Watson Lays out Pelosi’s Reason to Suppress Impeachment!

  by Scott Creighton

Representative Diane Watson commits to indorse impeachment in this video, but that is not the news flash we need to get out there! She also lays out an ulterior motive for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi not aggressively seeking impeachment proceedings against the Vice President and the President; subsequently exposing Pelosi’s own desire to remain Speaker of the House!

I think I have singed on to every impeachment resolution that has come to me. Now, let me explain to you what is going on today in Congress. Someone gave me a note, it said “Indict, impeach, imprison” (applause). We have enough substantive evidence to impeach. What we don’t have is an agreement in the House to be able to get an impeachment motion off the floor. It would take 290 votes. We could get somewhere around, I’m looking at it from here, around 240 to 260. Till we can get that magic number of 290, it won’t move.

Now, our leader has looked at this issue, and her strategy is, our speaker, is be sure we take the White House and that we win 60 (more) seats. We will have the numbers for impeachment; we will have the numbers to override the veto like on SCHIP. So she is laying out a strategy now that would make that occur. But I am all for impeachment this moment.”

So what does this mean? It’s simple, though there seem to be many Dems who SAY they are all for impeachment, it would appear that Pelosi has made it quite clear that her intention is to milk this corrupt administration for all it is worth so that they regain control of the House in 2008 and she regains the role of Speaker!

Because, if, like Watson says, they have a Democratic President, why will they be worried about veto over-rides?

It is well known that there is usually a backlash against the party that brings impeachment proceedings, justified or not, in the next election cycle. Especially if they fail.

Pelosi is concerned that if this attempt does not succeed, that the Republicans would gain control of the House, and she would lose her seat as Speaker!

Let’s face it; if that is their best rational for not seeking impeachment, then Pelosi should be removed from office. She is putting her own self interest (or at BEST the interest of the PARTY) above the lives of those soldiers in harms way in an illegal war, and above the direct wishes of the American People! This is huge!

An inside look, on tape, into the partisan positioning that is keeping our soldiers dying in an illegal occupation, and allowing known criminals to avoid the due process of law that is mandated in the Constitution! All for political control in 2009!

Remove Pelosi! The law is the law! Impeachment is NOT A PARTISAN ISSUE! And if we have a leader who is AFRAID to due her duty as Speaker of the House, while Americans are courageously putting their lives on the line, then she must GO!

Put the word out to REMOVE PELOSI AS SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE! Before it is too late.

10 Responses

  1. I have been posting, since she has refused to let the Cheney impeachment move( 11 co-signers now right? ),that Pelosi needs replaced since. We need a Speaker whose priority is the Constitution, Rule of Law and Honoring the Oath of Office.

  2. Hi Willy! It’s clear that Pelosi needs to be removed as Speaker when she puts partisan politics before upholding the constitution and bringing our soldiers home. She’s not any better than any of the Reps who were run out of office at this point. Hope that all is well!

  3. Pardon my ignorance, but is it possible to impeach a president after they have left office? Every day we don’t impeach this administration is one day closer to Directive 51. I wondered about that Pelosi. It seems that she will say and do whatever needs to be said and done to keep climbing to the top, the nation, the world, humanity de damned.

  4. “It is well known that there is usually a backlash against the party that brings impeachment proceedings, justified or not, in the next election cycle. Especially if they fail.”

    There haven’t been very many impeachment proceedings. How could anything about what happens after them be “well known”. You may say that “it is widely believed … “, but I don’t think there is any basis for conventional wisdom about impeachment. It has been way too rare an occurence.

    The admininstration has sold the Democractic leadership the idea that impeachment will hurt them. This is a supposition only, but it benefits the current regime to an enormous extent. Every time we repeat the “conventional wisdom”, those ideas gain more credence without having any more truth or legitimacy.

  5. Peter C;

    Well, there have only been two impeachments (out of 43 Presidents) but there have been several attempts that have met without success.

    You can take the time to look them up and then to look up the election results afterward. But I think you will find, that there is a backlash effect (or at least there is a non-causational trend of the impeaching party losing seats in the next cycle of elections. Whether one thing causes another, I do not know.).

    Now, ignoring that trend is not helpful. Pretending it doesn’t exist when there is evidence to prove it, is also not helpful. Kind of like denying Global Warming.

    The fact is, it doesn’t always happen, and there has never been more ample reason to impeach an administration than what we have right now. And with the proper amount of work across the isle, we could probably get Republicans on board to make it a truely non-partisan impeachment.

    But all that aside, that doesn’t make one bit of difference. Because this administration has committed treasonous offenses against the people of this country and they must be impeached REGARDLESS of what happens in 2008!

    You cannot put partisan speculation about the Nov. elections ahead of the RULE OF LAW! Just what does this country stand for anyway?

  6. Hi Wily,

    You stated:
    “Because this administration has committed treasonous offenses against the people of this country and they must be impeached REGARDLESS of what happens in 2008!”

    And you are absolutely right…er correct. It is the ideology that is being sacrificed for the ends. It is the same error many folks make when they don’t get the fact that we had no right to invade Iraq, and have no right to occupy it today. All talk of “winning” or the Powell Doctrine about broken pottery ignores the real situation. It is morally and ethically wrong for us to be there and we must get out now! There is no other choice.

  7. right Merlin. Just like in Iraq, there is no easy solution; but that doen’t mean we shouldn’t make the right choice.

    I fear that some people in this country will only really start to understand that this corruption goes beyond partisan lines, after a few years of the Hillary or the Obama White House. We have to set the precident now, that an imperial presidency will never be tolerated again. That corporatism is not future of this country.

    Just like in Iraq, fixing this broken system will require very hard choices. But if we lose the majority in the House or Senate while we regain the checks and balences established in the Constitution, I’d say it was worth it. And any Speaker of the House who would disagree, isn’t fit for the job.

  8. IMPEACH PELOSI NOW!! If the Dems have evidence of impeachable offenses and do nothing to advance impeachment, then they (the leadership) are criminals guilty of treason. It is the sworn Constitutional duty of Pelosi to force action on impeachment NOW. There are only a couple of reasons she is not, including that she is being bribed or threatened. To hold out for the next elections would be stupid. Does she really expect to pick up 60 seats when current congressional approval ratings are a fraction of current presidential approval ratings? Get this coward out of office and reclaim America. IMPEACH PELOSI NOW!!

  9. I’ve been so mad at Democratic leadership, I was ready to leave a comment as if I were on a drunken tirade, but I had a revelation about what Mrs. Watson has said here.

    As I listened to this video it occured to me that there may be a long term strategy in place that we don’t have the patience for, but might actually redeem itself in the long run. Pelosi may be suppressing action in order to better-position the next congress to effectively implement the changes our system needs to defeat the neocon establishment from regaining influential control in the future. The plan may be backfiring at this point, but wouldn’t a democratic 2/3 majority in the next senate be necessary to take on the dismantling of this military industrial regime and simultaneous prosecution of Bush, Cheney, et al. for their treasonous offenses? Wouldn’t Pelosi need to stack her team in order to break the cycle of futility and inaction we are witnessing. Although, at this point, I do echo the anxiety people are expressing about the risk of allowing these guys to stay in office, my perception is that Pelosi may be allowing public resentment of the white house and its constituents to fester in order to homogenize democratic representation the legal/democratic way. This way they will have the leverage to implement the changes necessary to push back the heavy-handed neocon establishment that has been stonewalling accountability for so long I don’t recognize myself in the mirror anymore. It’s true that our 3 branches of government are totally deadlocked due to the deep political divisions of its members, and if Americans continue to vote republicans into the house and democrats into the senate, we will only continue to see lots of talk, but no change. Consider the number of failed resolutions we’ve seen due to a lack of sufficient support based on party lines. Of course, most Americans don’t have the will or the patience to understand how the process works…so maybe they’re not explaining their strategy for fear that they might shoot themselves in the foot like they usually do.

  10. PG:
    it’s an interesting theory, and may be true. But, considering how the elections have gone the last two Presidential cycles, can we really trust the electronic voting machines that much? Plus, if they rig the elections, again, and Giuliani is in the White House, isn’t this a better time to correct the problem, than later?
    And then, there is the issue of the rule of law. Since when do we only adhere to the rule of law if it is politically convinient to do so? Impeachment is there to remind Presidents that they can only go so far.
    Besides, if this moves fast enough (and it can if it becomes the priority it should be) then there is no one blocking supeana’s with Executive Priviledge anymore, and we can tear up the entire “corporatism” foundation before the election begins.
    And wouldn’t that make everyone happy with the Dems? If they were the party to return this country to the rule of law and to the people?
    I see your point, but I think it can seriously backfire if we wait. And if we move forward, the payoff could be a return to democracy and more seats in the House and Senate!
    Cross your fingers for Kucinich’s plan.

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