Get to Know a Sellout! Episode 1

by Scott Creighton

Today we begin a new program at American Everyman; Get to Know a Sellout! Each week we will be selecting a new member for our “sellouts! list”, in order to highlight their fabulous accomplishments in the field of selling out their country, their constituents, and their honor, to the newly formed “business party elites”. These are special kinds of people whose efforts shouldn’t go unnoticed, in the event that the people of this country ever wake the fuck up.

And now for the big event… the first of the Get to Know a Sellout! list… the Mack-Daddy of All sellouts… (you have to look under the break (like looking under a rock) to see him (that’s a hint)…

Sen. Joe Lieberman!

Mack-Daddy Sellout

Lieberman has been one of the Senate’s strongest advocates for continued prosecution of the Iraq War. He is also a consistent supporter of Israel. On domestic issues, he strongly supports free tradeeconomics. He has also opposed fillibustering Republican judicial appointments. With Lynne Cheney and others, Lieberman co-founded American Council of Trustees and Alumni(ACTA), an educational association with ties to Campus Watch.”Wiki, here.

Old fightin Joe Lieberman, was never really in a fight, but he just loves sending your kids to ’em! Loves it to death! He will cry and scream on the floor of the Senate to keep your kids in the Middle East making war on countries that never posed a single threat to America. God bless ol fightin Joe, huh?

Don’t know what Campus Watch is? The program Lieberman and Lynne Cheney work on is an offshoot of it. “Campus Watch is an organisation which “reviews and critiques Middle East studies in North America with an aim to improving them.”[1] It is a project of the Middle East Forum, an American, neoconservative[2][3][4][5][6][7], pro-Israel think tank. It is based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S. and was founded in 2002 by Daniel Pipes.” 

“with an aim to improving them…” that’s right folks: Good ol fightin Joe and Lynne Cheney (wife of Dick…) are working hard to make sure our educators are teaching “the right information” about the middle east, in our colleges and universities.

How far Right can Joe go? All the way baby… he knows what side his bread is buttered on…

remember this gem?

Oh how things have changed for Ol Fightin Joe since then…

He met up with this guy at the AEI announcement of the “Choosing Victory” press conference, and now just 1 1/2 years later… Payday Baby!

He’s hob-nobbing and all smiles cus he knows he’s on the Super-Short List (of one) for the Vice President’s job (and he knows just how powerful that position can be now that Cheney (Lynne’s husband! wink wink) has determined it’s not one of the three branches of government!

Yuck it up, Joe! You made the Primer Edition of “Get to Know a Sellout!” (ain’t your mother proud?)

When the shit hits the fan, Joe, I feel for you. i really do. You just thought you were picking the winning team… it goes like that sometimes.

Just ask Dr. Samuel Mudd.

Congratulations, you piece of shit. You’re the first sellout on the list.

8 Responses

  1. Great article, Scott Creighton. Good idea too.

  2. “President” McCain Assassinated in Los Angeles

    June 20, 2009 by Binyamin Nerdfinkel

    Los Angeles-President McCain was assassinated today in Los Angeles, while giving a speech to the “Friends of Israel” committee at a local synagogue. The president was rushed to Sinai Memorial Hospital, but by all accounts, is presumed to be dead.

    The suspect was cornered at a local mosque, where a shootout ensued, ending with the death of the subject. Police say that the Secret Service has found the sniper rifle, an Iranian made Steyr.

    As this article was going to print, Vice-President Joe Lieberman was being sworn in as president and is said to be calling in the Joint Chiefs of Staff to choose what military response there will be to this heinous crime.

    The White House issued a short press release, saying that “President Lieberman is aghast at this unprovoked act of terror, committed by elements of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. President Lieberman says Americans will take their grief and turn it into a mighty sword, to smite the enemies of this republic.”

    The White House also stated that due to certain “terrorist” elements lurking on the web, the Internet will be shutdown, but only long enough for the Department of Homeland Security to install the protective “Overlord” software so that the Internet will cease to be breeding grounds for terror and insurrection.

    Satire? Not if John McCain receives the Republican nomination for president and is so desperate or so stupid as to have Joe LIeberman as his vice-presidential candidate.
    For if the McCain-Lieberman ticket does win in November, within the year, John McCain will die a strange and sudden death, propelling Lieberman into the presidency.

  3. Well, I see your point Greg, but the way I see it, Lieberman is planning on the Cheney model of the Vice Presidents job, where he actually runs the country, and the president is just a mouth piece.

    Then, Mr. Lieberman is free to run for President, 8 years later; for a total of 4 terms running this country into the ground for his friends in the Likud Party.

  4. Good point, since the “Dick” has already put into place all the mechanisms that a piece of shit traitorous scum like LIEberman would need to pull the strings and make McCain’s move like a marionette’s.

  5. I like the sellout idea. It is good to see someone shining a spotlight on these people. Good Job!

  6. Thanks, Blue. You got any condenders for next week, let me know… I’m thinking… John Conyers. Got a better idae? Let me know.
    good to see you here.

  7. […] right HR 1955 is alive and well and operating, quietly, as we speak (headed by none other than Joe Lieberman, no less)), you will see that they too seem to have misplaced a little information on the track […]

  8. here’s a vision of the future…

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