More Recent Examples of Savage Capitalism at the Cost of Human Suffering… in the US.

by Scott Creighton 

The effects of this criminal mindset, of profit over people, are being felt world-wide. It seems all this country really exports these days are jobs, misery, and billionaires.

There has never been so much out-right graft within our system of government. Their slash and burn policies have been in place for years. And as they are slowly (and reluctantly) being exposed to the general public via the MSM, they are not brought to justice as one would think, but rather they seem to be digging in deeper. Like a tick’s head that just keeps burrowing under the skin.

From the World Bank fiasco of Indonesia to Chile to Iran and Iraq, our global track record of imposing savage capitalism on the rest of the world is painfully tragic. The list is far greater than I could have imagined.

(I just HAD too add this link to China Blue on Informed Dissent. It’s about globalization and Chinese population. You really should see it.)

But today’s little newsflash is for those people in the US that think this mindset is just fine because these atrocities are just happening overseas and they will help our economy in the long run. What you don’t understand is that these crimes were never intended to help “our economy”. But they were designed to help someone’s pocket book: just not ours.

And this particular cruelty not limited to overseas exports anymore. Not when there is so much money to be made right here at home.

Today we look at a couple news stories of graft and corruption and government compliance. They are just the first recent stories I ran across in the news…

  1. Feds probe Sept. 11 insurance fund” Dec. 3 2007 AP story  by Devlin Barrett

“WASHINGTON – Federal officials said Monday they will investigate why a $1 billion Sept. 11 insurance fund created by Congress to cover claims of sick ground zero workers is fighting the cases in court rather than distributing money.”

The World Trade Center Captive Insurance Company has come under increasing scrutiny from Congress and the federal government, as roughly 8,000 individual claims await judgment in the federal court system.”

“…the insurance company “has chosen to litigate all claims instead of settling whenever possible.”

“The top lawyer for the city, Michael Cardozo, has defended the company as “an insurance company, not a compensation fund” and argued that as such, it is obliged to defend legal claims.”

The argument seems to be that since they created this “company” with federal money allocated to help the victims of 911, by the definition of “company” they are obligated by law to cheat the people as much as possible so they can hang onto the money longer and turn more “profit”. And that is somehow a reasonable argument to these people.

  1. The Bush Who Stole Florida‘s Teachers ChristmasDec. 1st  DailyKos article

Jeb Bush was one of 3 people managing the investments of the Florida State Board of Administration.  The SBA runs an investment pool of municipalities’ cash and also the state’s $170 billion pension fund. The SBA administrator appointed by Jeb is Coleman Stipanovich, brother of J.M. “Mac” Stipanovich who managed Jeb’s campaign for governor and advises Katherine Harris.”

The SBA investment pool is now frozen after $10 billion was withdrawn, and what’s left is financial toxic waste.  Hundreds of Florida cities, counties, school districts and fire departments are at risk of defaulting on salaries over a payroll weekend.  

No salaries means no Christmas for Florida‘s civil servants.  Thanks Jeb!”

The brilliant idea behind this fund was for municipalities that wanted to garner favor with the Buch Administration, would put their INTIRE operating budget into this fund and pull form it as needed. In the mean-time, the investment company would PROFIT from it. Now as it is in dire shape (due to the sub-prime fiasco) they freeze the assets in the fund and leave County Managers looking for other ways to make payroll before the holidays. One person who is in charge of managing the fund said at the hearing about this that they have no “legal obligation” to the municipalities that entrusted tax-payer dollars to this scam! At the heart of it, of course, is Jeb Bush and the company he now works for as an “advisor”.

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