Applewhite/Associated Press)The late “Meet the Press” moderator Tim Russert’s imprint will remain with NBC News for some time to come: his son Luke will serve as a correspondent at large for the network.

    The elder Mr. Russert, 58, died of a heart attack on June 13. He frequently mentioned Luke, his only son, in television appearances.

    The younger Mr. Russert’s first assignment will be at the Democratic National Convention in Denver at the end of August and at the Republican National Convention in St. Paul at the beginning of September. A 2008 Boston College graduate, he will focus on youth issues for NBC.

    “Never before in an election cycle has so much attention turned to the youth vote, and Luke will bring a unique perspective to covering it,” Steve Capus, the president of NBC News, said in a statement.

    Before his father’s unexpected death in June, Mr. Russert already had extensive media experience. For two years he has co-hosted an XM radio show with the political pundit James Carville. Two weeks after his father died, he appeared on “Larry King Live” and discussed the dramatic rise in the number of young people who are showing interest in this year’s election.

    “The availability of the Internet has allowed kids to be very engaged in the political process and also be very educated,” he said on CNN. “I myself am a religious reader of political Web sites, as are a lot of my friends.”

    Mr. Russert will continue to cover youth issues after the November election, an NBC spokeswoman said.

    the above bit is on the NYT site. All of my comments rebuking this nepotism and condemning Russerts advocation of the Iraq War were quickly erased by the moderators. Now the only comments up are those praising NBC’s propaganda dynasty creation.

    Stop buying their paper people, and funding their trash!

  16. Did anyone happen to catch a screen shot of the early story. It’s a longshot but I’d love to see it.

  17. Mikey;
    Unfortunately as I was getting set to copy and paste their first 2 page article, when I went to the 2nd page, it was wiped out and replaced. I should have known, because the NYT has done this before.

    But, I did get the CNN, MSNBC, Fox, and LA Times versions, once I realised that they were being changed… I copied them to a Microsoft Word file along with the links to the stories on their sites.

    I figured I would see if any other sites changed the story as well.

    If you want that file, just let me know here and I can use the email address you signed up on to zap it to you. If you find the original NYT 2 page story, I would love to see it again.

  18. With Hatfield out of the picture, Zack was feeling the heat (and maybe vaguely threatening to reveal what happened) and so they knew they had to pin it on someone and then kill him off (“the patsy”). You don’t think Zack’s online right now, maybe reading this very comment, looking to see if we’re buying it? Wherever you go, leave comments about Zack. He’s a sociopathic Zionist serial killer who needs to be brought to justice, so make his life a living hell. There’s no getting away with it Zackie-boy, we’re onto you!

  19. Well, here we go folks. I hope you are happily distracted about this NEW issue of which no truths will be discovered anytime soon, if at all. Meanwhile, the economy is in tattered rags, and about to catch fire. The antiquated anthrax story will occupy website, TV, radio discussions everywhere for a goddamn week. Its all about smoke and mirrors. Who gives a fck! Oh, yeah, and our constitution is getting a real whitewash by your elected neonazi politicos.

    Forget it folks. We have enough things to straighten out. This government has us kept us divided either by hate, or by wasting our time on irrelevant issues, and YOU ARE MISSING THE REAL STORY.

    Please, get a clue…fast.

  20. This is all about censorship. After all, censorship is becoming America’s favorite past-time. The US gov’t (and their corporate friends, NYT), already detain protesters, ban books like “America Deceived” America Deceived (book) from Amazon, edit articles and shut down Ron Paul. This is why the internet is taking over. Dr. Zack is guilty of murder.

  21. […] Reading It! August 2, 2008 Posted by verteta in COVER-UP/DECEPTIONS. trackback Full Link : HERE What they took out was very interesting. They quoted a doctor, who worked with the guy who is now […]


  23. LOL, you have to admit that is pretty cool!

    Ultimate Anonymity

  24. […] a bit about this story. First off, Scott Creighton over at American Everyman discovered the NYT had been jacking with its coverage of the story. This story is incredible. I can just imagine Andy Card or Dick […]

  25. […] NYT Changes Anthrax Story… As I Was Reading It!https://willyloman.wordpress.com/20..-storyas-i-was-reading-it/ […]

  26. They keep changing the story. Mainstream media, owned by only 5 or so corporations, always does this. Remember when they kept changing the stories regarding the gun battle in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina and when witnesses were reporting that the levees were blown up indicating explosives were planted. Americans are the most controlled people on earth.

    I think an innocent patsy was demonized by the controlled press and suicided to provide cover for the real anthrax killer. It’s really very simple once you start studying and reading about propaganda techniques. Controlling the media is one of the most important aspects. Google “Operation Mockingbird” which makes perfect sense once you realize that the CIA is nothing but the strong arm of the world banking elite.


  27. Well, Well,

    So the FBI/DOJ payed the field agent (Steven Hatfill) 6 million because he threatened to blow the lid on the whole thing. His quote “I will not be the fall guy for this” Translation, if I go down I’m taking my coconspirators with me. And now we have another possible suspect dead as he was about to be indicted? Not believable at all. If I had to guess I would say about half the jokers at USAMRID are guilty along with the current administration that sent the orders to thrax the public Of course after they had fully stacked the DOJ with cronies that will cover their ass.
    I can tell you one thing for sure. Steven Hatfill is guilty. And the key to his guilt is Otillie Lundgren and Cathy Nugyen. They were both in the MSNBC chat room posting at the same time that Hatfill posted that the WTC attack was all Bill Clinton’s fault.
    This case was never meant to be solved because the main benefactor from the Anthrax mailings was the DOJ. With passage of the Patriot act.

    So all you “patriotic Americans” out there remember this is your country. Pay one of the guilty parties 3 times the amount of the reward for catching the guilty party and then “suicide” another possibly guilty maybe innocent party and pin the blame on them.
    Our country is dead. It is time for the 2nd revolution!

  28. I suggest if you really want to go into method, opportunity and motive you start here.

    People have found the analysis of the targets the most interesting.

  29. Does anyone remember that judicial watch had an investigation of the white house for taking cipro(the antidote for anthrax) on 9/11? Look it up!! How stupid is America? Solutions anyone?

  30. I found one of the earlier AP versions:

    Aug 1, 11:37 AM EDT

    Dead Army vaccine scientist eyed in anthrax probe

    Associated Press Writers

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Federal prosecutors investigating the 2001 anthrax attacks were planning to indict and seek the death penalty against a top Army microbiologist in connection with anthrax mailings that killed five people. The scientist, who was developing a vaccine against the deadly toxin, committed suicide this week.

    The scientist, Bruce E. Ivins, worked for the past 18 years at the government’s biodefense labs at Fort Detrick, Md. For more than a decade, he worked to develop an anthrax vaccine that was effective even in cases where different strains of anthrax were mixed, which made vaccines ineffective, according to federal documents reviewed by the AP.

    U.S. officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity because of ongoing grand jury proceedings, said prosecutors were closing in on Ivins, 62. They were planning an indictment that would have sought the death penalty for the attacks, which killed five people, crippled the postal system and traumatized a nation still reeling from the Sept. 11 attacks.

    Officials said that Ivins, who shared in the 2003 Decoration for Exceptional Civilian Service, was under investigation to determine whether he released the anthrax as a way to test his vaccine. The decoration is the highest honor given to civilian Pentagon employees.

    The Justice Department has not yet decided whether to close the investigation, officials said, meaning it’s still not certain whether Ivins acted alone or had help. One official close to the case said that decision was expected within days. If the case is closed soon, one official said, that will indicate that Ivins was the lone suspect.

    Ivins’ attorney said the scientist had cooperated with investigators for more than a year.

    “We are saddened by his death, and disappointed that we will not have the opportunity to defend his good name and reputation in a court of law,” attorney Paul F. Kemp said. “We assert his innocence in these killings, and would have established that at trial.”

    Kemp said that Ivins’ death was the result of the government’s “relentless pressure of accusation and innuendo”

    White House press secretary Dana Perino said President Bush was aware there were “about to be developments” in the case but did not elaborate.

    Authorities were investigating whether Ivins released the anthrax as a way to test his vaccine, officials said. The Justice Department has not yet decided whether to close the investigation, officials said, meaning it’s still not certain whether Ivins acted alone or had help. One official close to the case said that decision was expected within days.

    If the case is closed soon, one official said, that will indicate that Ivins was the lone suspect.

    Ivins was “hounded” by aggressive FBI agents who raided his home twice, said Dr. W. Russell Byrne, a colleague who worked in the bacteriology division of the Fort Detrick research facility for 15 years. Byrne said Ivins was forcefully removed from his job by local police recently because of fears that he had become a danger to himself or others. The investigation led to Ivins being hospitalized for depression earlier this month, Byrne said.

    He said he does not believe Ivins was behind the anthrax attacks.

    Ivins died Tuesday at Frederick Memorial Hospital in Maryland. Tom Ivins, a brother of the scientist, told The Associated Press that his other brother, Charles, had told him that Bruce committed suicide and Tylenol might have been involved. The Los Angeles Times, which first reported that Ivins was under suspicion, said the scientist had taken a massive dose of a prescription Tylenol mixed with codeine.

    The Fort Detrick laboratory and its specialized scientists for years have been at the center of the FBI’s investigation of the anthrax mailings. In late June, the government exonerated a colleague of Ivins’, Steven Hatfill. Hatfill’s name has for years had been associated with the attacks after investigators named him a “person of interest” in 2002.

    Unusual behavior by Ivins was noted at Fort Detrick in the six months following the anthrax mailings, when he conducted unauthorized testing for anthrax spores outside containment areas at the infectious disease research unit where he worked, according to an internal report. But the focus long stayed on Hatfill.

    Ivins was the co-author of numerous anthrax studies, including one on a treatment for inhalation anthrax published in the July 7 issue of the journal Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy.

    Henry S. Heine, a scientist who had worked with Ivins on inhalation anthrax research at Fort Detrick, said he and others on their team have testified before a federal grand jury in Washington that has been investigating the anthrax mailings for more than a year. He declined to comment on Ivins’ death.

    FBI vehicles with tinted windows had watched Ivins’ home for a year, neighbor Natalie Duggan, 16, said.

    “They said, ‘We’re on official business,’ ” she said.

    Tom Ivins said Friday that federal officials working on the anthrax case questioned him about his brother a year and a half ago. “They said they were investigating him,” he said from Ohio, where he lives, in a CNN interview.

    Ivins played keyboard and helped clean up after masses at St. John the Evangalist Roman Catholic Church in Frederick, where a dozen parishoners gathered after morning Mass to pray for him Friday.

    The Rev. Richard Murphy called Ivins “a quiet man. He was always very helpful and pleasant.”

    The government paid Hatfill $5.82 million to settle a lawsuit contending he was falsely accused and had been made a scapegoat for the crimes.

    “We are not at this time making any official statements or comments regarding this situation,” said Debbie Weierman, a spokeswoman for the FBI’s Washington field office, which is investigating the anthrax attacks, said Friday.

    Five people died and 17 were sickened by anthrax powder in letters that were mailed to lawmakers’ Capitol Hill offices, TV networks in New York, and tabloid newspaper offices in Florida. Two postal workers in a Washington mail facility, a New York hospital worker, a Florida photo editor and an elderly Connecticut woman were killed.

    Associated Press Writer Dave Dishneau from Hagerstown, Md. and AP researcher Susan James in New York contributed to this story.

  31. The Anthrax mailer was Larry Wayne Harris.

    His itinerary from Florida to New York, plus his usenet posts on alt.activism.militia (which explains his choice of targets, to whit the democratic leadership, and the “Jew York Times” ( his words) and it’s subsidiaries in Florida, plus his prior conviction on charges of transportation of Ft. Detrick “Ames” strain anthrax and bubonic plague, plus his choice of co-conspirator, all point to him.

    He once wrote about how he didn’t understand why the American militia movement didn’t co-ordinate with middle-east terror groups, as they all wanted to destroy Israel.

    This was just before 9/11, and the anthrax follow-up.

    Please not note that I am very pro-gun: I own an SKS Commando, for instance. But I’m also pro-America, and Mr. Harris is a racist whack-job.

  32. here is the guy that did it.


  33. This is a whitewash. They just want to get rid of the story. Nothing to see here folks, just move along.
    The Congress is so clueless they just do what they are told to do. Wake up, America!
    The “they” are those nice folks who own this country’s banks now (and the Fed. Reserve), the Soveriegn Waalth Funds,
    owned and operated by foreign governments (such fools we are) that are playing the United States like drum.
    In order they will engineer:
    1. Financial Collapse
    2. Martial Law
    3. Complete annihilation of America by invasion (Russia/China)
    4. Kiss your Ass goodbye (I’m in Costa Rica)

  34. Great! You & Scott Creigton are doing a thrilling detective work – as journalists. I generally don’t trust MSM news – and all the more now, that you have shown how the MSM news is distorted to fit certain agendas of the power to be.
    My computer is infected with XP antivirus bug. How to get rid off it (to Creigton). Thanks!

  35. Adkash;

    Thank you. Yeah, the MSM is just selling us down the damn road these days. It’s sickening really.

    Now, the damn XP Antivirus bug. Jesus I hated that thing.

    This is what you do. open the window. throw out computer…. just kidding.

    Look, I went through all kinds of shit with this, and this is what I found that actually does the job.


    follow the instructions.

    this is a current FREE program and it is up to date with all the new file paths this bug lives in as well as the registry changes.

    it will even give you your wallpaper and screensaver tabs back.

    But!!! at the end, It will give you one last registry that it can’t kill, you have to use


    to find and whack that last forlder with the file in it. You can’t just delete that one file, you have to open it in regedit, then take out each entry, one by one, and delete each one…

    … or that thing will come back.

    It will install a free version of Malwarebytes on your system. it’s been running just fine on mine, and even got rid of one other trojan I had.

    good luck.

    let me know how it goes, and if I can be of further help.

    this WILL get rid of it.. man I hated that bug.

  36. Zack? Oh come on Carl, if it’s in Aztlan you know it’s racist paranoid crap. Those Hitlerite Mexicans blame the Jews for everything. The once wrote on their website that Zionists where jamming their servers, and had their reporters on some kind of hit list.

    One of them once said, and I quote, that “the history of the world is the history of light skinned vs. dark skinned races”. They sympathize with Palestinian terrorist groups.

    Of course they blame the Jews. They see Jews as white and Arabs as brown. That’s how smart those guys really are.

  37. Now let us consider why Larry is such a good suspect:

    1. He is the perfect patsy. Well known in militia circles as the “go-to” man for bioweapons. He’d tried it before, and I seriously doubt he was going to stop until he Got His Jew.

    2. The target list was the “demoncrat” leadership, and local papers in Florida owned by the New York Times. In his home town. And the guy also traveled to New Jersey and New York all the time. And since he stopped posting on 9/11, well….

    3. The zip code on the letter he sent to Daschle is his god-damned birthday. How that slipped by the FBI is beyond me.

    I can only assume that the Feds are letting him wander around to see who is contacts are, but no way in hell is a paranoid militia guy going back to his old Army pals at Ft. Deitrich. Not after what he pulled.

    And that just begs the question: where is he now. Neither hide nor hair of the fellow can be found anymore. Was he disappeared? Is he one of the Americans “rendered” by Bush? Why hasn’t he tried to clear his name? You would think he would at least blog or sue, but no reporter has been able to find the guy.

    Yeah, it’s possible that Mr. Ivens was his man on the inside, I mean he did kill himself. That’s a pretty harsh step for an innocent man to take.

    I wonder if a connection between them can be made?

  38. Oh my. The connection is Wilson County, Ohio. The town of Lebanon. and it would seem as if a third anthrax threat was mailed to Dr. Ivens childhood high school.

    No, I am not joking. Look it up for yourself. My, but the plot is unraveling.

    And I just realized who the “Eric” was in the posts defending Larry on usenet. Eric Davenport, the man who mailed the “joke anthrax letter” to Dr. Ivens high school. Huh.

    Larry was living in Lebanon, Ohio when he was arrested in 1995. He went to Wilson elementary there.

    Stay tuned to this bat-channel, folks, because it’s all starting to make sense now.

  39. Sometimes i wonder how people can be so blind but then i guess, when you don’t wanna see…
    This is my explanation as plain as it may be. Despite my being French, i’m highly interested in the great mess that is America and i used to find it interesting before the pathos went over the board. Just before the anthrax letters went in the mail box, 3 weeks before to be accurate, i remember having noticed that Bayer&Bayer stock had lost a third of its value cuz someone discovered how deadly some of their stuff really was. That’s a lot of money and they had nothing in the pipeline to counter that. Then come the letters and, god miracles do exist, Bush forced the congress to “invest” in 350millions vaccine doses “to protect the american people” like he actually gives a shit! What company owns the only patent available for anthrax vaccine in the US? Bayer… The same day the stock went up 15% and by the end of the week had fully recovered its huge loss. It’s so simple one might almost admire those people who can make money so fast at the cost of a few enveloppes… (i had to be arrogant somehow or you’d have been disappointed.)

  40. You are presuming they WANT to find the “real criminals”. Go back to the Oklahoma Bombing. They just grabbed McVeigh and Nichols and let all the rest slide. There were a lot more involved, including the local Sheriff Strickler, a business partner with the SAME Dave Rydel mentioned in the FBI’s very own “Project Megiddo” report. These terrorist incidents serve only to launch ever more oppressive laws. The G’ment provides astonishingly rapid “answers”, to the crime itself, then says: “Keep moving, nothing to see here. OH! Here is a new 900 page law ……. we just wrote this morning.”

  41. If they wanted to find the real killers they would start with the “4 inside sourses” that told Brian Ross the anthrax came from Iraq.

    That would be a good place to start.

  42. Everyone on this board: Outta the gene pool – you are stealing our oxygen! (or, geez-I’m-glad-that-evolution-works…)

  43. This exact same thing happened to me. I just got finished reading the first page and clicked on page 2 and…got the rewritten first page. I clicked back to page one and got the same thing.

    You have to wonder about Hatfill though. I recall reading about how a dog named Daisy discovered anthrax spores at his home. And an nearly 6 million settlement (or payoff) too. Did Richard Jewel, the man falsely accused of the Atlanta Olympics bombing get any money for being falsely accused? I don’t think so. I’m not sure if he even got an appology.

  44. This reminds me of several other stories that either disappeared from the news or suddenly “evolved” as I was reading it.

    Just a month after 9/11 Police discovered a bag in a locker of a bus depot in Scranton PA full of enough C4 explosive to level a city block. The story banged aroudn for a couple days and then disappeared. I just ran a google search to check the date and it was very hard to find any mention of it — and even then all I found was a one line mention in someone’s old blog.

    I think a few months after that a FedEx tractor trailer blew-up out west. At first it was reported as an explosion in a package in the trailer. And there was a photograph that was part of the story that showed the entire trailer burned down to its bed. The fire had clearly started somewhere towards the rear of the trailer and moved forward as could be seen by the fact that the only part of the trailer structure still standing was the front bulkhead. And a little bit of the roof attached to that that was burned more in the middle than the sides [keep that image in your head its important]. All of the boxes from the trailer could be seen at least a truck’s length behind the trailer on the side of the road and grass. There was no visible damage [not even smoke discoloration] to any part of the white cab.

    Within a few hours, I checked the story again for an update. Now the story read that either the driver had been cutoff by anopther vehicle causing the tank to rupture somehow, or, quoting another unidentified source, that the driver had grazed his right fuel tank had against a sign post rupturing it and causing the fire. Next time you see a big tractor trailer look for the large fuel tanks on either side of the tractor, starting underneath the rear of the cab and running towards the back. Now go back to that image of the burn damage. I the fuel tank had ruptured and ignited, the front bulkhead would have been the first part of the trailer to be burned. Also the cab, which sits partially over the fuel tank should have had obvious fire damage, but it doesn’t. And how did the packages get strewn all over the place behind the truck if it was the fuel tank that ruptured? They should have burned inplace.

    I just googled this to see if it was still up and found the CNN story is still there — and the pic is there too. http://archives.cnn.com/2002/US/Midwest/10/29/fedex.explosion/index.html In looking at the picture again I just noticed something else. In the extreme right hand edge of the picture, under the highway sign, there is another white vehicle. It also is smoking and also apepars to be a FedEx truck [see the green “X” on the side]. Also its front end has suffered damage [front left tire burned away] You know looking at that pic again and how most of the packages have ended up on the road rather than the grass [eg the far side from where most of the black charing is seen], and considering that two vehicles were involved — doesn’t that look alot more like an IED event like we see in Iraq? In any case, it wasn’t a fire from a ruptured fuel tank.

  45. […] Just Desubscribed from the New York Times… 03Aug08 NYT Changes Story As Blogger Is Reading It! […]

  46. This news article from the ap appears not to have been changed:


  47. We have a lot of questions about who sent the amthrax but who was the power behind that person? read Alllie’s Target in comment # 29. She almost pinpoints Bush to each mailing. And we wonder why Congress does nothing to block Bush? She says because they are afraid of amthrax. She gives a detail account of what made them afraid.
    And then Tanglong at #41 comment informs us that Bush might have rescued Bayer Co. through the amthrax threats.
    Get your Cipro, folks,… we might need it…

  48. Thanks for a good read which was rewarded by equally good and inquisitive readers.

    So the man was a scientist who worked with chemicals and he committed suicide with a bunch of Tylenol 3’s? (Or a remote chance of Tylenol 2’s.) You might as well finish yourself off with a slow-moving vice grip around your skull. I think the Internet term for these types of deaths is “Arkancide.” Come to think of it, Dr. Zack may be in line for the same kind of God’s good work. One can only hope.

  49. […] Scientists question FBI probe on anthrax: Ivins could not have been attacker, some say. Clues here. More weirdness here. […]

  50. […] NYT Changes Anthrax Story…As I Was Reading It! « American Everyman  […]

  51. The FBI said he did it for profit, that he was one of the people who made the Anthrax vaccine for our Gulf War I troops, the one with all the side effects. They tied him to VaxGen, the company that made it.

    Did he really do it for VaxGen profits? It was the Cipro treatment, made by Guliad (?) that was used to treat people.

    He got an award for pointing out that the VaxGen drug was just a veterinary treatment not meant for humans, and that it didn’t really work. Am I off base here?

    Also, the Ohio connection is just… well, three times is a pattern.

  52. here is the guy that did it.

  53. Did you hear? Russian agressor attacks USA…
    More info here: hotusanewx.blogspot.com


  54. According to the article “Stranger Than Fiction” Lt. Col. Phil Zack is the Anthrax Murderer. It said the whole story about Phil Zack was in the newspapers back in 1992 when he was filmed getting into the Anthrax lab after dark and after he was let go. He and his friends tried to blame it on an innocent Egyptian Doctor by the name of Ayaad Assaad but he passed his lie detector test. Then the Zionist New York Times tried to blame it on the innocent Dr. Hatfill. But he won 5 million from the FBI for being falsely accused.

    Then Michael Mukasey and Michael Chertoff let Dr. Phil Zack flee to Israel to keep from being charged in the case. For helping their friend Zack, Mukasey and and Chertoff were promoted to be Attorney General of the US and the head of Homeland Security. So another Zionist gets by with murder because two other Zionist dual citizens were able to let their fellow criminals go free.

    One of the Zionist web pages working undercover as a “911 Truth” page, trying to throw the hunt away from the Mossad onto Bush, claimed falsely that Zack was a Catholic but since when does a Catholic flee to Israel to keep from the death penalty? You may as well say that Mukasey and Chertoff are accomplices in the case since they let the one guilty guy go free, while charging the innocent. We live under a Zionist dictatorship folks that is now being exposed as the main perpetrators of the 911 Attacks on America. The whole world now knows that Israel did it to blame it on Arabs to get America to go to war against their enemies.

  55. […] NYT Changes Anthrax Story…As I Was Reading It! « American Everyman  […]

  56. […] New York Times past anthrax-verhaal nog tijdens het lezen aan What they took out was very interesting. They quoted a doctor, who worked with the guy who is now being accused of the anthrax attacks, as saying he didn’t think the guy did it. They took that part out! They also took out the part where this guy received the highest Pentagon award a civilian can get for his research into an anthrax vaccine to be given to our troops in 2003. They took that out!And they also took out the part where this guy was cited for testing areas outside the restricted area for anthrax spores. And he found them, in someones secretary’s desk and keyboard! Remember how this stuff was found on the mail from the drop box? It bleeds through the envelope. So, when he found it in someones secretary’s desk and then on her keyboard, that might be a good place to start looking for the culprit. But they took that part out! […]

  57. […] scientist Bruce E. Ivins as the top – and perhaps only – suspect in the anthrax attacks marks the latest bizarre twist in a case that has confounded the FBI for nearly seven years. Last month, the Justice Department cleared […]

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