Clinton’s Tax Returns on Her Site; No Mention of the “Blind Trust”

If you have no life and do the math, from her itemized (sanitized) summary, there is over 15 million dollars of “reported” income that is not there. The summary is here. (sorry. the “link button doesn’t work)

Where did that money come from? Well, if you remember the little story about her “blind” trust, you will recall that the trust was managed by CityBank. In their itemized listings on their tax returns you will find a Citibank Trust. That is the income she doesn’t want people talking about. With good reason; she and Bill made a lot of money off of the illegal invasion and subsequent occupation of Iraq.

It was only last year (2006 returns) that they sold their interest in that “blind trust” because the GAO suggested it might look bad, her having a conflict of interest so to speak. Let’s hope some investigative journalist Obamatroll types dig into this a little deeper and someone forces her to address the missing 15 million dollars.

(psssst. everytime she voted for funding the war…. she made more money….psssst.)

If you have trouble remembering the “blind trust” story from nearly a year ago, no problems, it was one of the first stories I covered on this site, back before it was trendy to bash on Hillary (lost friends on that one, too.) So here it is in all it’s glory, a detailed story called “Blind Trust in Hillary”. Enjoy. (damn link button)

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